Monday July 30, Athens Rotary members partnered with the American Red Cross by sponsoring a blood drive. Members helped get the word out regarding the need for blood and a number of members donated blood.
The goal for the blood drive was 23 units. Thanks to your efforts, a total of 26 units were collected.
Keep in mind, each unit can save 3 lives so, these units will impact 78 lives!
In addition, we had 6 first time donors. FANTASTIC!
Donating blood is such an easy thing to do and costs nothing.
Blood cannot be manufactured. The only way to ensure there is an adequate supply of blood available is through volunteer donation.
To those of you who participated, know that your gift is on its way to help a mother during childbirth, a grandfather fighting cancer, a teenager involved in an auto accident or a friend with a chronic medical condition.
On behalf of these individuals, I extend a heartfelt
“Thank You”
Christina Warbington
Account Manager II
American Red Cross Central Ohio Region