So here I am dancing on the Equator. Life is one of those things

 not sure I will ever understand, and I'm not sure if its something to
 be understood. So I arrived at nightime August 21, 2009 in Quito
 Ecuador. I had been crying a little before hand after saying farewell
 to my family in Ohio I was lucky to have Robbin Smith with me. I walked
 through security and had no idea what was happening and had no idea
 what my family in Ecuador was to be. I just saw a couple holding a sign
 that said "Jaymiee Weeber" so I thought to myself.... well close
 enough. My father is Jose Lopez he is the middle man between the
 petrolum companies and the native indiginous people. It's a tough job
 and very politcal. I pray for cultural justice. Seems like these days
 people will do anything for money and forget about the mother earth and
 the people who live in the jungle. My mother is a retired
 anthropologist, she can be fiesty and bold at times but we get along
 ok. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters one who is pregant. Its a large
 family and I admire how important family values are here. All of my
 siblings live away in there own house so its as if I am the only child.
 Our maid lives next door and her 3 yr old son is my best friend. She
 cooks me delicious vegetarain meals. All is swell. Many adventures for
 me. My favorite was when we went to a small town called Banos, a town
 where the cows have the right of way. My father and I rode our bikes 16
 miles to the "Cascadas" o waterfalls. There was a side trail that you
 could climb up to that led to a cave behind the waterfall. So we did,
 there in the cave I ate my peanut butter and honey sandwhich and all
 was grand. Quito is an adjustment for me- 3.000.000 people cramed
 inbetween the mountains at 9,000 ft above sea level- altitude and City
 life is intense for I am a country bumpkin from Ohio. I love my family
 and Im starting to make friends. Its harder when your not fluient, but
 the language barrier isnt too bad. We went to the beach 3 weeks ago and
 for the first time I swam in the pacific ocean. Everyday is new for me.
 The mountains are chilly at times so the coast was a nice warm climate.
 Every day is the freshes fruit and veggies. I have a lemon and avacado
 tree in my back yard. Its amazing the mountains are so calm and
 powerful I swear they speak. I look out my window and am greeted by
 At times I miss ohio and my familly, but know they are in my heart
 forever and i take them with me on my journey. I miss the bricks of
 athens and wonder how my puppy abby is doing. I've learned I can make
 my home anywhere I roam. Im learning pacients. Its frustrating to be so
 different and not understand everything at times and exhausting too but
 its worth it. I walk to my school called "nuevo mundo" which mean new
 All the stray dogs are my personal escort. Life is good and a
 challenge. I found a little yoga center I really enjoy sometimes I go
 to the park to do a type of yoga with bamboo. Theres only 2 seasons
 here, rainy and dry. We are suppose to be in the rainy season, but
 there is a drout. Therefore our electricity is shut off many days of
 the week, because most of our electricity is from the source of water
 from a river. There is a lot of forest fires near my house. I have to
 complete 80 hours of community service so we go to a national park
 called- Inchimbiaa. The name is Tall path for the black bird, its
 aztec. Its amazing I am learning many triditions form the natives here
 and find them very interesting. We just celebrated "dia de los muertos"
 which is day of the dead. Its a lovely celebration where everyone
 gathers in the cemetary and dances and drinks "colada morada" a purple
 drink made from fruit and "wa wa de pan" bread for all the children who
 have passed on.
 Thanks for the letter:
 Its only the beginning and So i go
Love and Peace- Jaymee Weaver