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Athens Noon Rotary Club Board Meeting Minutes
December 7, 2016  
Ohio University Inn, Wilson Room
Call to Order:     Emilia Alonso-Sameño at 11:04 AM
Board Members Present: Emilia Alonso-Sameno, Edward Peterson, Dave Diggle, Brandon Elliott, Cita Strauss, Tara Gilts, Mario Grijalva and Karen Harvey
Secretary’s Report:        Edward Peterson  
  • Minutes from November meeting
        A motion to accept the minutes from the November meeting was made by Cita, seconded by Emilia and unanimously approved by board members present.
  • Member Information:
Ivan Arnold will be removed from the club's membership as of the end of the year.(Done)
Ernst Breitenberger will be classified as an honorary member.(done 12/12/16)
Larry Schey's membership will remain active until he joins a new club.(Removed 12/12/16)
Jane Woodrow's request for a leave from Dec. 26th thru March 6, 2017 is approved by the board via an email vote.
  • Nominations for DG
        No nominations for DG have been received. Diane McVey was suggested as a possible candidate but no action was recorded.
Treasurer’s Report:        Dave Diggle
  • Monthly Budget Update
                Dave's report is attached. The Camp Rotan account has been closed and remaining funds de-allocated as of November when the city has taken over ownership. Concern was raised that the club may have continuing liability for maintenance as we have currently for the ACC fountain. Currently repairs to the fountain are estimated at $1,700 that the club is responsible to cover. Dave pointed out that $2,200 was sent to RI as the amount collected over the past 6 months from the $25/quarter collected with club dues. This amount will augment funds given by individual members directly to RI. Based on emails from Sarah the club is well below the $7,500 goal that is in place for this year. The possibility of funneling the planned donation by the Friends of India (FOI)  through the club for credit towards our giving target was discussed. While this is a onetime donation due to the FOI decision to donate a portion of the funds raised from their dinner to support RI  and is not something that can be counted on each year it would assist with meeting this year's commitment. Sarah and Emilia will discuss this with Raj to see if the FOI are open to this suggestion. Also Emilia will look into the process for setting the level of commitment and determine how to lower future commitments to a level more realistic for our club.  A recommendation to accept the treasurer's report was made by Cita and seconded by Mario with unanimous approval.
Dave presented his updated Treasurer's duties. He pointed out his recommendation to appoint a committee to  annually review the club's financials. Karen Harvey stated this was in accordance with the bi-laws that the president elect should appoint an audit committee and review the financials upon assuming the role as president. Dave also said he could present a budget reconciliation repot one month in arrears. This was due to the delays in reporting by the bank. The Board agreed to this. At this time the decision to not require bonding was sustained based on the cost and the comfort the board had with Dave as the treasurer.
 A motion was made to require Dave Diggle and Ed Peterson to have Ed Peterson added as a check signer on the club's account. They will schedule this for after an upcoming meeting. The motion was made by Cita and seconded by Emilia and approved unanimously.          
Vocational Service Report:         Tom Gibbs
            Nothing new to report.
Club Service Report:                  Tara Gilts
            No Report other than there is planning to schedule the next event at the Devil's Kettle sometime in January. An alternate outing was suggested for Kaiser's new facility which features craft breweries and local distilleries.
Community Service Report:        Tom Pyle
            No Report
Tara suggested that the club set up and man water stops during local road races. We can set up our canopy and have Rotary signs to advertise our involvement.  
International Service Report:        Cita Strauss
Our outbound student has been accepted and is waiting on where she will go. France is her first choice.
Cita and Emilia conducted a home visit with the Pratt family. The only issue observed was the strong cat odor. This was mentioned to the Pratt family and it was requested to clean the carpets and move the litter boxes outside prior to the exchange student's visit this Summer.
New Generations Report:           Brandon Elliot
            Brandon reported 12 to 14 Interact students worked at the OU Inn to sort out the dictionary project. Also several of the club officers attended the Holiday Party. The Interact club also raised $213.30 through their Pinks for Polio fund raiser.
Rotaract had nothing to report. The club was removed from the list of student clubs at OU due to lack of activity. The necessary paperwork has been submitted to get them reinstated. A concern is that most members are grad students and that undergrads are not joining. Dave pointed out that there is a club account at the University that has some funds. His concern is that the University may  absorb the funds if the club becomes inactive. Brandon took an action item to look into the status of the account.
 President Comments:               Emilia Alonso-Sameño
  • International Proposal
Mario reported on the Bella Maria water project. The project is now completed with only the final report assessing the health impacts of the project remains to be submitted by March and the project will be finished by April. This will free up the club to take on a new international project. Mario discussed a phase 2 which will involve expanding the project to an additional 10 communities. Planning for this will take about a year and would not start till 2018 with implementation in 2019 and 2020.
Raj  has suggested a project to bring water to schools in India and Mike Noel has discussed a project he has visited in Jamaica. The board would like both of these projects to provide additional information. While the president typically has the prerogative to select the club's project during their term the board wants additional information on the scope, costs and long term support commitments that are required. It was recommended that a decision be made ASAP as both these projects will be need a response in the near future.
  • Karen Harvey presented the situation with several boxes of club historical information that has been removed from the public library due to space constraints. Mike is currently storing the boxes at his office location. Karen has talked to the Historical Society and they have expressed an interest in the material for their historical and genealogical collection. John Cunningham has agreed to accept the information if the club agrees to deed the data to the society. They will, over time, cull the information for the data they wish to keep. The rest of the information will be disposed of. Club volunteers can be trained to cull the information. The rejected information will be returned to the club and a future decision will be made to scan the information for electronic storage. A motion was made by Mario and seconded by Brandon to accept this proposal. It was unanimously accepted and the required paperwork was signed at the meeting.      
President Elect Comments:        Mike Noel
No Report
Past-President Comments:         Mario Grijalva
No additional report other than the Bella Maria update.
Announcement of next meeting: January 11, 2016  11:00 AM
Thank you for your service to the Rotary Club of Athens!
Treasurer's Report: