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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Minutes
December 3, 2014
Board members present: Jacky Collins, Dave Diggle, Jan Garske, Cita Strauss, Tara Gilts, Andrea Reik, Tom Pyle, Tom Gibbs and Mario Grijalva
Rotary Members present: Betsy Baringer and Karen Vedder
Call to Order: Collins at 11:05 am
Secretary’s Report: Reik
Reik presented the Board meeting minutes from the November meeting.
Motion to approve the November 2014 Board meeting minutes was made by Diggle, seconded by Strauss, motion passes.
Reik reported on the topic of annual Rotary recognition awards.  There is some confusion regarding the Paul Harris Annual Community Member and Community Awards as well as the Rotary Club Annual Member and Community Member Award.  Currently there are different dates to submit nominations and there is not consistency in the nomination process.  Reik would like to suggest that a Board committee be established to develop a process and criteria for these awards.  This committee would include Alan Boyd, who has handled the Paul Harris Awards; Jan Garske, as well as President Collins and Reik.  This committee will present recommendations to the Board. 
Reik also reported that the Rotary Board needs to begin planning for a new member orientation session.  There are a number of new members who need this orientation.
Treasurer’s Report: Diggle
Monthly Budget Update – Diggle went over the budget reports.  The club received payment in the amount of $253.24 from the Kroger’s account.  Dave is willing to sign up any Rotary member who wishes to join this account. He reported that the he recently received $300 in checks from Raj Koshal from the Friends of India dinner. 
Diggle reported that the club’s revenue is less than budgeted, this is due to fewer members and fewer members paying the full meal reimbursements.  This may impact the ability of the Club to pay the $2,500 installment toward the Bella Maria project.
Diggle reported that there will be several expenditures in January due to payments of Rotary International Dues and the Club Holiday Party.  He also reported that the budget planning process begins in May 2015.
The Club was able to fund 50 Thanksgiving baskets for families.  There was $2,451 raised for this project: District provided $500, Rotaract raised $500, Walmart provided $165, Club members raised $1,286.00.  The actual cost for the baskets was $2,153.53.  This will allow over $297.47 for other events, including Good Works. 
Garske reported that the Rotaract Club would like to do an additional Friday night dinner at Good Works.  They would need to go the Rotary Foundation for funding.
Motion was made to approve the November 2014 financial report, motion made by Reik, seconded by Grijalva, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report: Gibbs
Gibbs reported that he recently met with the Athens High School Interact Club.  The members are concerned about water conservation, in particular leaky faucets and shut offs at the school.  The members will be making a presentation to Gibbs and the maintenance staff about these concerns, including data to support their concerns.
Brief discussion about planning for the 4 Way test competition in January.
Club Service: Gilts
All Good
Community Service Report: Pyle
Pyle reported on Thanksgiving baskets.  He thanked Baringer for her work on the project.
Discussion about how to use the additional $300.  Should these funds which were donated for the Thanksgiving baskets be used for other projects such as the Good Works Friday night dinners. Also noting that the remaining funds were already in the Foundation.  After discussion it was decided that Baringer would make a formal request to the Rotary Foundation to maintain the remaining funds for the 2015 Thanksgiving basket project.
Pyle reported that Bob Troxel plans to cook for the annual Rotary sponsored Friday night dinner at Good Works.  Looking at the month of February 2015 to host the dinner.
Next Restore volunteer day will be January 10, 2015.
International Service Report: Strauss
Strauss reported that Amni Tindogen will soon learn where she is being sent as an Outbound.  She has requested a placement where she can speak French.
Strauss reported that Inbound, Hina Oichia will live with the Garske’s during the month of December.  She will also being going to Florida and Disneyland during December.  Hina was selected to be a leader of District 6690 during this trip.
Strauss reported that since the Club will not be hosting an Inbound next year, the Club will host a district weekend for Inbound and Outbounds.
New Generation Report: Garske
Garske reports that the Interact Club will work with the Club on the Dictionary Project.  At this time, looking at the date of 12/13/14 for working on the labeling and counting dictionaries.
Garske reported that the Club needs to make payment for 2 Ryla participants in January 2015.  The Club will need to identify who from the Club who will work during the Ryla weekend, which is usually the second weekend in July.
President’s Comments: Collins
Holiday Party – Collins will order the plaques for the honorees.  Collins and Palmer will plan the program for the evening. Discussion on attendees at the party, are the Rotaract and Interact officers invited?  It was decided to invite the President, Vice President and Advisor.  Details of the parking situation will be emailed to all members.  Currently 100 people have signed up for the party.
James will do the first reading of the 2015/2016 slate of officers.  Then will be read on 12/15/14 and 1/5/15.  With voting on 1/5/15.
Discussion about doing an honorary Paul Harris or recognizing our senior members.  There was discussion about whether the Club could make an honorary $1,000 donation to make Ernst Breitenberger a Level 1 Donor
Motion to make Ernst Breitenberger a Level 1 Donor if there are available points, motion made by Strauss, seconded by Garske, motion passes.
During this discussion Gibbs reviewed Rotary Guidelines, he found that points cannot be used for major donor recognition.  It was suggested by Diggle that this be discussed with Alan Boyd.
Rotary Foundation Update - Collins reported that $1,075 to be sent to the Rotary Foundation.  Collins reported that the reason our Club did not get was a grant was the Club did not reach the $9,000 goal.
Athens Rotary Foundation – Collins reported that John Miller has been elected to replace Don Cooley on the Athens Rotary Foundation Board.
President Elect: Grijalva
Grijalva reported that he will be assisting Emilia Alonso Sameno in her new role as President Elect.  She will be responsible for organizing speakers for the meeting.  He would like to poll the membership for interesting speakers.
Past President: James – absent
No report
Next meeting: January 7, 2015.
Meeting adjourned at 12:17pm.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik