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EVERY ROTARIAN EVERY YEAR by Diane McVey The Rotary Foundation is the lifeblood of the work of ROTARY and ROTARIANS around the world. It is vital that it has new donations every year because of the unique share system. The money we donate this year to the annual fund will be held for three years so the interest generated can pay administrative costs BUT ALL of the original donated amount will be spent in three years. Our Athens Rotary Club has made a committment to donate $10,000 to the TRF annual fund for 2006-2007. Please do your part and give to the TRF. It is easy to send a check made out to THE ROTARY FOUNDATION in with your quarterly dues, or give or mail to Diane McVey, Foundation Chair at 275 W. Union St, Athens, OH 45701. You can also donate online at the website if you prefer. Remember 50% of this money will come back to our District 6690 in 3 years to fund Ambassadorial Scholarships, University Teacher Grants, Group Study Exchange Teams, Avoidable Blindness, Operation We Care, etc. as well as the District Simplified Grants we have used for dictionaries, and other local projects. We are so fortunate in so many ways including being a Rotarian. We know we are making the world better every day through our joint purpose of "Service Above Self". Let's be EVERY ROTARIAN EVERY YEAR! With over 32,000 clubs in 168 countries and a seat at the United Nations, Rotary is truly an international service organization.  More that 1.2 million members work on a club to club and district to district basis to improve the lives of others and promote world peace and understanding.  The Rotary Foundation is a vital part of that work. Rotarians around the world are asked to contribute every year to assure the funds are available in three years to support the many projects both internationally and locally.