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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
February 4, 2015  11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Grover Room
Rotary Board members present – Tom Pyle, Tom Gibbs, Dave Diggle, Jan Garske, Cita Strauss, Mario Grijalva, Jackie Collins and        Andrea Reik
Rotary Members Present – Karen Vedder
Call to Order:  Jaclyn Collins called the meeting to order at 11:08 am.
Secretary’s Report: Andrea Reik  
--Minutes from December and January meetings.
Motion to approve December 2014 minutes: Motion made by Strauss, seconded by Gibbs, motion passes.
Motion to approve January 2015 minutes: Motion made by Pyle, seconded by Garske, motion passes.
--Transfer of Josh Wise to Athens Rotary Club
Motion to accept the transfer of Rotary member Josh Wise to Athens Rotary: Motion made by Strauss, seconded by Diggle, motion passes.
--Possible new Rotary Member, Tom Erlenwein, sponsored by Tom Gibbs.  Reik is waiting for application.
--Reik reported that the committee to make recommendations on the Paul Harris and Rotary Awards has not met yet.
Treasurer’s Report:  Dave Diggle
Monthly Budget Update
Diggle noted the increase in Club equity is due to payment of membership bills.  He noted that the Split the Pot is up to $2,800.  $1,400 will go to the Foundation and $1,400 to the pot.  He noted that a IRS 1099 form will be issued to the winner of the pot, this is required for any amount over $500.    
Diggle noted on the budget vs. actual sheet, that the Club is $1,240.22 behind in projections for the year. This is due to reduction in active members as well as drop in membership.  If this trend continues for the year, the Club could have a net loss of $2,823.83.  This would mean that the Club could not do the play ground equipment project in Ecuador.    
Discussion on the Amesville Library, does the Club have the funds for this project?  Discussion regarding whether or not the Friends of India is in support of funding the Amesville Library project.  Collin’s had a Club goal of $5,000 for library project.  The Club needs to get approval from the Friends of India to move forward on this project.  The Club needs to contact Koshal to determine their intent.  Not clear communication of who will contact Koshal. 
Board had a discussion on the membership for next year.  Diggle reported that the Club may not be able to give as much money to the Athens Rotary Foundation next year.  Brief discussion on the expense of Corporation memberships to the Club.  Currently under the corporation guidelines, 3 members join but the corporation only pays for 2 memberships.  Tabled discussion for March meeting.
The Club needs 5 new members to maintain current spending. 
 Motion to accept the February Financial Report: Motion made by Gibbs, seconded by Strauss, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report:  Tom Gibbs
Interact update – Gibbs reported that there has not been much activity.  The group will be invited to a meeting at Athens High School to discuss the possibility of solar energy panels being installed at the school.  Gibbs explained that the school is already looking at this issue for the school. 
Club Service Report:  Tara Gilts
Gilts reported that a Board greeter is needed for the 2/16 meeting.  Strauss volunteered.  Gilts also reported about doing a social the week of 3/9/15.  Possible locations were Uncorked or Pleasant Hill Winery.   
Community Service Report: Tom Pyle
  • Good Works Dinner –Pyle reported that 10 Club members signed up to volunteer for the event.  He will pass the envelope for funds for the dinner.  Diggle reminded that members can make out checks made out to Athens Foundation and the donation is then tax deductible.
  • Restore – Garske would like to see Interact become involved in the quarterly volunteer event.  Looking at changing the date from April 4, which is Easter weekend to another date.  Brief discussion on the move out date in May, in the past this activity has been poorly organized so the Club opted out of participating.
  • Athens Clean up – Pyle reported that Alan Boyd has been involved and invites Club members to participate.  The Beautification day will be April 17, 2015.  This information will be passed along to Roteract and Interact.
  • Special Olympics –This event will be held on April 11th.  Scott Malcolm requested that Pyle recruit volunteers.  This follows Mike Noel’s Track and Field day – need volunteers for that as well.
International Service Report: Cita Strauss
Strauss reported Amnihi Tindogen will be going to Turkey as Outbound.  Strauss said that she only knew this through Facebook.  She reported that the Club will need a new Outbound Coordinator as of July 2016, Jan Garske will be leaving this position.  Strauss reported that the position has become more manageable as the paper work has been reduced.  Strauss will be gone March and April so she will miss these board meetings.
New Generations Report: Jan Garske
Interact - Garske reported that the Shadow day has been discontinued, however some Interact students seem interested.  It was decided that Shadow Day will not be scheduled this year.  . 
Garske reported that the students will offer to get involved in the Amesville Library Project.  They will also gather used books and toys for the library.   
No report on Roteract—they have not contacted Garske.
Garske reminded that the Club will need a check for $600 for the RYLA weekend.  Board had a discussion on leadership for RYLA by the Club.  Several Club members were mentioned to head this activity including Cherie Sharp, Brandon Elliott and Donelle Battey.  It was decided that Garske and Collins will approach Batty as RYLA chair. 
Garske reported that she will step down from the Board on June 30, 2016. 
President Comments: Jaclyn Collins
--Collins will request that Kerry Sheridan Boyd report on the Amesville Library project at an upcoming Club meeting. 
--Recruiting for committees –Collins reported that she is working to foster new members into Club Committees.  She mentioned Dick Hogan, Josh Wise, Brandon Elliott, and Cherie Sharp.  Collins also reported that Sheridan-Boyd is interested in starting an exchange program at Federal Hocking Schools. 
--Orientation – Collins reported that James and Collins are planning a Board Orientation for March, on a Monday, 11:00 am-1:00 pm for Red Badge members.
--Presidential Citation – This form must be completed by March 31.  Collins would like to achieve this award for her term as President.  Collins will review this at the at the next board meeting.
--Foundation Giving Update – no report.
--Athens Rotary Foundation Update – no report, the Foundation is pledging $50,000 to the Stuarts Opera House.
--Camp Rotan - next month there will be a Board update.
President Elect Comments: Mario Grijalva
Grijalva reported on Bella Maria, he is working on sending the money to the Foundation.  The Project will continue work through red tape of officials. 
Grijalva registered for president elect conference in Columbus. 
Past-President Comments: Calvin James - absent
Announcement of next meeting- March date to move due to Spring Break at OU, date will be Thursday, March 12th.
Motion to adjourn the meeting: motion made by Pyle, seconded by Diggle, motion passes.
Meeting adjourned at 12:29 pm. 
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik