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Athens Rotary Board Meeting Minutes
August 6, 2014
Board Members Present: Dave Diggle, Andrea Reik, Tom Gibbs, Jan Garske, Cita Strauss, Jackie Collins and Calvin James
Rotary Members Present: Bruce Wentworth
Call to Order: Collins at 11:05 am.
Agenda is changed to allow Calvin James to report earlier.
Secretary Report: Reik presented the draft July 2014 minutes.  Several spelling errors to be corrected.  Jan Garske reported that Serena Zhu was the short term Inbound who attended the Rotary Meeting.
Motion to approve July 10, 2014 Board meeting minutes with corrections as discussed.  Motion was made Gibbs and seconded by Diggle. Motion passed.
Speaker Guidelines – Reik reported that she and Garske discussed revisions to Speaker Guidelines as discussed at July Board meeting.  Reik and Garske suggested that the Program Chair Responsibilities which was prepared by Jackie Collins include the statement that Rotary is non-denominational and non-political.  Collins will revise the Program Chair Responsibilities to include this sentence.  Collins will share this draft with the Board for discussion at the September Board meeting.
Membership Issues- Reik proposed that Bill Bias resignation be effective June 30, 2014 so that this resignation is included in the previous Rotary business year.
Motion to accept the resignation of Bill Bias effective June 30, 2014, motion made by Strauss, seconded by Diggle.  Motion passed.
Reik reported that Diggle received an email from Amritjih Singh requesting exempt status, he meets the club requirement for this status.
Motion to accept Amritjit Singh to become an exempt member of Athens Rotary effective August 1, 2014. Motion was made by Garske, seconded by James.  Motion passed.
James reported that the Board purchased gifts for Karen Harvey and Sarah Baker for their service on the Board.  Jackie Collins purchased the gifts, James made a request to reimburse Collins for this purchase.
Motion to reimburse Jackie Collins in the amount of $128.09 for gifts purchased for departing Board members.  Motion made by Garske, seconded by Strauss.  Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report: Diggle presented the financial summary for July.  As this was the beginning of the budget year there was little activity.  He reported that the Club paid $5,000 to the Athens Rotary Foundation, which is an annual disbursement.
Diggle reported that the Friends of India received $350 which was due to the receipt of several checks that were received for the fall Friends of India dinner.
Reik reported that the Treasurer will be requested to pay the Rotary District and Rotary International dues. 
The current operating balance for the Club is $12,400.66.
Wentworth asked questions regarding the Camp Rotan allocation of $10,000.  Diggle reported that these funds were received while upgrading Camp Rotan.  Those funds will be available projects at the camp or consideration of hiring someone to manage the camp.  Will be discussed further under Wentworth’s presentation on Camp Rotan.
Motion to accept the August financial report.  Motion made by Garske, seconded by James.  Motion approved.
Membership Dues – Diggle reported that while Bill Bias resigned, he has an outstanding balance of $300.  The Board requested that Betsy Baringer follow up with him.
Reik reported that she spoke with Monica Neiporte regarding her involvement in Athens Rotary.  Neiporte will remain in the club.  Diggle reported that he had received payment on her membership.
Camp Rotan Presentation: Bruce Wentworth gave the Board an update on the operation of the Camp.  There were several issues identified which need to be addressed:
--Does the Athens Rotary Club embrace the ownership of the Camp? If Rotary continues to own and operate the camp, there is no development prospect.  Ownership without benefit.  Is this a long term ownership for Rotary or should the Board consider deeding the camp to Athens city?
-While the camp is being used by Boy and Girl Scout, there is little recognition or appreciation by the Scouts of this resource.  The Scouts have not participated in clean up or maintenance of the facility.  How does the Club engage the Scouts?
--Ongoing list concerns have come to Wentworth, no one has been designated to manage the operation of the facility.  Minor concerns such as mice and snakes in the cabin to problems with the composting toilet.
-- Steps identified to address the management of Camp Rotan
1)--Ensure that Athens Rotary Club members are aware of the Camp. Member should understand they can utilize it.  Also seek to identify a Rotary member who could be interested in the day to day operation of the camp.
2) Approach Athens AM Rotary to determine if their club is interested in joining on this project.  Request if there is anyone in Athens AM interested in managing the Camp.
3) Consider approaching the Athens Foundation for ongoing support for this camp.
4) Approach Rural Action to determine if there was any interest in their organization to manage the camp.  Strauss and Collins will follow up with either Michelle Decker or Joe Breem with Rural Action.
Wentworth also shared the list of individuals and businesses that contributed to the upgrading of the cabin.  This list has been posted on the Athens Rotary website.  He is also working to design a plague identifying those individuals and businesses. 
Wentworth reported that there will be upcoming work days.
Discussion about allowing Wentworth to have authority for expenditures for the upkeep and maintenance of the Camp.
Motion to authorize Bruce Wentworth up to $500 in expenditures for Camp Rotan, expenditures over $500 need prior approval of the Rotary Board.  Motion made by Strauss and seconded by Gibbs.  Motion passed.
Vocational Service Report: No report
Club Service Report: Tara Gilts was not present but submitted a written report.  The committee is considering a fall social event, locations include Lake Hope or Burr Oak.  The committee will seek support from other members who expressed interest. 
International Service Report: Strauss reported that Hina Ochiai, Inbound from Japan, has not arrived yet. Garske reported that she had received word that she would be in Athens by 8/13/14.
Straus reported that the short term Inbounds have had a good experience.  They will be at next Rotary meeting, it was requested that they do a brief presentation.
Strauss reported that that she has identified a potential Outbound student.  However the family does not live in Athens county and not sure if the family would be able to be a host family. 
Garske reported that the Athens International Program is well run, she expressed her support for Strauss.
Community Service Report: No report
New Generation Report: Garske reported that the Rotaract Club has been ordering materials to use for recruitment at an Ohio University student activities fair. They ordered a banner and give-aways.  The club will also be charging dues for members.  Garske reported that they have an OU bank account but no funds.  Diggle reported that he closed out a Rotary account which had several hundred dollars.  Diggle and Garske will follow up to locate these funds.
Garske reported that the Interact Club is moving forward.  She reported that Kapil Bajaj did are great job with RYLA.  Garske reported that she is seeking to identify a Rotary member to work with the Interact Club.  Board members suggested Bethany Gonczy or Dave Berkowitz.  Garske will follow up with this. 
President’s Comments: Collins reported that she will work to establish the committee and a date for the financial review.
Amesville Library Project - Collins asked how to respond to a request from Kerri Sheridan-Boyd about the Athens Rotary contribution to the Amesville Library Project.  Sheridan-Boyd is working on a press release regarding contributors to this project.  The consensus of members was that the Club would wait until the end of 2014 to determine amount of contribution to this project. 
Bellamaria Play Ground Project – Tabled until September when Mario Grijalva returns.
President Elect Comments: No report.
Past President Comments: James reported that as membership chair, he will continue the activities that Betsy Baringer started.  He will also meet with Collins for other membership activities.  He stated that there is no current growth strategy in place, but it is important as membership has decreased.
James reported that he will continue to be involved in Camp Rotan activities. 
Next Meeting:  September 3, 2014.  Collins will poll Board members to determine that best time of day. 
Motion made to adjourn meeting, motion made by Diggle, seconded by Garske.  Motion passed. 
Meeting adjourned at 12:25
Prepared by: Andrea Reik                                           August 25, 2014