Minutes of meeting June 5, 2015

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Friday, June 5, 2015, 9:00 AM
at Office of Channing McAllister


The Board of Directors of the Athens Rotary Foundation (ARF) met with the following members in attendance: Karen Harvey, Gerald Mollica, Channing McAllister, Dave Diggle, Sheila Mark, Jackie Collins and Diane McVey.

President Karen Harvey called the meeting to order.  Minutes of the November 18, 2014 meeting were approved following a motion by Channing and second by Jerry.

Treasurer Dave Diggle presented the financial reports.  The checking account has a balance of $8095.51. Income for this Rotary year (July 1, 2014 to June 3, 2015) has been $18,994.24.  The Golf Tournament Fundraiser contributed $10,598.24 and the annual club contribution of $5000 was received. There were contributions received in memory of Doug Bennett and Don Gamertsfelder in addition to $1000 from the Columbus Foundation which is restricted for use in children programs. There were business expenses of $291.84 this year primarily to update the Quickbooks for the treasurer changeover.  Following a motion by Jerry and second by Channing, the Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Based on the Athens Rotary Foundation Annual Spending Policy, Channing presented a Mid-year Forecast of Available Funds (Prediction each year to improve ARF board planning for grants) from the Investment Account of approximately $17,000.  Channing presented detailed reports on the Athens Rotary Foundation Account ($227,454.76 current balance) and the Gawande Scholarship Account ($83,631.57 current balance) with each account having a current annual rate of return of over 3.5% for 2015 YTD.

Distribution from the Gawande Scholarship Fund was discussed and Channing reported that using the same spending policy to forecast the amount available for the Gawande Scholarships produced an estimate of $5700 available.  Dave moved and Sheila seconded the motion to adopt the same Spending Policy for the Gawande Scholarship Fund and it was approved by the board.

Channing gave an update on the Stuart’s Opera House Capital Campaign and the status of the building after the recent fire.  The Nelsonville Music Festival was very successful with good weather.  The campaign to raise $4M is in final stages.  The fire will delay construction 3-6 months.  There is opportunity for donations now to be matched.  He will check if the 2015-16 $10,000 would be matched if made now rather than later in Rotary year.

Karen presented a list of ARF Board Terms and recommended appointment for  a Three Year Term of Karen Harvey and John Miller.  The Officers will be Karen Harvey, President; Dave Diggle, Treasurer and Diane McVey, Secretary for the next year.  A Finance Committee of Dave, Channing and John was also appointed.  It was moved by Jerry and seconded by Channing to accept the appointments.

Jackie gave an update on Camp Rotan.  Currently Bruce Wentworth or the club has not been successful in finding a caretaker. The issues include: minimal use by Boy Scouts, complaints from Girl Scouts, no progress on city’s plan to connect by Right Away with other parcels such as Gawande donated land, $1400 estimated annual Liability/Fire Insurance cost although the city should be able to maintain better in future due to levy passage.  Jackie is scheduled to meet with Bruce on June 17 and she is asking for recommendations from the ARF of donation to city, sale or other options.

The annual Golf Tournament is set for September 14, 2015 at the Athens Country Club and meetings will begin next month.  Jerry reminded the board that a new method of mailings is needed.  Sheila suggested Minute Man printing.  Suggested new members for the committee were Brandon Elliott and Sherry Sharp of O’Bleness.

Jackie reported both Amelia, President-Elect and Mario, President will be gone this summer and she will continue to run the weekly meetings. She also discussed the club’s financial situation with some membership decrease.   There is concern of meeting approximately $80,000 in expenses and the annual ARF transfer of $5000 in the future.

Grant applications were reviewed and the following awards made:

Buckeye Boys State – Request from K T Crossen America Legion Post 21 for funding to send boys ($300 per boy) to Boys State was discussed.  Jackie made a motion to grant $1200, Jerry amended the motion to $900 to Boys State and Dave amended to send the same amount to Girls State.  The amended motion was approved by the board.

Dairy Barn Capital Campaign – Request for $50,000 has been received from the Dairy Barn ($1.5M goal) and Executive Director Jane Forrest Redfern.  It was decided to table the request until a follow up meeting with Jane invited for discussion.

 The meeting of the Board of the Athens Rotary Foundation was adjourned.

                                                   Submitted by:

                                                   Diane McVey