The Athens Rotary Foundation is a philanthropic organization incorporated in 1998 to provide funding for others in the community who seek to benefit Athens City and the greater Athens community (county) through activities and/or projects that are in keeping with the goals and principles of the Athens Rotary Club and Rotary International.


            Preference in funding will be given to those activities and/or projects:


-         That benefit a significant segment of the Athens community, including the city and county.

-         That give recognition to the role of Athens Rotary in the community


            Generally, the Foundation is not interested in funding:


-         Administrative and personnel costs that recur on a continuing basis;

-         Activities that duplicate services already available in the community;

-         Activities that are designed to foster or advance a religious or political purpose;

-         Individuals, unless a bequest was accepted by the Foundation that specifies a group of qualifying individuals.


            The Foundation will accept and transmit specifically designated gifts from grantors even though they do not meet its policy guidelines as long as the grants do not in any way compromise its non profit status with the IRS or the State of Ohio.


            All grant recipients are expected to return to the Foundation a written report 30 days after the completion of the project which should include the number served, how the funds were expended and the general result of the project.