Board Meeting Minuts 08/02/2007

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Rotary Board Meeting *

August 2, 2007



Attendance:  Scott Malcom, Shawna Stump, Sheila Mark, Bob Marinellie

                        Guests:  Mary Diles, Diane McVey, Mark Bisang, Gary Lamberg


Call to order at 12:05.



President Report:  Scott Malcom

1.       District Governor Jim Flaherty to visit October 1, 2007

2.       The Foundation Seminar will be September 15, 2007 at the Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark



Secretary Report:  Shawna Stump

1.       July minutes tabled until next meeting for a quorum vote to                                              accept

2.       No applications received.  We reviewed the resignation of Jerry Post which was noted in the April 5, 2007 Minutes.  His status will be changed in the club records.


Treasurer Report:  Christie Mitchell-not in attendance


Club Service Report:  Sheila for Kaye Johnson

1.       Kaye would like someone to take over the    Greeter/Invocation assignments.

2.       Board greeter schedule established.

3.       Karen Harvey has volunteered to take the Secretary position for next year

4.       The Table page was suggested for the President-Elect or Nominee to do.


Vocational Service:  Bob Handley-not in attendance


International Service:  Sheila for Cita Strauss

1.       Inbound students:  The Watson family will be hosting one of the inbound students.  Other host families are still needed.


Community Service:  Susan Urano-not in attendance


The Club Financial Policy was discussed:

1.       The reimbursement for PETS and the International

            Convention may need to be budgeted.  Diane suggested payment for the Club President to attend the District Conference.  Spousal reimbursement was discussed for the International Convention.  Member only reimbursement has been the standard practice.  Amounts will need to be reviewed and adjusted in the budget for the reimbursements.

2.       Student monies total $500.00.  Suggested payment of $100.00 a month for the time allotted totaling $500.00 per student.

3.       Registration fees paid for members attending the District Conference.  Question as to what to pay for members attending the conference locally.

4.       A limit was suggested to be place on the amount of monies available for District sponsored assemblies, seminars and conferences.

5.       Suggested changing the Convention budget to $2500.00

6.       Gary suggested that the budget be voted on by the club during the club assembly.

7.       Leave of Absence is a minimum of 60 days.

8.       $50.00 fee for new members should not be charged to transfers.


Old Business:


1.       Include Login info for new members in the New Member Packet       

2.       Dinner for Friday Night Life coming up August 10.

3.       Timothy House Carpeting donated by David West.

4.       The Foundation Drive currently has 41 sustaining members, they are trying for more.  $14300 is the goal this year which equals $100.00 per member.  The drive ends June of 2008.


President Elect/Program Chair:  Bob Marinellie


1.       Jennifer Simon will be speaking at the upcoming meeting.

2.       Linda Clark will be speaking from the Innovation Center

3.       Working on filling the last few dates


* Minutes awaiting Board approval