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  Athens Noon Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
March 1, 2017  11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Wilson Room
Call to Order:     Emilia Alonso-Sameño at 11:17
Members Present: Emilia, Tom Gibbs, Brandon Elliott, Dave Diggle, Tom Pyle, Ed Peterson and Assistant District Governor Micah Covert
Secretary’s Report:        Edward Peterson  
  • Minutes from February meeting were accepted and will be posted to the web page. Motion to accept by Dave and seconded by Brandon with unanimous voice vote.
Treasurer’s Report:        Dave Diggle
  • Monthly Budget Update is attached.
    • Budget and expenses are in alignment.
    • Approximately 20 members are late paying their dues. This is not unusual.
    • The Friends of India line item will be dispersed by June 1 to Raj.
    • Nick Mehl's resignation due to job change was accepted by the board.
    • Motion to accept by Tom Pyle and seconded by Tom Gibbs with unanimous voice vote.
  • Dave discussed the need to have Mike Noel form a committee to audit the club's financials. Tom Gibbs offered to work on the audit committee and Scott Malcom and Channing were suggested as additional members. The potential to involve the other local clubs in a "round robin" auditing effort or a single joint committee to audit all 3 clubs was discussed and tabled for a future audit. Emilia will discuss this with Mike.
  • Dave mentioned that the Kroger donations were only half of past years and will be making an announcement at the next meeting to encourage members to join the program.
Vocational Service Report:         Tom Gibbs
  • No report
Club Service Report:                  Tara Gilts
  • Service/Fellowship opportunity as an aide station at the Athens Marathon/Half Marathon, Sun. Apr 9: 6-8 volunteers needed. Sarah will need to circulate a signup sheet soon.
  • Tour/Tasting at Devil’s Kettle – Date is still pending.
  • Greeters and Invokers have not been assigned at all meetings and it was suggested that Tara may need to recruit help. Emilia will discuss this with Tara.
Community Service Report:        Tom Pyle
  • Scott Malcom will be asking for volunteers for the Special Olympics.
  • Bob Rymer is having difficulty getting volunteers for working at Restore. He may need assistance with getting members to sign up. In general it is easier to raise money than it is to get volunteers.
International Service Report:        Cita Strauss
  • Country assignment for Grace Pratt has not yet been finalized. There is also a question on receiving the payment.
New Generations Report:           Brandon Elliot
  • The Albany CC is seeking to raise funds for a new community center and is offering "bricks" for a donation. Brandon was instructed to take this to the Foundation and talk to Karen Harvey for potential donations.
  • Many Interact students have contacted Damien about study abroad opportunities after his presentation at the last meeting.
  •  The president of the Rotaract Club has not been responsive to Brandon's attempted communications. Brandon will follow up with Mario to see if it is possible to invigorate the club's activity.
  • The Rotoract club in now been re-listed as a campus organization.
  • Brandon hopes to appoint up to 10 students to the upcoming RYLA conference. So far interest has been positive at the high schools.
President Comments:                Emilia Alonso-Sameño
  • Jackie’s report/update on our grants will be scheduled at a future meeting.
  • Micah Covert
    •  handed out several "Lead your Club" booklets to the various officers.
    • Discussed the 2016 Council on Legislation. The focus was on increasing the engagement of members
      • The Rule of 85 was retained (Our club uses a  Rule of 70)
      • Rotaract is scheduled to be discontinued over the next several years and the college members will be encouraged to become full Rotary members. It is hoped that this will increase the number of younger people joining.
    • April 1 is the Zanesville District assembly ($20) and April 29 is the District Conference ($99) at COSI. Micah recommended that both board members and new members attend.
    • The International Conference is in Atlanta in June ($441)
President Elect Comments:        Mike Noel
  • Burt DeVoe track scholarship was funded this year by the foundation. Last year's recipient received $400. The scholarship will continue under a different name.
Past-President Comments:         Mario Grijalva
  • No report
Announcement of next meeting: April 12, 2017  11:00 AM
Adjournment: Motion by Dave and seconded by Tom Pyle unanimous voice vote.