The Rotary Foundation is the lifeblood of Rotary and Rotarians around the world as they work to promote peace and understanding through improving health and living conditions for those in need.  Polio eradication from the world has been helped by over $700 million in funds from The Rotary Foundation since 1985.  Now Rotary is seeking matching donations to another $200 million that Bill Gates announced at the 2009 International Assembly in addition to the original $100 million challenge grant from the Gates Foundation.  The goal is eradicate Polio from the World and save all children from this terrible disease.

Every Rotary Club is asked to do a Polio Fundraiser with a goal of $1000 per each club for each of the next three years. A fundraiser promotes Rotary and the Polio Challenge to the general public and prevents asking club members for additional donations. The Every Rotarian Every Year donation to the Rotary Foundation annually remains an important commitment of each Rotarian to fund the ongoing programs and matching grants of Rotary.