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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
December 9, 2015  11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Wilson Room
Board members present: Jan Garske, Tom Gibbs, Dave Diggle, Cita Strauss, Mario Grijalva, Andrea Reik, Tom Pyle and Emilia Alonso-Sameno
Club Members Present:  Karen Vedder
Call to Order:  Mario Grijalva at 11:10 am.
Secretary’s Report:             Andrea Reik  
Reik presented the November 2015 Board meeting minutes. 
Motion to approve the November 2015 Board meeting minutes with corrections; motion by Diggle, seconded by Strauss, motion passes.
Club Award recommendations
Reik reported that eight board members voted for the Community Member of the Year award, Patty Mitchell received 5 votes.
Reik reported that Tara Gilts suggested that all Club members have the opportunity to vote for the recipients of the Rotarian of the Year and the Community Member of the Year. Discussion of Board members supported this proposal for next fall award process. 
Motion to amend the current Club policies for Rotarian of the Year and the Community Member of the Year to allow all members of the Club to vote on the awards; motion made by Grijalva, seconded by Strauss, motion passes.
Reik will update the current policies to reflect this change and will present them to the Board.
Strauss expressed interest in exploring an Achievement Award for long time Club members who have contributed to the principles of Rotary.  It was suggested by Grijalva that Strauss, Garske and Reik develop a proposal.  It was noted that this did not need to be an annual award.
Treasurer’s Report:           Dave Diggle
Monthly Budget Update
Diggle reported that the $7,000 which is owed to the Club from the Athens Rotary Foundation from the Golf Tournament has not been paid.  Diggle reported that the Athens Rotary Foundation is waiting to receive all the income pledged to the Tournament.  Once these funds are received, the $7,000 will be transferred to the Club, the Club equity will rise by $7,000.
Diggle reported that there is $3,307 in outstanding member invoices, mainly related to meal costs.  He expects that these are all collectable. 
Profit/Loss – Diggle raised issues related to meal costs.  He reports that the OU Inn has reported that they will be doing a meal cost increase, it will remain under $15.00 per meal.  Diggle reminded the Board that this amount includes the rental of the room, meals, use of the piano as well as AV equipment.  Diggle stated that the OU Inn also would like to establish billing based upon 65 meals per meeting. Reik reported that the current attendance is not 65, rather around 55 based upon attendance data.  Diggle reported that the OU Inn has been using a figure of 71 members instead of actually counting used napkins as has been done in the past.  
There was discussion about decreasing the amount of food, ie., less deserts. Can the Club request the OU Inn use a smaller minimum, ie 50 members?  Also questions of what happens to the leftover food.  Reik has attendance sheets to review but does not have time for tally attendance, Karen Vedder volunteered to compile the numbers.  Reik will bring to the attendance sheets to the next Monday meeting. This issue will be discussed further at upcoming Board meetings.
Diggle circulated the bank reconciliation.
Motion to approve the December 2015 Treasurers report: motion made by Garske, seconded by Alonso-Sameno, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report:  Tom Gibbs
No report
Club Service Report:  Tara Gilts - absent
Gilts submitted a written report.  Grijalva reported that Gilts is working to schedule a wine and paint event.  She will confirm a date. 
Community Service Report:  Tom Pyle
Pyle reported that the Goodworks Friday night dinner will be hosted by the Club on Friday, January 29, 2016.  He reported that Rob Rymer will take on scheduling the Re-Store volunteer days for April and October 2016.
Pyle gave Kudos to the Club and all the volunteers for funding, assembling and delivering 50 Thanksgiving baskets.  It was mentioned that Club Member Josh Wise, manager at Krogers has said to several Club members that he would like Krogers to be considered for supplying food for the baskets.  The past several years the Club has worked with Walmart for food. 
International Service Report:  Cita Strauss
Strauss reported that she has approached several Club members about serving as International Service Chair, no one has expressed interest.  Strauss raised the possibility of the Athens Club only doing Short Term placements instead of yearlong placements.  She has been unable to recruit enough families to host for the year long program.  Strauss would like to get permission from Rotary District to only provide short term placements but wanted get approval from the Athens Club to move in that direction.  Board members expressed approval for this change.  If approved to only provide short term placements, Strauss stated that she could continue to serve as International Service Chair.  Strauss will report back at the January Board meeting.
New Generations Report:             Jan Garske
Submitted a written report.
Garske expressed disappointment in the RYLA presentation to the Club. This meeting has the lowest attendance for the Club. There was discussion about the RYLA participants submitting a report that could be posted on the Club website instead of doing a Club presentation.  Presentations by RYLA attendees to their local Club is not required by Rotary. 
Garske reported that Donelle Batty received an award from the Athens Club due to her participation in the RYLA process.  Garske stated that Batty had reported that in her Club, every member was required to do some volunteer activity every year, Garske wondered if that could be required in the Athens Club.   
Interact  Club   
Garske reported that the members of the Interact Club actively volunteered on the Thanksgiving Basket Project.  She stated that they will be working on dictionary project by putting stickers in dictionary which have arrived.  Garske will send emails to the Club members to join Interact putting in stickers.
Rotaract Club
Garske reported that Grijalva was helpful in sustaining the Rotaract Club by assigning to two students to assist the Club.  A meeting was held on December 2nd, with 3 Club members, Marian Carr and three students.  It was decided to continue the Rotaract Club, Garske was concerned that there has not been follow up since the meeting.  Grijalva stated that he believed that the Club needs some time to develop.  Brandon Elliott will assume the New Generations Chair.  Grijalva ensured that the students he assigned will continue to be involved and move the Rotaract Club forward. 
Pyle suggested using the Ohio University/Police BBQ which is expanding next year to bring in vendors and merchants and perhaps that could be an opportunity to recruit for Rotaract.  Garske reported that she has attempted to solicit volunteers at the service day recruitment but was not successful.   
Grijalva reported that the Rotaract Club will be doing a strategic plan which will include deliverables, milestones along with dates.  Mario is cautiously optimistic.  It was also suggested that Rotaract explore whether young non-OU professionals could participate in Rotaract, as Rotaract Clubs can include individuals up to the age of 30.  The students will explore.
Garske is meeting with Brandon Elliott to train on the responsibilities of the New Generation Chair.
President Comments:   Mario Grijalva
Foundation Giving Update
Grijalva reported that Sarah Baker will attend the January Board meeting to discuss her suggestions for moving forward.  The worksheets from Rotary International which reflects member donations and points were distributed.  Several Board members had questions regarding the accuracy of the data on these reports.  Discussion will follow in January.
Athens Rotary Foundation Update
No report from Karen Harvey
Camp Rotan
Grijalva reported that he has invited identified Club members to participate on this committee and all have accepted.  The first meeting will occur in January. 
2015-2016 Club projects report
Grijvalva reported that the project is moving forward.  A 4 km pipeline is being laid for the water.
President Elect Comments:  Emilia Alonso-Sameno
GSE team
Alonso-Sameno reported that the Rotary District is having difficulty in recruiting participants for the international exchange.  She will be contacting Athens AM Rotary to encourage members to participate.   
Alonso-Sameno reported that she is working with Mike Noel to transition the scheduling of speaker to him as President Elect.   
Past-President Comments:  Jackie Collins
Absent – Graduating on Saturday.  She is working on filling vacant Board positions.
Announcement of next meeting: January 6, 2016 11:00 AM.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik