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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
March 2, 2016 11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Wilson Room
Board Members Present: Tom Pyle, Emilia Alonso Sameno, Cita Strauss, Jackie Collins, Jan Garske, Tom Gibbs, Andrea Reik and Tara Gilts
Club Members Present: Ed Peterson and Brandon Elliott
Call to Order:  By Jackie Collins at 11:04 am.
Secretary’s Report:      Andrea Reik  
Minutes from February Board meeting was presented by Reik.
Motion to approve February Board meeting minutes with corrections; motion made by Collins, seconded by Strauss, motion passes.
Review of Award policy Committee
            Committee did not meet.
New Member Applications: Richard Gaskell sponsored by Max Evans and Kaitlyn Hixson sponsored by Tom Pyle.
Motion to approve new member applications for Dick Gaskell and Kaitlyn Hixson: motion made by Garske, seconded by Strauss, motion passes.
Treasurer’s Report:      Dave Diggle - absent
Monthly Budget Update
Collins presented the financial report.  She reported a balance of $11,522, with outstanding amounts in the amount of $7,012.  It was noted that Camp Rotan has only used 50% of utilities line item which may result in a surplus.
Motion to approve the February 2016 financial report; motion made by Reik, seconded by Alonso Sameno, motion passes. 
Vocational Service Report:       Tom Gibbs
Gibbs did not have a report.  Collins reported that she would get Gibbs information on the 4-Way test.
Club Service Report:    Tara Gilts
Gilts reported that a grant was submitted to the Rotary District by the Athens Club, the Athens AM Club and Nelsonville Club which would fund a recruitment event for young professionals.
This proposal has not been approved by the Board so Tara will send out the grant proposal to board members. The Board will take action at the April meeting. l
Community Service Report:     Tom Pyle
Pyle reported that Special Olympics will occur sometime in April.  Rotarians will have the opportunity to volunteer.
Bob Rymer will be circulating the sign up for volunteering at Re-Store on April 30th.
International Service Report:     Cita Strauss
Strauss reported that Amanda DeSantos has not heard about her short term placement for the summer.
New Generations Report:         Jan Garske/Brandon Elliot
Brandon reported on Anthony Cappel (TJ) report on Rotaract.  Brandon is working with them to select rooms.
Brandon is also beginning to work on recruitment for RYLA. His daughter is extremely interested in Rotary.
New Generations
no report
President Comments:              Mario Grijalva  - absent
Athens Rotary Foundation Update
No report
Camp Rotan
Collins reported that the first meeting of the Camp Rotan committee was held in January and meets monthly.  The committee has been discussing whether Rotary should maintain ownership or recommend a plan to transfer ownership. The final decision will be made by the membership.  Currently the committee is examining the deed and how to manage the grounds.
Discussion about having a Club meeting at the camp, however it is difficult to walk to as the camp is not handicap accessible.  Also the access road that runs through private property has been washed out.   
2015-2016 Club project
No report
President Elect Comments:      Emilia Alonso-Sameno
GSE Exchange
Alonso-Sameno reported that the GSE exchange to Brazil has 4 members, possibly one additional member. She reported that the flights are booked, insurance in place and they are waiting on their visas.  The group is working on their presentations to make on the trip. They will also present to the Athens Club.  The 4 exchange members are young professionals from Zanesville, Circleville and Bexley.  They will leave on May 2 and return May 25.
Alonso-Sameno received an email from the Rotary District grant chair stating that our Club needs to determine which grants the Club would like to support this year.  The Club should also revisit grants that the Club has applied for in the past.  Collins reported that the Club did not make its identified giving total, therefore the Club only applied for $500 for the Thanksgiving Baskets. 
The Club needs to share with the Club members what their contribution to Rotary International means for the Club.  Either Sarah Baker or Collins can talk to the Club members about this.  Currently the Club’s giving goal is $9,000 for the year.
Alonso Sameno will consult with Rotary District about how to come up with a different giving goal.
Past-President Comments:       Jackie Collins
Proposal for Spouse/Partnerships
Collins presented her proposed addendum to the membership and financial policy by adding a joint spouse/partner membership which would allow the second spouse/partner to pay dues but pay as exempt status member.  Gibbs suggested that we re-look at the definition of partner. Pyle will send Collins the Athens City and Ohio University partner policy.  This new membership policy will be shared with the membership for comment.  The proposal will be voted at the April Board meeting.
Fundraiser for Boy Scouts and Race for a Reason
Mike Noel requested the opportunity to ask members of the Club to support the Race for a Reason to raise funds for Boy Scout campers and/or the cabin update. Brandon Elliott will also be asking for supporters for Race for a Reason.
Announcement of next meeting: Tentative. April 13, 2016 11:00 AM
Adjournment at 12:09 pm.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik