Minutes of Meeting June 13, 2007

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Athens Rotary Foundation Board

Meeting of June 13, 2007


In Attendance:  Jerry Mollica, Karen Harvey, Scott Malcolm, Dick Mottl, Don Cooley, Bill Diles and Sheila Mark.


President Mollica called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m. at his offices. 




The minutes of April 2, 2007 were approved as previously distributed.


Treasurer's Report


Don Cooley presented the Treasurer's report.  He indicated that the latest statement from Raymond James showed a balance of $171,290.71 as of May 31, 2007 with $8,311.61 of that being in cash.  He opined that when the Club transfers $5,000 to the Foundation and, if the golf tournament nets $8,000 as it did last year, the Foundation would have approximately $20,000 of unencumbered funds to use for grants.


Old Business


President Mollica reported on the Baseball Field Dedication, the signage that was put up to identify the Rotary Field and the letter of gratitude received from the Harmon family.


New Business


Board Terms

The Board considered the terms of three members to expire at the end of June.  Karen Harvey moved and Bill Diles seconded that Jerry Mollica and Dick Mottl be reelected to terms which would expire on July 1, 2010.  The motion carried unanimously with Mollica and Mottl abstaining.  Mollica advised the Board that he was informed by Ram Gawande that he did not wish to seek reelection.  It was moved by Harvey and seconded by Mottl that Sheila Mark be elected to the Board for a term to expire July 1, 2010. The motion passed unanimously with Mark abstaining.


Grant Applications

The board reviewed all pending grant applications.  After discussion, it was moved by Mottl and seconded by Diles that the following grants be approved:


   Dictionary Project.......Up to $500.00

   Lace Up For Kids....... $1,000.00

   Coats For Kids......$1,000.00

   Timothy House.......$3,500.00

   Wedding Garden .............$2,000.00

   Babies With Books......$300.00


         The motion carried unanimously


         Grant applications not approved were "Help a Boy to Summer Camp" and the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival.


         The Board discussed the request for funding by the City Recreation Department for the new soccer fields.  It was discussed that this might be a way to use Harmon Fund monies once our pledge to the Sandlot Baseball League is satisfied.  We have two years remaining on our commitment.  It was believed that waiting until the soccer fields were constructed would give us a better idea as to how the Board could help.  No action was taken on this request which was deferred.


         New Officers

         The Board discussed reorganizing given the renewal of the terms of three board members.  It was moved by Mottl that Jerry Mollica be reelected President and Don Cooley, Treasurer.  The motion was seconded by Malcolm and passed unanimously.


         Karen Harvey moved that David Lusty be reelected Secretary conditional upon his acceptance.  The motion was seconded by Cooley and passed unanimously.



         Mollica sought the Board's advice as to a project designated to benefit from the golf tournament.  It was agreed that we should indicate that the money would be used to benefit the youth of the community.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.