Posted by Roger Rollins on Dec 10, 2019
The "Athens Rotary Club Rotarian of the Year" is reserved for the club member who best exemplifies the fellowship and the ideals of Rotary as interpreted in the Rotary motto, "service above self".  The 2019 Award was presented to Bruce Wentworth at the Annual Holiday Party on Dec. 2, 2019.
   Bruce Wentworth received the award primarily for his leading the project to restore the Rotary Centennial Fountain located at the Athens Community Center.  The story on the history of the Rotary Centennial Fountain is posted here (note Bruce is mentioned) and the story on the Restoration Project is posted here (where Bruce essentially tells the story).  
Bruce Wentworth was exemplary in putting his experience as an architect to work in service to the community by leading this restoration project to completion this year.   Thank You Bruce!
   The photo above is by Rotarian Don Fucci.