Worstell Scholarships:

Quinn Mitchell, Athens High School             $2,500
Austin Downs, Trimble High School             $2,000

Conner Hammonds, N-Y High School           $1,000
Allissa Jayjohn, Trimble High School           $  750
Nathan Rickey, Athens High School             $  500

Gawande Scholarships:

Eileen Wang, Athens High School                 $1,500
Kaitlin Baker, Athens High School                 $  
Stephen Bishop, N-Y High School                  $   500
Kylie Yinger, N-Y High School                        $   500

The Athens Rotary Scholarship Committee consists of Rich Vedder, Alan Boyd, Susan Urano, Karen Vedder, John Miller, and Ed Peterson.

Thanks to John Miller for the information in this story.