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  Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
June 28, 2017  11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Wilson Room
Call to Order:     Mike Noel at 11:05 am
Secretary’s Report:        Edward Peterson  
  • Minutes taken by Cita Strauss for the June 7 meeting accepted and Ed Peterson will forward them to Roger Rollins for posting to the web page.
  • Minutes taken by Edward Peterson for the May 3 meeting were accepted and Ed Peterson has forwarded them to Roger Rollins for posting to the web page. 
Treasurer’s Report:        Dave Diggle
  • A motion to accept the Budget Report was made by Cita Strauss and seconded by Tom Pyle with unanimous approval.
  • A motion to accept the Treasurer's Report was made by Dave Diggle and seconded by  Emilia Alonso-Sameno with unanimous approval.  
  • Monthly budget update is attached to the end of the minutes.
  • Dave Diggle reported that there is approximately $1,500 in outstanding/late dues. He stated that this was not unusual and was confident that most of the late dues would eventually be paid.
  • Dave Diggle was concerned that the membership list be updated prior to the RI dues assessment.  Ed Peterson agreed to assist Dave Diggle with locating the RI membership list so a review of the accuracy of the membership list could be made.
  • Dave Diggle agreed to check the RI invoice to determine if Honorary members are invoiced for membership fees and whether or not the club covers them. 
  • $4,373.25 remains from the yard sale in the club's funds after meeting our RI Foundation pledge. Dave Diggle stated that these funds would remain with the club to offset any future shortfalls in our RI Foundation pledges.
  • A proposal was made to award Honorary status for 2 years to Sarah Baker in lieu of her resigning from the club. This will allow her to apply for exempt member status when she reaches age 65. Emilia Alonso-Sameno made the motion, Tom Pyle seconded and it passed unanimously
  • Dave Diggle agreed to send Kroger cash sign up forms to Mike Noel who will copy them and place them at tables during our meetings to encourage more members to designate Rotary as the beneficiary.
  • Dave Diggle pointed out that the FY 17/18 budget includes a $1/quarter increase in both the RI and District membership fees and a $0.50 increase in the per meal cost
Vocational Service Report:         Tom Gibbs (No Report)
Club Service Report:                  Tara Gilts
  • New member orientation/Membership party:  September 9th was proposed for the party  @ Mike Noel's house. Mike Noel will confirm.
  • The Copperhead's game is scheduled for 7/12. Rotary members will be admitted free and any guests will pay for their ticket. Food from the Texas Roadhouse will be provided to members and guests as well as 1 free beer ticket. Mike Noel will do the 1st. pitch.
  • New Member Orientation/Membership party was set for Sept. 9th at 4 pm pending approval of the date by Mike Noel's wife. It was decided to invite members and guests of the Sunrise and Nelsonville clubs as a way to promote Rotary membership.
  • The Holiday Party will be the first Monday in Dec. The OU Inn was suggested as the venue based on last year's experience.
  • Mike Noel suggested a Tailgate party in October along with the Sunrise club to make Rotary more visible and encourage membership. Also to have a good time and drink some beer responsibly.     
Community Service Report:        Tom Pyle
  • Collections for Thanksgiving baskets will be taken up at the next several meetings.
  • There was discussion volunteering at the Logan Food Pantry distribution center. No final decision was reached.
  • RYLA will be held July 22-24 and volunteers are needed. Sign-up sheets will be set out at our next meeting. Brandon Elliott will also send out a request for volunteers.
International Service Report:        Cita Strauss
  • The short term outbound student has left for France and we hope to have her introduced at a meeting upon her return.
New Generations Report:           Brandon Elliot
  • The Interact Club (HS) received the Rotary's President's Award and had very successful year.
  • Brandon Elliott is hopeful that the incoming Rotaract president will be able to revitalize the OU club. Brandon Elliott will also be working more closely with Hocking College to increase membership from there. He felt that at both OU and Hocking College that there was significant interest in Rotary among the international students.
  • It was suggested to involve the Rotaract students with Rotary activities and meetings as a way to increase their participation after graduation. 
Past-President Comments:                     Emilia Alonso-Sameño
  • Emilia Alonso-Sameno will be taking over recruitment as the past president and she proposed developing a club specific Rotary pin. These could be used for trading at Rotary meetings and conventions and would also be a good recruiting tool if worn by current members. She will recruit a small committee to investigate the cost and design of the pins. Tara Gilts, Mike Noel and Betsy Baringer were mentioned as possible members.
President's  Comments:             Mike Noel
  • Mike Noel mentioned the crutches for Africa and the repair of the Rotary Fountain as potential local activities he was considering.
  • The fountain repair is estimated to cost between $3 and $4 thousand dollars. This would have to be raised. The crutches for Africa activity would cost the club almost nothing.
  • Mike Noel will check with Reuse to see if perhaps they would return the crutches and canes that were left over after the yard sale.
New Business: 
  • Cita Strauss reported on the status of the Rotary History project at the Athens Museum. She stated that it was going well and that there was a great deal of historical data that would be interesting to many people. Some form of long term storage/recall system is needed. She suggested a dedicated iPad at the museum as a possibility. This is a long term goal and no specific actions were needed at this time.
  • The idea of hosting an event at the museum was suggested if the museum would allow their facility to be rented for the event.
  • It was recommended that Kerry Sheridan-Boyd be asked to report in the near future to the club on her experiences at the Rotary Leadership conference.
  • Shane Jarrett attended the meeting fulfilling one of his Red Badge requirements.    
Announcement of next meeting: August 2