July 6, 2009 was a memorable evening for The Athens Rotary Club.  See the photo journal in the right hand column titled "Installation Dinner 2009".  Ram Gawande was inducted as the new District Governor of District 6690 by
Tom Kokensparger, PDG.  Special guests Doris & Tom Kokensparger, PDG; Susan & Jim Flaherty, PDG; Gen & Peggy Murgatroyd, PDG; Patricia & Bob McGaughy, PDG; Lydia & Mel Simon, PDG; Wilhelmina & David Lusty, PDG; Juliann, Helen & Layton Stewart; Joe McGowan, AG; Jan & Mark Bisang; Debra & Tim Barlow; Martin Barker; and John Halley were present to witness the induction of the new Board of Directors.  Diane McVey and Sheila Mark were named Rotarians of the year.  Three new members were inducted: Stephen Haren, Jeanne Heaton, and Pat Smith.   What a wonderful start to a hopeful new Rotary year.