Posted by Sheila Mark, President on May 02, 2021




Our speaker is Bob Bolden, Head Coach of the OU women's basketball team.  For the 21 people who made reservations, the in-person part of the meeting will be hosted in the Ballroom of the OU Inn by President, Sheila Mark.  Note the meeting will begin at 12 Noon and we will adjourn at 1 PM.  Masks are to be worn unless you are actively eating.   We will sit 6 people at a table with tables 6 feet apart.   A plated meal will be served with a drink and dessert.   Diane McVey will be at the meeting taking reservations for May 10th and the weeks following.  You can also make reservations by calling or emailing President Sheila by 6 PM on May 3rd.   

For those who did not make reservations, please join the virtual part of the meeting by clicking on the URL in your  Zoom invitation email and provide the password (included in your invitation email).  If this is your first Zoom meeting, you will be prompted to download the Zoom software (if you have not already done so).  It is recommended that you start your sign-in about  5-10 minutes before the meeting.  Note:  Should you unexpectedly get cut off from the meeting, whether because of poor internet connection or because of unexpected Zoom behavior, simply re-join the meeting as you did at the start.

The in-person audience will be able to hear and view the Zoom gallery on the projector screen and the Zoom audience will be able to hear and view the live audience in a speaker window.  The camera will be able to switch from the live audience to the speaker.  Since this is our first hybrid meeting, it will be a learning situation for us all.  We will do our best to cue both audiences of the new procedures.  Please speak up if you are not able to see or hear - wave your hands or point to your ear.  We're all new at this, so be patient with us old folks.  


     For first-timers, Marcia Chadly has a great video on YouTube showing you how to use Zoom: .  


     Note: Feel free to forward your Zoom invitation email to family members, friends or colleagues that you would like to invite to join us.  However, you may not bring a guest to the in-person meeting unless you have registered them.  The Inn requires reservations 5 business days in advance in order to schedule the room and purchase the food.


     See you all on Monday at 12:00 Noon.   Have your Happy Bucks ready and bring your cans for the FOOD DRIVE!!