Spring will be here soon, and with it comes “Spring Cleaning”.  A June 3 yard sale is being planned to raise money for The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International to help us reach our annual goal of $7500 by 06-30-17. (To-date, we are at $3703).
Ladies/Gentleman of Rotary and Your Spouses – please start thinking of things you can donate toward this sale – (Items that would normally be taken to Goodwill, New-To-You, and ReUse).
The “uniqueness” of this sale will be that items will not be priced, but rather “Pay What The Item Is Worth To You”.  Not pricing items will be a real time-saver, and studies have shown that oftentimes this leads to more profit.  We are even going to take credit/debit cards.
Location: EMBE Acres – 4515 Angel Ridge Road/Athens
(Indoor Arena and Plenty of Parking)
You may bring things to Rotary meetings and Sarah Baker
will take them to the farm to store for the sale. 
Or, you may deliver things to EMBE Acres.
Our success will result from:
Lots of Donations from You & Widespread Advertising
Questions can be emailed to Rotary Foundation Chair Sarah Baker: