Posted by Roger Rollins on Jul 30, 2018
Our speaker on Mon. Aug. 6, is Neill Lane, CEO of Global Cooling, Inc.  Global Cooling develops and manufactures Stirling Ultracold ultra-low temperature freezers at a local plant on Poston Road near The Plains.  In 2015, Athens Rotary arranged a tour of the plant for interested Rotarians and friends.  After attending the tour the following story was posted on our website providing a snapshot of Global Cooling/Stirling Ultracold as of March 2015:
Posted by Roger Rollins on Mar 28, 2015

On Friday, March 27, at 11AM attending Rotarians and Guests were given an on-site tour of Global Cooling, Inc.’s manufacturing plant located at 6000 Poston Road, The Plains.  The tour was facilitated by fellow Rotarian Tara Gilts and was hosted by fellow Rotarian David Berchowitz, Founder and CTO of Global Cooling.  The CEO of Global Cooling, Inc., Neill Lane, conducted the tour.

Global Cooling, Inc. was founded in 1995 (a “spin-off” from the older Athens company, Sunpower, Inc.) and moved from Columbus Rd., Athens, to their current location near The Plains in 2011.  They manufacture and sell Stirling Ultracold freezers, a new generation of environmentally friendly ultra-low temperature freezers which operate at or below -80°C (-112°F) . These freezers do not use conventional refrigeration systems.  The Stirling Ultracold freezers operate using free-piston Stirling cooling engines developed and manufactured by Global Cooling.  The Sterling Ultracold freezers are considerably more energy efficient than freezers based on conventional refrigeration systems.   Although the purchase cost of a Stirling Ultracold freezer is somewhat higher than that of a similar conventional freezer, the operating costs and infrastructure requirements are much less.   Thus, great economic savings can be had over the life of each unit.

The tour was “up-close-and-personal” as Neill Lane showed us one of their fully assembled freezers and walked us through the manufacturing-floor of the plant pointing out highlights and answering questions along the way.   Global Cooling tells a very interesting story.  Their ultra-cold freezers look like all the others, but there is an essential difference – how the cold inside is produced.  Their way seems truly better.  Convincing the naturally conservative world-of-freezer-buyers is the challenge.  I discovered Neill Lane has a blog called Stirling Ultracold to address these issues head-on.

It appears Global Cooling is succeeding. The company has grown rapidly since they moved to their current location in 2011.  For example, in 2011 it was normal to find just a few cars parked in the large company lot, but on the day of our tour the lot was nearly full.  Today, Stirling Ultracold freezers (“Designed, Developed, and Made in Athens, OH”) are sold worldwide to life science, pharmaceutical, biomedical/clinical and biotechnology customers including, Harvard University and Genentech Inc.

There have been recent developments regarding Global Cooling/Stirling Ultracold and CEO Neill Lane is scheduled to bring us up to date at our Monday, Aug. 6 Meeting.