Athens Rotary Foundation Up-date

          On December 23, 1998, the Trustees of the Athens Rotary Foundation approved its first grant -- $3,215.00 to permit the completion of a tennis pavilion at Athens High School.   In the sixteen years since, the Foundation has awarded $207,291.89 in grants to a variety of organizations and projects throughout Athens County.   In addition, the Foundation has worked to establish an endowment fund, the income from which can be used to enhance Rotary's giving ability.  At present, the Athens Rotary Foundation combined accounts, as held by Edward Jones, total $301,027.94, $80,936.07 in the Gawande Scholarship Fund and $220,091.85 in a general fund.  For the first time since establishing the general fund in 1998, the Board has approved a spending policy that will allow us to begin using income from this fund as part of our annual giving.   This will bring the amount available for grants in 2014-2015 to approximately $30,000.00, a significant increase since 1998!  This increase not only allows the Foundation to increase the amount of total giving but allows us to consider giving larger grants and thereby making a larger impact with our giving choices.

          As you consider the possibility of making end-of-year charitable donations, please consider the Athens Rotary Foundation as a possible recipient of your largesse.  Checks should be made out to The Athens  Rotary Foundation and handed or mailed to Dave Diggle, Treasurer, 13368 N. Peach Ridge Road, Athens, Ohio 45701.

The Board of the Athens Rotary Foundation
Jackie Collins, Dave Diggle, Mario
Grijalva, Karen Harvey, Sheila Mark,
Channing McAllister, Diane McVey,
John Miller and Jerry Mollica