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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
June 1, 2016 at 11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Wilson Room
Board members present: Andrea Reik, Dave Diggle, Mario Grijalva, Tara Gilts, Jackie Collins, Emilia Alonso-Samen︠o and Cita Strauss by telephone for voting on Camp Rotan and Fountain.
Club members present:  Brandon Elliot
Call to Order:  Mario Grijalva called the meeting to order at 11:11 am.
Secretary Report  - Andrea Reik
Reik presented the draft Board meeting minutes from May 4, 2016.
Motion made to approve the minutes from the May 2016 board meeting with corrections; motion by Collins, seconded by Gilts, motion passes.
Membership issues
Reik reported on the following membership issues:
Harry Kaneshige—Board members reflected on the passing of Harry Kaneshige.  He was an active Rotarian with a wonderful presence.  He will be missed.
Dick Hogan – In April the Board made of a motion requiring full payment of Hogan’s past due account.  Payment was due by May 15th or he would be terminated from the Club.  Hogan did not make any payment on his past due account. 
Hogan had suggested that the Club seek to develop a Rotary Peace Center in a partnership with Ohio University.  There was discussion on whether or not the Club wished to pursue this with Ohio University and Rotary District.  Grijalva also mentioned that the Club could nominate members for a Peace Scholarship.  Collins and Alonso-Samen︠o expressed interest in future discussions with Ohio University regarding a Peace Center.
            Motion made to approve the nonrenewal of the membership of Dick Hogan, effective June 30th: motion by
            Diggle, seconded by Reik, motion passes unanimously. 
Reik as Secretary will send a notice to Hogan regarding the Board decision. 
Larry Schey – Schey has relocated from Athens to the Charleston, SC area.  Earlier this year, Schey told Diggle that he would be looking to transfer to another Club.  There has been no further communication from Schey.  His membership expires on June 30th.                 
Motion made to approve the nonrenewal of Larry Schey’s membership effective June 30th, 2016; motion by Collins, seconded by Diggle, motion passes. 
Diggle will notify Larry Schey.
Josh Wise and Jarod Soto -- Reik reported that Josh Wise has moved to Newark and will be transferring his membership.
Motion made to approve the non-renewal of Josh Wise’s membership effective June 30th2016; motion by Reik, seconded by Diggle, motion passes. 
Reik reported that she has sent Jarod Soto, new manager at Kroger’s, a Club membership application.  He has not returned the application.
Andrea Reik is requesting exempt membership effective August 3, 2016, meeting the age and time in Club requirements. 
Motion made to approve Andrea Reik for an exempt Club membership effective August 3, 2016; motion by Collins, seconded by Alonso-Sameno, motion passes.
Reik reported that she has sent Club membership applications to John Kotowski and Tom Dixon.  They have not responded, she has also sent a follow up email with no response.  There are no are no current requests for spousal/partner memberships.
Reik reported that she has worked with Ed Peterson as he transitions into Club Secretary.  She will provide him with all the Secretary materials later in June.  All Board meeting minutes are all on the website, Reik questioned whether the Club needs binders with printed materials.  It was the desire of the Board to maintain the binders.
Motion made by the Board to thank Andrea Reik for her service as Club Secretary; motion by Grijalva, seconded by Collins, motion passes.
Discussion about activating a Facebook page for the Club.  Alonso-Samen︠o and Collins will explore.  The Club currently has a Facebook page with Sheila Mark as administrator, however Mark does not remember the passwords.  Ellliott asked about videotaping the weekly speakers and putting them on the website or Facebook.  It raised a number of questions regarding permission by the speaker, equipment needs and liability.  This will be explored in the future. Elliott will explore the taping of speakers. 
Treasurer’s Report:      Dave Diggle
Monthly Budget Update
Diggle reported that the Club received $150.49 from Krogers.  He renewed members for the Krogers funds with member’s permission.  He reported that Pete Couladis collected $950 from the Split the Pot. 
