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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2016 11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Wilson Room
Board members present:  Mario Grijalva, Tara Gilts, Dave Diggle, Cita Strauss, Jackie Collins, Tom Pyle, Tom Gibbs and Andrea Reik
Club members present:  Mike Noel and Sarah Baker
Call to Order:  Mario Grijalva called meeting to order at 11:10 am.
Secretary’s Report:  Andrea Reik  
--Reik presented the draft Board meeting minutes from the December 2, 2016 Board meeting.
Motion to approve the December 2016 Board meeting with corrections; motion by Strauss, seconded by Diggle, motion passes.
--Award Policy – Reik presented a modification of the Awards policy to include Club members in the voting of the Rotarian of the Year and the Community Member of the Year.  After discussion, it was decided to include wording stating that there is one vote per Club member. 
Motion to approve the revision of the Awards policy to allow the Club membership to vote on awards, one vote per Club member; motion by Grijalva, seconded by Collins, motion passes.
Further discussion followed about developing a process to solicit nominations and allow for Club membership voting.  Reik will establish a committee to develop these steps and bring to the February meeting.  Strauss also suggested that this committee develop a proposal for a Club Life Achievement Award and Paul Harris awards.  Committee will include Reik, Strauss, Sarah Baker and Collins.  .
Reik reported that Ed Peterson has requested that he change his Club membership to Exempt Member, based upon his age and years in the Club. 
Motion to approve Ed Peterson as an exempt Club member, he meets the criteria of age and years in the Club,  effective February 21, 2016; motion by Pyle, seconded by Grijalva, motion passes.
Treasurer’s Report:         Dave Diggle
--Monthly Budget Update
Diggle reported that the Rotary Foundation paid the Club $7,000 for expenses related to the golf tournament.  The Athens Rotary Foundation netted $12,600 from the tournament.  The Club ended the year in good shape with slightly more than $24,000 in equity.
Profit/Loss – Diggle reported that the Club is financially sound. The meal income is only at 45% of what was projected for the year.  The budget is about $1,500 behind in what was predicted.  Holiday Expenses have not all been received.
Diggle reported that Baker is sending a check to Rotary International for Rotary Foundation contributions.  Each Club member will receive a tax statement for donations to the Rotary International Foundation. 
Diggle discussed the concern about payment from a member of the Club.  Collins will follow up with the Club member.
                Motion to approve the January 2016 Treasurers Report: motion by Strauss, seconded by Pyle, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report:  Tom Gibbs
Gibbs had no report.  He if there we projects he should be working on for this committee.  Collins reminded him of the 4-Way test as well as Ethics training. 
Club Service Report:  Tara Gilts
--Gilts reported that she continues to explore a wine and painting event, she is waiting to hear back from the Dairy Barn
--Gilts reported that there continues to challenges in the delivery of the Invocation at each meeting.  The Rotary International Club states that the Club should be non-political, non-religious, this is also written into the Club Invocation Guidelines. A brief discussion followed with other suggestions including changing to a thought for the day or funny invocation guidelines handout.  No change in policy at this time.
Community Service Report:   Tom Pyle
--Pyle reported that after circulating the Good Works sign up, all 10 slots were full.  He will continue to circulate the envelope to raise  money for the dinner. 
--Pyle reported that Rob Rymer will take on responsibility for the Club volunteering at ReStore.  The Club will move to volunteering twice a year at ReStore instead of quarterly.
International Service Report:  Cita Strauss
Strauss consulted with the Rotary District, they approved the Athens Club hosting short term placements only.  With that approval, Strauss will remain as Chair of International Service.
Strauss reported that Amanda was approved for a short term placement.  She has requested placement in France but she has still not  received a placement confirmation.
New Generations Report:  Jan Garske
Garske was absent and did not submit a report.  Grijalva reported that that Brandon Elliott was invited to attend the meeting, he will be assuming the New Generation Chair in July.
Grijalva reported that there is a possible grant through the Rotary Young Professional Campaign to promote Rotary and to attract young professionals to Rotary.  He suggested that Gilts and Brandon Elliot approach other Rotary Clubs in SE Ohio to submit a regional grant.  The grant will be sent to the members of the Rotary Board. 
Members had a general discussion about the barriers of attracting young professionals to Rotary.  It was noted that the costs of the meals are a barrier to joining the Athens Rotary Club. It was also noted that there is a Young Professional group already in Athens, can we join with them?  The Club needs to identify innovative ways to encourage young professionals to join Rotary.
President Comments:     Mario Grijalva
--Athens Rotary Foundation Update – No report
--Camp Rotan – First meeting called for Jan 11th.
--2015-2016 Club projects report
President Elect Comments:   Emilia Alonso-Sameno – absent
No report
Past-President Comments:    Jackie Collins
Vacant positions – Mike Noel is President Elect, Brandon Elliott is Chair of New Generations.  The Club still has a vacancy for Secretary.
NEW Business:
Foundation Giving Update - Sarah  Baker
Baker prepared a handout sheet which explains about the suggested $100 to Rotary International per Club member annually.  Baker will share this will the membership.  Board members had questions about how can a Club Member can check to their contribution to Rotary International.   
\Meal costs
Discussion about costs of meals associated with the weekly Club meeting.  Diggle reported that the OU Inn would like to establish a minimum number of Club members per meeting.  Betsy Baringer reported that the OU Inn is currently using the number of 65 attendees per week. Based on average attendance figures for 2015, the Club is only averaging about 52 attendees per meeting.
--Areas of discussion
--The required $15 per meal, per week is cost prohibitive for young professionals, retirees as well as other with a limited          income, this prohibits new memberships or members resign.
                --What about allowing just for coffee, instead of a meal?
                --Can the Club consider a spouse/domestic partner membership, a family membership, similar to corporate membership?
                --Consider changing or limiting the variety at the lunch buffet to reduce costs.
--Can the Club budget manage with members only paying for the meals which they actually come to, but raise dues?
--Recognize that whatever is decided, there will be some in the Club opposed.
--Can the Club reduce costs by reducing the services we request from the OU Inn?
This issue will be discussed further at the next Board meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm.
Next meeting is Wednesday, February 3rd at 11:00 am.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik