Terry Efaw will be entertaining members and Guests during the reception and dinner hour at the Athens Rotary Club's Annual Holidays Party on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016 at the Ohio University Inn beginning at 6 PM.
Terry Efaw, Guitarist
Terry’s musical Journey began at the age of 13.  He was introduced to a friend of his father, the Legendary Athens guitarist Ron Scott.  He was fortunate enough to have Ron take him under his wing as he really didn't give out lessons.  Ron’s style was based in jazz and chordal modes, so Terry learned a lot about chord work, phrasing, etc. 
From there, Terry became aware of Chet Atkins.  At the age of 19, Terry was the fortunate winner of the coveted Chet Atkins Guitar Festival, which was an annual event held for amateurs nationwide and some from other countries. 
At that point, Terry realized that it might be easier to advance in the musical field by being with a group, so he called up an old friend Steve Reis.  They formed a Duo and called it McGuffey Lane.  Four decades and ten albums later, McGuffey Lane is still going strong.  When Terry is not performing with the band as their steel guitarist, he works as a solo guitar instrumentalist.  Terry has recorded several CDs, with one being a Christmas album. 
Music has not only been his career, it is also his passion.
   Thanks to Dave Palmer for the information about the performers, Bob Thompson and Gary Efaw, at the Holidays Party this year.