Minutes of meeting September 25, 2006

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The Board of the Athens Rotary Foundation met in the offices of Mollica, Gall, Sloan and Sillery on September 25, 2006.   President Jerry Mollica called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.   Those in attendance were Jerry Mollica; Scott Malcolm; Bill Diles; Sheila Mark; Karen Harvey; Dick Mottl; and Don Cooley.


    On a motion made by Bill Diles and seconded by Dick Mottl, Karen Harvey and Don Cooley were unanimously re-elected to three-year Board terms commencing July 1, 2006.  On a motion made by Dick Mottl and seconded by Bill Diles, the following officers were re-elected:  President, Jerry Mollica; Secretary, David Lusty, and Treasurer, Don Cooley.


    The Board acknowledged a thank-you letter from Kathy Malesick for the recent $1,000.00 contribution to "Lace Up for Kids."


    The minutes of the meeting of August 25, 2006, as emailed to all Board members, were approved.   Don Cooley, Treasurer, reported that the 2006 Golf Fundraiser netted an estimated $7,400.00, and the Club has transferred $5,000.00 to the Foundation.   Given previous commitments, approximately $11,000.00 of this income is now available for grants.


    The Board discussed several funding proposals.   On a motion by Bill Diles, seconded by Karen Harvey, the Board approved a $500.00 grant to the Genesis Theater Project to assist it in covering the costs of using the ARTS/West facility for rehearsals and theater performances.  The Board requested that President Mollica ask Amy King, Youth Services Coordinator for the Athens County Library System, and a representative of the Sandlot baseball group to attend our next meeting.


    The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 a.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,



                                                Karen Harvey, Secretary Pro Tem