Diggle reported an outstanding balance due of $4,766.93 from the membership.  He is confident the Club will collect about $4,000.  He believes the Club will have to write off $268.50 of Dick Hogan’s bill.  Diggle also noted that Adam Baker who usually pays timely is currently behind $404. 
Budget vs. Actual
Diggle reported that the Club has $1,540 in surplus funds, first time in several years.  He reported that the OU Inn Meal agreement seems very solid.
Diggle reported that Camp Rotan expenses total about $2,000 per year.  He stated that the Club will need to keep a line item for Camp Rotan for the upcoming year until the transfer to City of Athens is completed. He also reported that the Athens Rotary Foundation has about $6,100 set aside for Camp Rotan.
Diggle reported that the Club also has about $200 available for Club fellowship to use by the end of June.
Diggle also requested that the minutes reflect that the Grijalva did not use the $2,500 of President’s Funds.  Grijalva stated that he hoped that these funds could be used for shipping beds to Bella Maria. 
Diggle also reported that there are funds available in the Happy Bucks and Kroger fund line items.  He said that the next meeting the Board will need to wrap up the current year budget and approve the budget for the new Rotary year.  Diggle will send out the proposed budget to the Board members. 
Motion made to approve the June 2016 financial report; motion by Grijalva, seconded by Alonso-Sameno, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report     Tom Gibbs – absent
No report.
Club Service Report:    Tara Gilts
Gilts reported that there will be tour of the recycling facility on June 9 or 10.  Gilts will send out an announcement.
Gilts reported that she is scheduling a fellowship event at Pleasanthill Winery on June 22 or 23, 5:00-7:00 pm.
She will be circulating cards for the Harry Kaneshige family and John Kotowski.
New Generations Report:         Jan Garske/Brandon Elliot – Garske absent
Written report submitted.
Elliott reported that he has been attempting to get the names of incoming officers for Interact and Rotaract but has had no response.  He reported that the Athens Club along with the AM Rotary are working together to develop Interact Clubs in all 5 school districts.
Elliott reported that CJ will continue to work with the OU Rotaract Club, they have identified funds to allow him to continue.  They will participate in the fall volunteer recruitment fair in the fall.
Elliott reported that his daughter, who is in the middle school, will work with him to manage the Interact project.  No President has been identified for Interact at AHS.  Currently Heidi Mowery has expressed interest in being Interact advisor at AHS. Diggle reported that for a few years, the Athens Club funded the advisor however AHS took over that payment.  The Nelsonville Interact Club is supported and sponsored by the Nelsonville Rotary.
RYLA - Elliott reported that he reached out to the alternate for RYLA who would like to attend.  This would require the Club to approve $300 for fees.
Motion made that the Athens Club pay $300 to fund the Alternate RYLA youth to attend RYLA; motion by Diggle, seconded by Alonso-Sameno, motion passes.
Garske is leaving the Board effective July 1, 2016.
Motion made by the Board to thank Jan Garske for her service as New Generations Chair; motion by Diggle, seconded by Alonso-Sameno, motion passes.
International Report: Cita Strauss - absent
Strauss submitted a written reported that the short term Outbound will be gone from June 15 through July 16th.
President Comments             Mario Grijalva
Camp Rotan:
Grijalva lead a discussion on Camp Rotan.  Cita Strauss joined the discussion by telephone. 
Grijalva referenced the draft report from the Camp Rotan committee which was shared with the Club Board and Club membership.  This proposal is to give the Camp Rotan to the City of Athens to be used for recreational purposes.  Also to ensure that the Girl Scout and Athens Rotary connections remain a part of the transfer.
