Minutes of Meeting March 1, 2007

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Rotary Board Meeting Minutes


Attendance:  Bob Marinellie, Ismail Ghazalah, Susan Urano, Scott Malcom, James Stephens, Christie Mitchell, Sheila Mark, Mike Carpenter, Shawna Stump

Excused Absences:  Steve Hewitt, April Crabtree

Meeting called to order 12:10 pm

February meeting minutes.  Motion to accept the minutes made by Susan Urano, 2nd by Bob Marinellie:  Motion carried.


Treasurer's Report:  Steve Hewitt

  1. Resolution made for a change in treasurer and the addition of incoming treasurer, Christie Mitchell, to be added as a signature on the checking account is discussed
  2. A suggestion was made to have an internal audit every couple months to check out the finances and report back to the club.
  3. A suggestion was made for Christie to audit the accounts for Steve in preparation for the coming year.
  4. Bob Marinellie moves to make Sheila an authorized signer of the account, Christie to review the account for correctness, balance, money entries and to member status, Steve will be removed as a signer, no 2nd made;  motion failed
  5. James Stephens moves to have Steve give all financial records, original and copied, to Christie Mitchell.  The motion is amended by Scott Malcom to include making Christie acting treasurer with all the duties assigned including meal credits effective March 1, 2007.  bob Marinellie 2nd the motion; Motion Carried
  6. Motion to make signing power  be given to Christie, Sheila and Scott on the checking account made by Susan Urano, 2nd by James Stephens; Motion carried.
  7. A letter will be forwarded to HVB with the immediate request.


Secretaries Report:  Shawna Stump

  1. Resignations:  Bill Thisthlewaite, official 02/23/2007 per he is moving.  Motion to accept with regret by Scott Malcom, 2nd by Bob Marinellie:  Motion Carried
  2. Honorary membership requested for Richard and Peggy Miller.  Susan Urano moves to make them honorary members, 2nd by Bob Marinellie:  Motion carried.
  3. May want to review some other resignees for possible Honorary status.
  4. New members proposed:  Bonnie and David Prince, proposed by the Gawandes'.  Motion to induct bonnie and David Prince as new members made by Scott Malcom, 2nd by Susan Urano; Motion Carried.  Applications to be forwarded to Fritz for classification.
  5. Resignation:  received from Jennifer Simon, she has transferred to the morning club.  We will follow up to find out the exact date of transfer.


Vocational Service:  James Stephens

1.      4 Way Speech:  0 student participation.  Steve MacAfee at the District was notified in regards to the time of year being in conflict with the contest due to Spring Break.  Possibility of getting it changed for future.

2.      Vocational Speeches for the club set.  Bob Gall, Andrea Lewis and Mike Noel are set to speak on March 12th about their respective vocations.

3.      Shadow Day planning is underway.  Diane McVey is the co-chair and they will be starting to get people signed up for the April event.


Community Service:  Susan Urano

1.      Dave Schull will talk to Lowe's about contributions to the Timothy House Project.  Julie Cashin is submitting a grant application to the Athens Rotary Foundation for the monies to proceed with the renovations.

2.      Special Olympics will be coming up in April.  They will need 8 volunteers.  Mike Noel will be chairing the event for Rotary.


International Service: 

1.      3 student outbound to Argentina, Switzerland and Austria, but not confirmed.  

2.      Both Inbounds need spring homes.

3.      Emelia Marks sent e-mails to the students to get updates on their trips.

4.      We are still in need of an Inbound Coordinator.  It was suggested to post a job description for the Inbound Coordinator position.

5.      We are also in need of a replacement for Julia Zimmerman.


Fiscal Policy Review:  Sheila will revise and review.

Club Assembly will be held April 30, 2007.  Each chair will have 7 minutes to present their projects and updates to the club.


Old Business:

  1. Table Page Ads have brought in $50.00.  Sheila will work on a policy for the monies and ads.
  2. $101.00 was made by the Poker Tournament held by Mark Hutchinson.


New Business: 

  1. Possible use of the Kroger Card to raise monies.  Kroger give 5% of the money back to Rotary when the card is used.  It is something to think about and was suggested by AM Rotary.  


Bob Marinellie moves to adjourn the meeting, Ismail Ghazalah 2nd:  Motion carried


Meeting adjourned at 1:23 pm.