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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Minutes
January 7, 2015
Board members present: Tom Pyle, Calvin James, Dave Diggle, Cita Strauss, Jackie Collins, Mario Grijalva, Jan Garske and Tara Gilts
Rotary Members present: Dick Hogan
Call to Order: Collins at 11:09 am
Secretary’s Report: Reik absent, Strauss will take minutes.
Motion to table December board meeting minutes until February board meeting, motion by James, seconded by Pyle, motion passes.
Jane Woodrow requested a leave of absence through March.
Motion to approve a leave of absence for Jane Woodrow from January 1 through March 31, 2015, motion made by James, seconded by Pyle, motion passes.
Treasurer’s Report: Diggle
Monthly Budget Update – Diggle went over the budget reports.  He reported that he has the final figures for the Friends of India dinner, the total is $6,980.  In the past this amount has been split evenly between the Athens Rotary Club and the Athens Rotary Foundation.  Jackie will utilize these funds for the Amesville Library Project.  However, the budget must be reviewed prior the allocation being made.
Diggle reported that the drop in Club equity is due to the costs related to the Holiday Party.  He stated that he will not bill members for this event until this quarter.  He reported that he is concerned about how much will be available for the Bella Maria project. He reported that the total income is down, but there is $800 in receivables.
Diggle reported that he continues to have an outstanding balance on the account of Dick Wilhelm.  Attempt to receive payment have been unsuccessful.  Wilhelm is no longer a member of the Club
Motion to write-off Dick Wilhelm’s outstanding club account balance as a bad debt, motion made by Strauss, seconded by James, motion passes
Motion was made to approve the January 2015 financial report, motion made by Pyle, seconded by James, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report: Gibbs absent
Club Service: Gilts
No report.  Gilts asked for social ideas, it was suggested that the Club schedule at Jackie’O Tap Room.
Community Service Report: Pyle
Pyle reported that members are scheduled for ReStore on January 10th.  The Good Works dinner is scheduled for Friday, February 20th.  The Club will be raising funds for this dinner from the membership in January as well as circulating sign-up sheet for volunteers.  Bob Troxel will be the cook for the dinner again. The fundraising will occur at 3 meetings to raise enough to fund the dinner, last year the amount raised was not enough for the costs.  Diggle noted that there was money left over from the Thanksgiving baskets.  He also stated that the Athens Rotary Foundation could also cover costs.
International Service Report: Strauss
Strauss reported that Hina Oichai moved to the Zhu host family.
New Generation Report: Garske
Garske reports that the Interact Club is excited about the water project at Athens High School.  They are also considering exploring a solar project.  The Interact club also worked on the dictionary project.
Garske reported that the Club needs to a make payment for 2 Ryla participants in January 2015.  The Club will need to identify who from the Club who will work during the Ryla weekend, which is usually the second weekend in July, Kapil Bajaj will not be participating this year.
Rotaract Will be organizing a book drive.  They will be involved in Pinkie for polio which is a District activity.
President’s Comments: Collins
Rotary Foundation Update – Collins reported that all Club Members should have received their statement from Rotary International donations for the past six months.
Athens Rotary Foundation – Collins reported that a Stuart’s Opera House representative will be presenting a next week’s meeting.  The Athens Rotary Foundation recently approved committing $50,000 over the next five years to Stuart Opera House’s Capital Project.
President Elect: Grijalva
Grijalva reported that on clarifying the grants process.
Past President: James – absent
No report
Next meeting: February 4, 2015.
Meeting adjourned at 11:58.
Prepared by:
Cita Strauss and Andrea Reik