Scott Malcom was asked (by Chuck's daughter Beth) to speak at the Memorial as a representative of Rotary.  Below is a copy of Scott's remarks (made at Chuck Carlson's Memorial on Nov. 15, 2014) :


Chuck Carlson was a dedicated, lifelong Rotarian.  Back in 1960 Chuck was teaching in Minerva, a small town in northeastern Ohio near Canton.  He was 29 at the time.  That’s young for a Rotarian.  But, he was invited to join the local Rotary Club.  That decision to join Rotary was to become a major factor in defining the person that we honor today.  For the next 54 years Chuck was to be an active Rotarian, always promoting its Four Way Test and living the Rotary creed, Service Above Self.

Then in 1963, Chuck and Harriet moved to Massillon where he taught and later became the Public Relations director of that school system. Chuck was invited to transfer his Rotary membership there, and likewise in a move to Athens in 1966, he became a member of the Athens Rotary Club.  The rest is local history.  Chuck was an active Rotarian until his death this past September.

And, I do mean active.  Through the years he served as Community Service Chair, Bulletin editor, Secretary, President, and a Governor’s District Representative.  Chuck was a Paul Harris fellow of the Rotary Foundation, and on one special occasion surprised and honored his wife Harriet with a gift of Paul Harris membership.  With his professional interest in history, rhetoric, and public address, Chuck was a presenter at not only our local Rotary Club, but at other Rotary Clubs that sought him out as an excellent speaker.  Of particular note is his activity as visitor and speaker at the Rotary Club in Cocoa Beach where the Carlsons spent several weeks each winter.  Of course, as a history buff, one of his favorite topics was a presentation on Abraham Lincoln.

We remember Chuck with his friends like Tad Grover, Jimmy Anastas, Howard Stevens, Dutch Savage, Jack Mathews, John Jones, and Al Topping, seated together at their Rotary table next to the speaker’s podium.  And when the speaker was finished, Chuck was always ready with the first question.

We remember Chuck for his thoughtful invocations, his happy buck contributions highlighting the achievements of his children and grandchildren, and we especially remember him as a friend to all in Rotary.

Chuck Carlson was a dedicated Rotarian.  Fifty Four years! That’s 54 outstanding years, of Service Above Self.