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White Privilege
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Virtual Meeting Tomorrow June 15 at Noon
Our speaker: Athens Rotarian Dr. Amrit Singh,
Prof. Emeritus, English Dept., Ohio University;
Topic: "White Privilege".
 Note:  Dr. Singh has suggested that reading the following article will facilitate a good discussion at the meeting:  "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" by Peggy McIntosh.
 As President Elect, Sheila Mark, says:  "You won't want to miss this timely topic by a charismatic and entertaining speaker."
     The virtual meeting will be hosted again by President Elect, Sheila Mark Note the meeting will begin at 12 Noon.  We will adjourn at 1 PM, but are able to carry the meeting longer for anyone who wishes to stay on to chat.
     To join the meeting, click on the URL in your invitation email.  If this is your first Zoom meeting, you will be prompted to download the Zoom software (if you have not already done so).  It is recommended that you start your sign-in about  5-10 minutes before the meeting.  Note:  Should you unexpectedly get cut-off from the meeting, whether because of poor internet connection or because unexpected Zoom behavior, simply re-join the meeting as you did at the start.
     For first timers, Marcia Chadly has a great video on You Tube showing you how to use Zoom: .  You might want to watch this before Monday and try a Zoom meeting with friends or family.
     Note: Feel free to forward your invitation-email to family members, friends or colleagues that you would like to invite to join us.
     See you all on Monday at 12:00 Noon and Have your Happy Bucks ready!! 
International Students Need Help!
Please read the email below (From Sue Boyd) about the plight of the international students at OU.   Working together, we Rotarians can have a substantial impact on the care of our international students and their families in Athens.  We have a unique perspective in understanding the importance of international friendship, and the value of service. 
Our Athens Rotary Foundation Board is meeting on Tuesday morning to consider our Club’s opportunities for service to our community.  Please email me with your input.
Shall we donate money? Donate food boxes with the food items listed below (like we do at Thanksgiving)? Donate food collected from our members (I could meet you in a parking lot on Monday to collect it)?  Donate Rotary gift cards that we purchase from local businesses?  Help find jobs for qualified students?  I am making some contacts to ascertain the number of students in need.  Any ideas or information you have will be appreciated. 
In the meantime, please consider donating food as requested in Sue’s email.
-------- Original message --------
From: Susanne Boyd 
Date: 6/12/20 6:17 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Hello - important message 
Dear Athens neighbors,
A group that is not doing well during this Covid lockdown is our International students in Athens. International grad students who were counting on summer internships have seen those cancelled and they are not eligible to get “regular” jobs or to receive the federal payouts the rest of us received. Meanwhile, they have to feed themselves and their families, pay rent, and sign leases for an uncertain next year.  A Task Force has been organized and is working on ways to help. In the meantime, we are trying to do a food drive-- and that’s where all of us come in.

You can imagine some of the basic foods that are needed and might include:

garbanzo beans
black eyed peas
canned chicken
vegetables, like tomatoes, peppers, including chilis, 
cucumbers, potatoes, 
canned coconut milk
powdered milk
The distribution is being managed on campus by "Cat’s Cupboard" and their access is in lower Baker Center, near where the GoBus stops for passengers. There is a raised bed of wheat, and the door for "Cat’s Corner" is behind that, to the right. Fresh produce of any kind is welcome should you have excess from your garden, but sadly, no foods requiring refrigeration can be accepted, so no meat or dairy. 
The best time to deliver food is on Tuesday mornings between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m because distribution begins at 10:00. If you are able to arrange it, it is probably good to pool whatever food you and your  neighbors can collect. Then decide on someone to deliver to Baker Center rather than many cars.
If you know of others who might be interested in assisting the  students, please forward this email to them. The Task Force is working on a way to donate hard cash - also very much needed - but more on that later. 
Thank you for your kindness, and stay safe!