Minutesof meeting 11.21.06

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Athens Rotary Foundation Board

Meeting of November 21, 2006


In attendance: Jerry Mollica, David Lusty, Bill Diles, Don Cooley, Scott Malcom, Karen Harvey, and Dick Mottl.


President Jerry called the meeting to order at 7:30 am.


Karen Harvey presented draft grant guidelines. Discussion followed. The Board agreed to Karen's draft with a few minor modifications. Jerry indicated he would codify the guidelines and draft a grant application and distribute the finale guidelines and proposed grant application to the Board.


Jerry then reported on the meeting of the Board's representatives with Mayor Ric Abel and City Councilwoman Carol Patterson regarding the ball fields at the West State Street Park. At the meeting it was agreed that the City intends to maintain the park where the Sandlot Baseball improvements are being undertaken.


Jerry reviewed the request by the Sandlot Baseball committee for one of three funding options:


  1. A $5,000 per year commitment for 4 years for improvements to field #9. The field would be named in honor of Rotary.
  2. A $5,000 per year commitment for 2 years for a smaller field. Again, the field would be named in honor of Rotary.
  3. A $5,000 one-time commitment for the construction of a batting cage.


Bill Diles moved, and Don Cooley seconded, a motion to provide a grant for option #1. Discussion followed. It was decided that the Board would like to approve option #1 using the earnings from the Bill Harmon fund of approximately $2,500 per year, with the remaining $2,500 per year coming from income generated by the remaining fund corpus and/or proceeds of the annual golf tournament. The proposed name of the field would be the "Athens Rotary Foundation Field - Bill Harmon Fund."


Scott Malcom moved, and Karen Harvey seconded, an amendment to the original motion to delay a final vote until after the November 27th Athens Rotary Club meeting to provide an opportunity to share with the club's general membership the Board's intent to fund the request. The amendment passed. Final vote on the original motion will be conducted via e-mail.


Jerry then presented a request for funding for teacher training from the Athens City Schools and a general request for funding by the Athens City Parks and Recreation Department for funding of the City's new soccer fields currently under construction. Both requests died for lack of a motion.


David Lusty then suggested that the $20,000 of trust corpus currently in cash in the Foundation's investment account be invested. It was decided to invest $10,000 of the balance for income and $10,000 of the balance for growth.


Karen Harvey moved, and Dick Mottl seconded, a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:20 am.


Respectfully submitted by:

David Lusty, Secretary - Athens Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees


Addendum: As of Thursday, November 30th via e-mail vote the Board approved the request to fund the grant request for the Athens Sand Lot Baseball Field at a rate of $5,000 per year for four years as originally proposed above.