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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
April 1, 2015  11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Grover Room
Board Members Present: Andrea Reik, Dave Diggle, Jan Garske, Calvin James, Jaclyn Collins, Cita Strauss, Tom Pyle and Tara Gilts
CALL TO ORDER:  Jaclyn Collins at 11:10 am.
Reik presented Board meeting minutes from April 1, 2015 meeting, Discussion of several amendments to the draft minutes.
Motion to approve amended Board meeting minutes for March 2015: motion made by Garske, seconded by James, motion passes.
Reik reported on the awards committee which includes Garske, Alan Boyd and Reik.  The proposed changes recommend that the Rotarian of the Year would receive a Paul Harris Fellowship and the Community of the Year Recipient would receive an honorary Club membership for the year. There will be standard application for nominees proposed by Club Members, There nominates will be submitted to the Board for approval.
Collins reported that she, James and Boyd are working to use Club points to support members in becoming Paul Harris recipients.  This will be covered in the President’s report.
Financial Summary – Diggle reported that there were no significant budget changes.  He reported that the Club received $210 from Krogers.  Members need to re-register for the Kroger funds by May 1. Diggle will remind Club members.  Brief discussion about bringing computer to meeting to re-sign members.
Diggle reported that the Club equity has dropped due to a reduction of members as well as more members eligible for the exception from regular member meals.  He also reported that he anticipates that the income will be close to the $73,500 as projected.  Diggle reported that insurance for coverage of Camp Rotan was increased by $600 for the year.  Collins suggested that the Club relook at purchasing liability insurance from Rotary and use Mathews Insurance for replacement coverage.
Diggle reported that the Club will not be funding the Bellamaria playground due to the reduction in Club revenue.
Friends of India – Diggle reported that with Kapal Bajaj on a leave of absence and Raj Koshal out of the country there has not been authorization for using the $6980 in Friends of India funds.  It is expected that 50% will go to the Foundation and 50% to the President’s project.  Need authorization from Koshal to use these funds, this authorization needs to be secured by May.
Collins reported that she would like to have a Rotary festival day at Amesville Elementary to celebrate the library project,
Motion to approve April 2015 financials: motion made by Strauss, seconded by Garske, motion passes.
Collins reported that the Ethics conference is been postponed until fall.
Gilts reported that the tour of Global Cooling/Stirling Ultracold was held March 27th.  Ten people attended.
Jackie O’s Social Event is scheduled for April 10th.  Tour of the brewery by Art Osterike.
Pleasant Hill Winery and Vineyard Social Hour is scheduled for May 15th, 5:30-7:30.  Pizza, salad and dessert for $15 per person.
Gilts reported that she is working on identifying a date for the annual Rotary Night at the Copperheads.
April Special Olympics –Pyle reported that Scott Malcom is recruiting volunteers for the event on 4/247/15.
Restore – Pyle will be rescheduling the quarterly volunteer day, a first Saturday of the quarter is July 4th,. .
Inbound –Strauss reported that Heina Ocihai loved her spring trip.  Strauss reported that they another possible host family has withdrawn.  Disappointing.
--Strauss reported that Inbounds will returning home in May instead of later in the summer.    
--Strauss reported that her final term on the Board will end on June 30, 2016.  She would like to have a replacement identified soon so that she can train the incoming member during this program year.  Strauss had little training or guidance when she accepted this position so she would like to have a smoother transition.  No one had been identified, names suggested were Bethany Gonczy or Brandon Elliot. 
Strauss suggested that Collins, Emilia Alonso Samero meet to talk about this change.   
General discussion about getting Club members involved in Rotary.
Garske reported that Hina Ochiai will be temporarily living with the Garske’s until the Matta host family is available. 
RYLA – Garske reported that the Club had 3 applications.  The committee needs to identify the 2 award winners and 2 alternates participants by April 15th.  Garske reported that the District has encouraged Outbounds to attend the RYLA conference.  The District would like the Club to pay for this attendance, Garske has encourage Amihan Tindogen to apply.
Interact – Garske reported that Interact Club has earned the Presidential Citation, Collins worked with the District Governor on this Citation.  Garske reported that one Interact student attended the Global Cooling Tour.
Rotaract – Garske reported that she has encouraged Club member Mike Comperchio and Marian Carr to plan a meeting to develop a strategy for Rotaract for next year.  She has not had a response from either of them.  Garske has sent volunteer opportunities to the Rotaract Club. The Rotaract Club has not been active since the Thanksgiving Baskets project.
Camp Rotan – Collins reported that she did talk with Bruce Wentworth about Camp Rotan.  Wentworth reported that a camp manager needs to be identified for the operation of the Camp.  He ended up doing the plowing during the winter so that groups could get into the camp.  It was reported that there was some stress about the expectations of the Scouts to utilize the camp but not feel any responsibility for the camp. 
Collins reported that she would like to call a meeting with Rotary and the Scouts to discuss the operation of the Camp.  Also does Rotary wish to continue to operate the camp? Also need to secure a camp manager.
Foundation Giving – Collins and James would like to utilize Rotary points to facilitate Club members becoming Paul Harris Fellows.  Currently the Club has 10,000 points which could support members achieving this goal.  Collins and Boyd will work to inform the members of their current contributions towards the Paul Harris. Collins will inform the membership of this initiative.  Collins reported that the goal of Foundation giving needs to be achieved by June 30, 2015 so the funds are available for the President projects.        
Motion that Athens Rotary Club members who have made a donation to Rotary International in the amount of $500 or greater and wish to achieve the Paul Harris Fellow, Athens Rotary Club will match up to 50% to reach the Paul Harris Fellowship: motion by James, seconded by Pyle, motion passes.
Collins will ask that Alan Boyd report at a Club meeting about the Paul Harris requirements, contributions and how the points can be utilized.  Collins reported that a letter will be sent out to the membership.
Athens Rotary Foundation Update – No report
Schedule Planning Sessions – Collins and Mario Grijalva will be planning a special meeting of the Board to discuss upcoming activities of the Club.   
Officer Induction – Collins reported that several Board members will be out of the country during June, therefore, the Officer Induction will need to be scheduled earlier.  Collins and Emilia Alonso Samero will work on establishing a date, looking at some time in May.
PRESIDENT ELECT COMMENTS:  Mario Grijalva –absent
Orientation – James will be working to identify dates for training for red badge members. 
Next Board Meeting -  May 6th
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik