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The Athens Rotary Foundation
Athens Rotary Club
P. O. Box 681
Athens, Ohio 45701

Total Organizational Budget                                  
Total Request                                  


Organization :


Name of Organization: _________________________


Executive Director/Manager: ___


Address: __


Phone:  _______                          Email: ___________       
Website: ____________


Name and Title of Contact Person: __


Phone: _                        Email: _____________________________


Number of Staff:  Fulltime: _______      Part-time: ________   
Volunteers: __

Title: _____
How many people will your project serve? ___

Geographic Area Served: __ 
Start Date for Project: __ 
Completion Date for Project: ___
New Project: _________ Ongoing Project: _________
Pilot Project: ______
Official Signature: ____

Project Narrative:

Final Report:  The Final Report is due 30 days after completion of project and should include such information as number served, how the funds were expended and the general result of the Project.
Name: _________________________________________
Organization: _____________________________