"Whenever there's a need, Rotarians are there to help."  That's what Sherwyn Simon told Bruce Ergood and Sheila Mark when they delivered a pick-up truck load of items to Gallipolis to be added to the shipping container headed for The Philippines.  "Wow, where did you get all this stuff - from one club?"


Sherwyn, like his father Mel Simon, PDG, is a physician.  He performs surgery in the Philippines a few months of the year, although that has become more difficult since the arrival of his two children, now aged one and four.  His wife, also a physician, practices in Point Pleasant, WV.  He assured us that he is grooming his two children to become physicians also.

Sherwyn is also like his father in that he has a lot of energy that he donates to the needy.  He was talking on his cell phone while he helped unload our truck, making arrangements to get some hospital beds out of a dumpster.  "We need those beds in The Philippines," he remarked. 

It was worth the trip to Gallipolis just to meet Sherwyn.  His enthusiasm and dedication were inspiring and it was good to know that our donations were appreciated.  He was happy to accept the clothing and said that there is a customs issue, but his family knows how to ship the clothing so that it quickly reaches those who need it.  "Those people in the low lying regions need everything we can send."

Our Club also collected $375 which will also go to those in need.  Thanks to all who donated.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated.