The board has approved details and language for a new membership designed specifically for spouses and partners of current members. It is our goal to encourage family participation and share the Family of Rotary.  We look forward to welcoming the special people in your life to the Rotary Club of Athens so that they may serve your community and world along with you.  Below you will find the official language to the addendum that we will be voting on, but here are some key points:
1. Spouses or partners will become regular Rotarians and will pay full dues, but will only pay for meals when they are in attendance. 
2. Spouses and partners will be welcome to join in all Rotary events and roles for the club, the district and beyond; chair committees; and attend board meetings. 
3. Of a potential dissolution occurs or the active member sponsoring the spouse/partner member leaves the club, the spouse or partner member will be allowed to move to a regular active membership with no new membership fees or application.
If you have questions regarding this new membership before the vote, please contact Jackie Collins at or 740-592-4496.  Votes will be taken by paper ballot.  The membership option will pass if two thirds of the Rotarians present at the business meeting vote yes.  If you would like to vote by absentee ballot, please contact us to request a ballot via email. 
Proposed Addendum to Financial Policy Athens Rotary Club March 2, 2016

To be added under ‘Dues’ portion of Financial Policy following Business/Corporate Memberships:
Spouse/Partner Members
1. For Spouse/Partner members the dues are $40.00 per quarter and their membership is considered a separate yet dependent membership from the original member.  This amount is determined by the cost of active dues for one member ($25 for International and District
assessments and $15 for club dues).  
2. The Member spouse/partner may only be charged when he or she comes to eat at a regular meeting at the cost of a guest meal, $15.00.
3. A spouse or domestic partner is defined by either:
a. Someone with whom a member has obtained a legal marriage certificate, or
b. Someone meeting the definition of domestic partner with a member as follows:
i. Shares a regular and permanent residence; and
ii. Has a committed personal relationship for at least six months; and
iii. Can demonstrate financial interdependence; and
iv. Is not related by blood, not legally married, nor in a domestic partnership with anyone else.

To be added under ‘New Members and Sponsors’, item 4. :
 -after ‘all new sponsored members’ add ‘,active or spouse/partner,’ to clarify all single person memberships will have an initial fee of $50.00.

To be added under ‘Special Statements’:
9. For all spouse/partner memberships, if a divorce or dissolution of the relationship occurs or the member sponsoring the member spouse/partner leaves the club, the member spouse/partner may switch his or her membership to regular active membership with no new fees or application, and will thereafter pay according to the financial policy for Active Members