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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
March 12, 2015  11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Grover Room
Board members present: Andrea Reik, Tom Gibbs, Jan Garske, Jaclyn Collins, Tara Gilts, Dave Diggle, Tom Pyle, and Calvin James
Club members present: Karen Vedder
Call to Order:  Jaclyn Collins called the meeting to order at 11:06 am.  
Add to agenda: Camp Rotan, Orientation of new members and Rotary Presidential Citation
Secretary’s Report:  Andrea Reik  
--Reik presented February Board meeting minutes.
Motion to approve amended Board meeting minutes for February 4, 2015: motion by Gibbs, seconded by Pyle, motion passes.
--Reik presented the minutes from the February 16, 2015 standup Board meeting.
Motion to approve Board meeting minutes for February 16, 2015: motion by Garske, seconded by Collins, motion passes.
--Leave of Absence - Jane Woodrow returns from a leave of absence on March 16, 2015.
--Awards committee – Reik reported that Garske, Alan Boyd and Reik will meet on March 16, 2015, to begin developing proposal to present to the Board to coordinate the Club awards.
--Club membership – Reik reported that Tom Erlenwein and Josh Wise will be inducted into the Club on March 16th.  The Club will then have 99 members. Reik emailed Mario Grijilava the club membership forms.  Reik will be updating a handout of Club activities and history.  Collins reported that she a handout that she will email to Reik.
Treasurer’s Report:  Dave Diggle
--Diggle reported that in the last month the Club paid out $8,700 for national dues, split the pot which had a large pay out, and Camp Rotan  ($1,200 flue pipe).
--Budget vs. actual report – Diggle reported that the Club is down $5,600 which is related to outstanding club membership fees as well as a reduction in Club equity.  The Club has experienced a reduction in membership as well as an increase in members who are not active members.  If this trend continues, the Club is looking at a year-end short fall $1,300.
--Board returned to a previous discussion regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the Gawande Garden and the City Recreation garden.  Initially the Club believed that a Brick fund raiser for the Gawande Garden would raise funds to pay for gardening, however the Brick fundraiser did not happen. It is estimated that it would cost $300 annually to pay for the garden maintenance. 
These gardens are on Athens City land, however, Athens City does not have the capacity to maintain these gardens.   Should Sushi Gawande be asked to pay these fees? Board members did not believe that was appropriate as she funded the garden.  James suggested using Athens Foundation Funds. It was also suggested to contact Athens master gardeners club.  Diggle will get a list of activities from Alan Boyd that are needed in spring, summer and fall.  Diggle will get prices on these based on this list of activities. 
Motion to accept February financials: motion made by Pyle, seconded by James, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report:       Tom Gibbs
Interact update – no update.
Club Service Report:    Tara Gilts
Gilts present three social events for Board discussion -
--Dave Berchowitz- Tour of Global heating and cooling - March 27
--Jackie O’s Tap Room – April 10 with $5.00 tasting fee
--Wine Tasting at Pleasant Hill Winery – May 15 with $15.00 fee.
Motion to approve Club social events on March 27th, April 10th and May 15th, with the Club covering $5.00 fee at Jackie O’s and $5.00 towards wine tasting fees.  Motion made by Pyle, seconded by Garske, motion passes.
Community Service Report:     Tom Pyle
--Pyle reported that Habitat Humanity will be hosting a Cardboard City on April 19th. Does the Club wish to participate?  The Club can donate towards the event or for $100 purchase a cardboard structure.  Board discussed and it was determined that Pyle will send this request to the Athens Rotary Foundation requesting their support.
Restore – March 28th will be the Rotary volunteer day.  Pyle is already circulating a sign-up sheet.  He reported that this is   Recyle Mania Day at the Fairgrounds. Garske will check with the Interact and Rotaract Clubs to participate.  Next quarterly Restore volunteer date is July 4th, so Pyle will identify another date for the Club. 
April Special Olympics  - Pyle reported that Scott Malcolm is handling volunteers for Special Olympics which is scheduled for April 17th.
Thanksgiving Food Baskets – Pyle reported that Betsy Baringer is preparing the district grant for the Food Baskets.  The grant needs to be submitted by March 31st, the grant also needs approval from the Board to move forward.   
Motion to approve club application to Rotary District for $1,000 for food baskets: motion by Pyle and Diggle, motion passes.
International Service Report:     Cita Strauss - absent
Collins reported the name of the international program has changed to Rotary Youth Exchange, RYE.
New Generations Report:         Jan Garske
--Garske reported that a third host family needed to be identified for Hina Ocihai.  The second host family had to withdraw due to the personal issues.  Garske has recruited another family.  Garske will host Hina for several weeks until this new family is available.  Hina is currently on a Rotary Youth trip to the eastern US.  She will return to Athens on March 17th.    
--Garske reported that she will be stepping down from her position in June 2016.  She would like to have the new Club member identified for the position by June 2015 so that Garske can orient this person during the upcoming year. 
--RYLA  – Garske reported that Donelle Batty will be the RYLA chair for this year.  Batty does not have a car but will review applications.  Rotary will cover the $300 application for each student.  Garske is working with Athens High School on this.  The deadline for applications is March 31st.  The Club will select two students to attend. 
--Interact – Garske reported that their next meeting is March 17th.  Garske has sent the club information on the Athens Beautification Day and Track and Field Days to see if members will participate. 
--Rotaract – Garske reported that she has spoken to Mike Comperchio about participating in the Roteract Club.  He will be contacting Marian Carr, Rotaract advisor, and will be working on connecting professionals with the Club.  .
President Comments:              Jaclyn Collins
--Recruiting for committees – Collins reported that she is working to engage Club members in activities in the Club.  She and Garske recruited Batty to RYLA.  Kerry Sheridan Boyd is also considering involvement in the youth exchange program at Federal Hocking Schools.  Collins reported that there has been no Club member identified for Garske’s position. 
--Rotary International Foundation Giving Update – Collins that the Club has raised $5,000 for the Foundation.  The Club needs to raise a total of $9,000 to meet the Club goal and to be eligible for District grants.  Collins will be pushing for full membership participation. Diggle reported that the club will raise another $2,000 through quarterly payments.  Gibbs talked about other opportunities to get members to pay their $100.  There was also discussion about using Club points to allow other members to become Paul Harris fellows.  Collins will follow up with Alan Boyd about Paul Harris and points.
--Athens Rotary Foundation Update – no new business.
--Camp Rotan –will have update in April.
--Inductions for officers in 2015/16, usually in June, but Mario will not be in the country. Discussion on whether the Club does the induction in May or induct on Skype in June. 
--Presidential Citation – Collins will reach to board members for updates to complete the Presidential Citation application.  Due by March 31st
President Elect Comments:      Mario Grijalva- Absent
Past-President Comments:       Calvin James
--Membership – Josh Wise and Tom Erlenwein will be inducted on March 16th.
--Corporate Memberships – The Board reviewed the qualifications.  The Corporate memberships cost the Club about $150 per year to cover the costs.  There was discussion to change the requirements for future corporate memberships.  Collins will draft changes and present to the Board.  This will require a change to Club By-laws. 
--New member orientation – Calvin will Reik to set up possible dates.
Next Board Meeting will be Wednesday, April 1, 2015.   
Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik