Posted by Roger Rollins on Jul 01, 2018
Sat. June 30th was Athens Rotary Night at the Southern Ohio Copperheads (SOC) baseball game at Wren Stadium.  If you missed the event you missed a great baseball game and great, close-up Fire Works display after the game! 
Our Copperheads came into the game leading the Southern Division, and overall leaders of the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League (GLSCL), with a record of 12-4.  They were playing the GLSCL Defending Champion Lima Locos, who came to the game as leaders of the Northern Division with a 12-5 record.  So it was an important game! 
The Locos took the lead in the top of the second inning only to have our SOC take it back with a grand slam home run in the bottom of the inning.  The Locos took the lead back in the 6th but our Copperheads stole it back again in the 7th and held on to win the game 7-8! 
The SOC play the Locos for the second, and I believe the last time in the regular season, tomorrow (Sun. July 1st) again at Bob Wren Stadium. 
Note added:  The Copperheads swept their series with the Locos by winning the Sunday game 5-8.  So the Copperheads finished the July 1st weekend leading the GLSCL with a record of 14-4. 
Photos are by Don Fucci.  See more of Don Fucci's photos taken at the event in the Photo Album "Copperheads Game Social Event" posted here!