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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Minutes
February 3, 2016  -  11:00 AM
Board Members Present: Mario Grijalva, Dave Diggle, Jackie Collins, Andrea Reik, and Emilia Alonso – Sameno.
Club members present: Brandon Elliot, Cheri Sharp, Dick Hogan and Mike Noel.
Call to Order:  Mario Grijalva called the meeting to order at 11:10 am.
Secretary’s Report:      Andrea Reik  
Reik presents the minutes from September meeting.
Motion to accept  the January 2016 Board meeting minutes with corrections: motion by Collins, seconded by Diggle, motion passes.
Review of Award policy – committee did not meet in January.
Reik reported that Ed Peterson has expressed interest in becoming the Rotary Secretary beginning July 1, 2016.
Exempt status
Reik reported that Paul Cadamagnani has requested Club exempt  status, he meets the age and membership requirements.
Motion to move Paul Cadamagnani  to exempt status, effective February 1, 2016; motion by Collins, seconded by Diggle, motion passes.
Treasurer’s Report:      Dave Diggle
Monthly Budget Update
Diggle reported that the Club membership/meal bills were sent out the end of January.  He reported that $8,968 is owed to the Club, the checking account balance is $33,207.
Diggle reported that Sarah Baker has encouraged Club members to commit to quarterly donations toward Rotary International.  Diggle reported that there are now 25 Club members interested in the quarterly donations. 
Diggle reported that he just received another check from the Friends of India.  He reported that the operating balance is over $17,000.  He also reported that the Holiday Party expenses were within the allocated budget.  Diggle stated that the income is in line with expected income.
Diggle reported that he sent the check for the RYLA Conference.
The Good works dinner raised $584 and expenses were $481.06. No changes in designated funds.
Motion to accept the February 2016 financial report; motion by Reik, seconded by Alonso-Sameno, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report:       Tom Gibbs
Gibbs reported that he has no report, he is relying on other members to know what he should be promoting.  Collins reported that the Club should be receiving information about the 4-Way test which is held at the high school, she will follow on this for Gibbs.
Club Service Report:       Tara Gilts
Gilts was absent but sent a report to Grijalva which he reported.  Gilts is working along with the AM Rotary Club and the Nelsonville Rotary Club on a young professional grant proposal to the District.  The proposal will be for a young professional event to be held in September 2016.  Gilts will bring the proposal to the Board for approval.
Community Service Report:         Tom Pyle
 Pyle reported that the Good Works dinner was a success, over 100 community members attended the meal.  Pyle gave a shout out to all who volunteered for this event.
International Service Report:        Cita Strauss
Absent – no report
New Generations Report:         Jan Garske
Garske was absent, Brandon Elliot reported that the $600 check for RYLA was sent.  Elliott will be working with Garske to assume Committee responsibilities.
Grijalva reported that young professionals under the age of 30 can join Rotaract.  He reported that the graduate students assigned to Rotaract will be working with Rotaract and the young professionals.  He will share information with Elliott as he transitions to chair of this committee.
President Comments:              Mario Grijalva
Athens Rotary Foundation Update
No report
Camp Rotan   
First meeting was held on January 11th, Bruce Wentworth will be the chair.  Next meeting will be February 8.
2015-2016 Club projects report
Bella Maria project is progressing, full report in March.
President Elect Comments:          Emilia Alonso-Sameno
Alonso-Sameno reported that she met with the GSE team on Sunday.  She reported she will be taking 5 professionals to Brazil on May 2-25.  This involves no financial obligations for the Club.  But the Club needs to send some gifts from the Club, Reik with work with Alonso-Sameno to determine what is available or what we may want to order. 
Alonso-Sameno reported that the speakers are filled for February and they are working on March. 
Past-President Comments:       Jackie Collins
Collins reported that the Club still has vacancy for Secretary. 
Club Memberships
Collins shared some possible suggested changes to Club memberships to increase membership.  She suggested that the Club have a spouse membership, similar to a Corporate membership. The Club member could also have a spouse in the membership, the spousal member would just pay for meals when they attend.  The proposal will also include spouse and partnerships, including some type of definition.
It was decided that this was a proposal for consideration with a vote on spouse/partner memberships at the March meeting. It was decided that this would be circulated to the full membership for feedback prior to the vote in March.
New Business:
Meal costs
Diggle reported that he had spoken with Betsy Baringer regarding negotiating with the OU Inn on meal costs.  The Inn has been charging the Club based upon 65 members eating the meal.  The actual attendance is averaging 55.  Diggle has not heard back from the OU Inn. 
Athens Rotary Peace Center
Dick did a short presentation with Collins, Reik and Diggle about his interest in creating a Peace Center through Rotary International in Athens.  There are several Peace Centers throughout the world.  These centers have a connection with a university and Rotary.  Hogan is actively involved in developing self- sustainable pods for growing food and providing a living space.  He believes this is a means to reduce impact on the planet and promote regeneration and could be further developed through the Peace Center.
The members present requested that Hogan develop a concrete proposal for Rotary along with his strategy for developing the Peace Center.  He will then present this proposal to the Board.
Announcement of next meeting: Tentative. March 2, 2016  11:00 AM – Grijalva will be absent.
Adjournment was at 12:25 pm.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik