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Board Meeting Minutes – July 10, 2014
Board Present: Jan Garske, Jackie Collins, Tom Pyle, Tom Gibbs, Tara Gilts, Dave Diggle, & Andrea Reik
Rotarians Present: Betsy Baringer, Karen Vedder
Call to Order: Jackie Collins called the meeting to order at 11:08 AM.
Collins welcomed the new Board members.
Secretary Report: Reik begins as new Secretary, minutes were prepared by Karen Harvey.
Discussion on amendments to the June 2014 minutes.
Motion to approve June 19, 2014 minutes with amendments.  Motion made by Garske, seconded by Diggle, motion approved.
Reik reported that Tara Gilts informed that Board that O’Bleness Corporate membership would like to replace Greg Long with Sheri Sharp.  Sharp is the executive director of Athens County Visiting Nurses Association (ACVNA).
Motion to approve O’Bleness Corporate membership to remove Greg Long and replace with Sheri Sharp.  Motion made by Pyle and seconded by Garske.  Motion passes.
Diggle reported that he received an email from Amrit Singh asking about either a leave of absence or requesting exempt status.  Diggle will have Amrit Singh requesting a written request for a change of status.
Reik requested discussion on the make up the Board membership.  The Club Service Committee is being co-chaired by Tara Gilts and Karen Vedder.  But the Athens Rotary By-laws only allow for one Board member for the Committee, 10 total Board members.  Baringer reported that she had met with Gilts and Vedder prior to to the Board meeting to clarify who was on the Board for Club Service. It was agreed that Gilts is the Board member representing Club Service.
Reik raised the issue of Guest Speaker Guidelines.  Collins wanted to keep the discussion to 15 minutes.  This topic generated a great deal of discussion including concerns that the guidelines were not necessary, the guidelines would restrict guest speakers, the guidelines will offend speakers,  as well as a suggestion to change the by-laws to incorporate the guest speaker guidelines.  It was agreed that whatever is approved as guidelines would be utilized by the Program Chair for orientation to their responsibilities.  This could be shared with speakers but would not be required.
A new draft will be developed by Reik and Garske. Topic tabled till August Board meeting.
Treasurer’s Report: Diggle reported on the year end budget for 2013/14.  Diggle reported that the Club ended the year in the red in the amount of $6,721.90.  He reported that this was mainly due to a reduction in the number of active memberships.  Also, the Club Social hosted 2 Copperhead games in one budget year.  Camp Rotan also overspent the utilities line item.
Diggle also discussed the 2014/15 Budget which was approved by the Board in May.  This budget reflects revenue from 63 active Rotary members.
Diggle also reported on the reconciliation of the check book.
Diggle went over the Membership accounts. Payment was received by Dave George, Baringer followed up on that membership.  Reik will contact Monica Neiporte. 
Motion to approved the financial report was made by Pyle, seconded by Gilts, motion approved.
Diggle also reported, that Reik, as Rotary Secretary, has been added as a signer for the Rotary account.
Vocational Service Report:
Gibbs is now Vocational Service Chair, he had no report.
Club Service Report:
Gilts/Vedder are co-chairs of Club Service.  There was no report.
Board had a brief discussion about future social events, suggestions were made to attend the Athens High School football game, club gathering at Camp Rotan or Richland Avenue playground.
International Service Report:
Strauss was absent, Garske reported for Strauss.  Daniello has completed his trip out west which was wonderful.  He is preparing to leave the US.
Community Service Report:
Pyle is now Community Service Chair.  He reported that 4 members volunteered at ReStore on July 5th.  Those volunteering were Pyle, Shawna Stump, Collins and Sara Baker.
Pyle reported that they are working on grants to the Foundation for Thanksgiving baskets.
New Generation Report:
Garske reported that they are working to arrange Daniello’s departure.  She also reported that Hina Ochiai, from Japan, will be staying at Garske home for a few weeks while the host family is unavailable.  Garske will work with her to get a cell phone.
No Interact activity.  Serena Zhu will be at the next Rotary meeting with her Short-Term InBound student from France.
Rotaract Club -  Marian Carr is doing a great job.  They are working to develop promotions to recruit new members.  The Rotaract bank account has been transferred to Ohio University.
Ryla  -- Kapil Bajaj is recruiting volunteers for RYLA on July 17—19 at Ohio University.  Garske will contact him to bring sign up sheet at Monday’s meeting.
Garske reported that Garske will be Counselor for the Inbounds.  Susan Urano will take over the responsibilities of Inbound Coordinator.
President’s Comments:
Collins discussed selecting a regular monthly meeting date as the first Thursday does not work for all Board members.  It was decided by the Board to schedule on the first Wednesday of the month.  Next meeting will be Wednesday, August 6, 11:00am to 1:00pm.
Collins discussed the upcoming 2013/14 Rotary Club Financial Review.  This review will include Treasurer Diggle and 3 Rotarians to review the books.  It was suggested that Don Cooley, Mike Carpenter and Scott Malcolm be asked, they participated in this review last year.  Collins will approach these members and establish a date for the review.
Collins reported that new members were asked to identify which committees they would be interested in working on.  This was circulated  to the Board members.
President’s Projects:
Collins presented the two projects which she would like to preside over.
The Amesville Library Project.  The school library in Amesville Elementary, Federal Hocking Schools, is very outdated.  This library is a hub in the community and there is a committee within the community to upgrade the library.  Linda Cochran, former librarian and community member is spearheading this community project.
The Athens Rotary Foundation is contributing $5,000 to the project.  Collins is proposing that the Athens Rotary Club match the $5,000.  She is requesting approval to use the Rotary President’s fund of $2,500 plus the $2,500 anticipated to be donated by the Friends of India fund.  She is also proposing that the Athens Rotary establish a club committee now so that Rotary members can be involved in reading sessions and local funding raising.  Keri Sheridan-Boyd, Athens Rotarian and local community members would head up this Rotary Committee.
The Amesville PTA would be responsible for managing these funds for this project.
Motion that the Athens Rotary Club accept the Amesville library project and that a Rotary Committee be established to volunteer and assist in community fundraising.  The Athens Rotary Club will commit funds in the amount of $2,500 from the Club and $2,500 from the Friends of India fundraiser, contingent upon available funds.  This motion was made by Pyle, seconded by Garske and approved by the Board.
Bellamaria Playground:
Collins requested that this item be tabled until Mario Grijala returns in August.
Gardening/Bricks project:
These items are being referred to the Playground committee for recommendations.
Past President Report:
No report
Motion to adjourn by Pyle, seconded by Reik, approved.
Meeting adjourned at 12:49 pm.   Next meeting is Wednesday, August 6, 11:00 am.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik, Secretary        August 4, 2014
Amended and Approved by Rotary Board on August 6, 2014