Diggle suggested that this this also include language that the Club would also welcome future donations for the Camp. Collins expressed concern that this would be setting up a fund for a project that the Club no longer operates.  Diggle would like donations to be available through the Athens Foundations which would allow individuals to donate with a tax deduction.  The Club is not currently doing this for any other project.  Grijalva stated that he envisioned that once owned by the City of Athens, they could do a proposal to the Athens Rotary Foundation for funding.  The proposal states that the Athens Rotary Foundation would consider proposals from the City of Athens.
Diggle reported that the Athens Rotary Foundation currently has about $6,000 set aside for Camp Rotan. The City of Athens is not aware of this money that has been set aside.  It was recognized that the City of Athens can make a request for funding to the Athens Rotary Foundation.  The upcoming Club budget will include funds for Camp Rotan recognizing this process of the transfer of the property will take some time.
Motion made to initiate formal conversations with the City of Athens for the donation and transfer of the deed of Camp Rotan outlined in attached document dated June 1, 2016; motion by Strauss, seconded by Reik, motion passes unanimously.   
Strauss suggested that there should be a press release, Grijalva suggest that the Club waits until Athens City and the Club have reached an agreement.  The Club will submit a letter to be delivered to Mayor Patterson including the deed to begin the conversation with Athens City. 
Bellamaria drinking water project report
Grijalva reported that the construction is finishing up, far ahead of the two year time line.  On June 18th, there will be a ceremony to celebrate this project.  Grijalva will be attending along with OU officials including President McDavis along with local Rotary Clubs.
 Diggle has requested to attend the ceremony and represent the Athens Club.   
Motion made to approve Dave Diggle to represent the Athens Rotary Club at the ceremony in Bella Maria, Ecuador; motion by Collins, seconded by Alonso-Sameno, motion passes. 
Grijalva requested that the Club assist in funding the lunch for Bella Maria ceremony.  
Motion made that the Athens club contribute $300 for the Bella Maria ceremony lunch; motion by Diggle, seconded by Collins, motion passes with Grijalva abstaining. 
President Elect Comments     Emilia Alonso-Samen︠o
Alonso-Samen︠o reported that her trip to Brazil changed her conceptualization of Rotary and her personal life.  She stated that it was so empowering to see Rotary members so embrace Rotary.  She reported that in Brazil it was considered to be an honor to be a Rotary member, embraced by all family members.  There are Rotary signs all throughout the community.  One difference is that there are Clubs which are all male and all female.  She reported that most Clubs had their own building or room in a building. We encouraged Alonso-Samen︠o to talk about her experiences to the full Club.
Past-President Comments:       Jackie Collins
Collins reported that she will stay on the Club membership committee to continue working on the Spousal/Partner Memberships.  She also reported that she will need information from Sarah Baker regarding member giving to Rotary International by June 30th
Resolution made by Mario  to thank Jackie Collins for her service to the Rotary Board.
Resolution  was voted on.  
Other Business
Mike Noel requested that the Board authorize $1,000 for repair of the Rotary Fountain at the Community Center.  Noel was not present and it was not clear what the funds would cover and could there be additional costs.  Noel was contacted by telephone.  Noel stated that these funds were for labor and mortar.  Noel stated that it was important to get approved today to begin the repairs and there is no further deterioration.  It was noted that there is no written agreement with the City of Athens and Rotary regarding upkeep of the fountain. 
Discussion regarding the amount, is the $1,000 the maximum the Club would have to pay?  Original estimates were stated at $400. 
Tiles need to be repaired so water could be turned back on.  Why is Rotary is paying and city not?  Done 10 years ago, the installation done in a way that was not advisable.  Perhaps the city can take over once this is done properly repaired.
Diggle reported that in the past the Club paid for back flow added to the pump.  Diggle suggested$500 instead of Noel’s  recommendation of $1,000.  Noel agreed.
Motion made to approve $500 for repair and sealing of the tile at the Rotary Fountain at the Athens City Community Center; motion by Diggle, seconded by Reik, motions passes.
Announcement of next meeting: July 6, 2016 11:00 AM
Adjournment at 1:03 PM.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik, Secretary