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  Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
August 2, 2017  11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Wilson Room
Call to Order:     Mike Noel at 11:05 am
Secretary’s Report:        Edward Peterson  
  • Minutes taken by Edward Peterson for the June meeting were accepted after final comments by Dave Diggle. Ed Peterson will forwarded them to Roger Rollins for posting to the web page.
  • John Costanzo's request to be granted exempt status was approved by the board.
  • Becky Baringer has offered to provide Corporate Membership forms to Ed Peterson from her records to facilitate new corporate membership applications.
    • Susan Urano is considering a corporate membership which will include Jesse Stock as the associate member.
    • Steve Herron, with Community Bank, Shane Jarrett, with Chase Bank, and Fred Zerkle, realtor, have all been approached to consider corporate memberships for their organizations.  
Treasurer’s Report:        Dave Diggle
  • A motion to accept the Treasurer's Report was made by Tom Gibbs  and seconded by  Ed Peterson with unanimous approval.  
  • Monthly budget update and Financial Summary are attached to the end of the minutes.
  • At the last meeting Dave Diggle agreed to check the RI invoice to determine if Honorary members are invoiced for membership fees and whether or not the club covers them. This was not addressed at this meeting. 
  • Dave Diggle pointed out that the $750.92 short fall in Budget vs. Actual Net Income is due primarily to approximately $800 in delinquent dues that he fully expects to receive. Thus the Budget vs. Actual Financials were in close agreement.
Vocational Service Report:         Tom Gibbs
  • The audit committee will hold its first meeting on August 3rd. and will present their audit report to the board at our next meeting.
Club Service Report:                  Tara Gilts
  • New member orientation/Membership party:  September 9th was confirmed for the party  @ Mike Noel's house.
  • The October tailgate party was scheduled for the Athens HS vs. Nelsonville football game rather than an OU football game. It was recommended that Tara Gilts look into organizing a tailgate party at the Eclipse and invite the Nelsonville and Sunrise clubs to attend. Food and drink would be paid by members and the club would provide tickets to the game. If additional funds are raised, perhaps a small donation for the football ticket, it could go to supporting Rotary's Polio Plus campaign.
Community Service Report:        Tom Pyle (No new report)
  • Collections for Thanksgiving baskets will be taken up at the next several meetings.
  • Several ideas were discussed that fell into the Community Service area.
    • A proposal was made by Tom Gibbs that if we stopped providing dictionaries to the 3rd. graders we could instead provide books to incoming kindergarteners. This was suggested because it was noted that dictionaries are not used as much now due to the availability of the internet and other electronic resources. It was also pointed out that many incoming kindergarteners are not exposed to written material in their homes and providing a book may spark their interest in learning to read. Tara Gilts commented that hospital has a program for new mothers that focuses on the same area and provides a book, suitable for parents to read to their infants, and  additional information on libraries and other resources available for the new parents. Mike Noel commented that Ann Paulins has some experience with similar programs and he will contact her. Tom Gibbs also offered his wife as a possible resource based on her educational background.
    • Tara Gilts discussed the upcoming tricycle race for heart health and received confirmation that the club would sponsor a Rotary team if Tara could get 4 volunteers. The sponsorship is $100.   
International Service Report:        Cita Strauss
  • The short term outbound student has returned from France with her in-bound student and both will be at our next meeting on August 7th.
New Generations Report:           Brandon Elliot
  • Interact and Rotoract Updates:  OU -  Not able to establish a club at this time,.  Currently recruiting membership is at a standstill, will suggest to current members that we need OU Students.  I am teaching 3 courses at Hocking in the fall and will be recruiting membership at Hocking to possibly charter a club.  I will be introducing Interact to Alexander High School during its first week of attendance in August with Jenny Stotts from Sunrise rotary to try to gain membership from the school system. 
  • Athens High Interact Club will meet during the month of September.  My daughter Emmy Elliott will be reporting to me the membership and the proposals for the year.  I would like to invite each club from Hocking, Athens and Alexander to noon meetings when they can attend during the school year to integrate and be a part of our club. 
Past-President Comments:                     Emilia Alonso-Sameño (No report)
President's  Comments:             Mike Noel
  • Mike Noel mentioned the crutches for Africa club project. He has named Ed Peterson to chair the effort. Initial contacts have been made and we are waiting on further information from the C4A organization. Mike Noel will discuss with the District Governor next week how best to advertise and engage clubs throughout the district to increase potential donations.
  • The fountain repair project was not discussed.
  • Ed Peterson has checked with Reuse to see if perhaps they would return the crutches and canes that were left over after the yard sale. We are waiting on their response.
New Business: 
  • Mike Noel discussed the proposal to host a piano concert by Francesco Attesti as a club activity and fund raiser. He has emailed Mr. Attesti and is waiting on his reply if he has any open dates left on his tour.
Announcement of next meeting: September 6th.