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Athens Rotary Board Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2014
Board Members Present: Calvin James, Cita Strauss, Betsy Barringer, Sarah Baker, Dave Diggle, Jackie Collins and Andrea Reik.   Board Members Absent: Karen Harvey and Jan Garske
Rotary Members Present: Diane McVey, Mario Grijalva, and Sushi Gawande
Call to order: Calvin James called the meeting to order at 11:10 am. James needs to leave early so the order of the meeting will be adjusted.
Secretary Report: Secretary Karen Harvey was absent.
-----Review of April 2014 Board meeting Minutes.
Motion to approve April 2014 Board Meeting minutes was made by Jackie Collins, seconded by Cita Strauss.  Motion passes.
-----Request to grant a leave of absence for Mario Grijalva while he is in Ecuador, Calvin James will assume his Board duties during this period.
Motion to grant a leave of absence to Mario Grijalva for the period of June 1 through August 24, 2014, was made by Strauss and seconded by Sarah Baker.  Motion passes.+++++++++++++++
Treasurers Report:   Dave Diggle presented the Board financials. 
-----Club equity was $41,651.79.  Membership bills were recently sent.  --Diggle reported that the Friends of India line was reduced by $5,259.00 with that amount being put into the Bella Maria Water Project account at Hocking Valley Bank.  This account was recently established with Betsy Barringer and Jackie Collins as signers for this account.
-----Bella Maria Water Project Account – Board had a discussion about moving funds from the Athens Rotary budget line items to the Hocking Valley Account for the Bella Maria Water Project Account.  The line items identified are the Designated Non-Club funds for the Bella Maria Water Project, the International Conference funds for FY 2012-2013 and the Presidents Project funds.  The Bella Marie account was established to meet requirements of Rotary International Projects.
Motion was made to transfer the following funds from the Athens Rotary Budget to the Bella Maria Water Project Account:
$2,014.00 from the Designated Non-Club Funds – Bella Maria Water Project
$2,185.00 from the Designated Club Funds – International Conference (FY2012-2013)
$2,500.00 from the President’s Project
Motion made by Reik, seconded by Collins.  Motion passes.
Grijalva gave an update on the Bella Maria Water project, reporting that he is anticipating funds for other clubs in the amount of $12,500.
---Diggle reported that the club receipts and spending are on track as projected.
--Diggle reported on pass due memberships.  Several have outstanding balances.  Barringer will follow up with one member. Member DW is past due $377.50 and has not followed through on repayment plan with the club.
Motion to terminate Dick Wilhelm from the Athens Rotary Club, motion made by Barringer and seconded by Strauss.  Motion passes.
Question regarding negative balance on Krogers Dollars.  Diggle will report back to the Board.
Motion to accept the May 2014 Treasurers Report was made by Strauss and seconded by Baker.  Motion passes.
Invited Speakers – Reik raised concerns regarding recent speakers who within their presentations included specific Christian issues which is contrary to the non-political, non-religious guidelines of Rotary. Several members were offended by these references.  One member left the meeting during the most recent presentations. Reik presented draft guidelines for speakers, similar to the invocation guidelines which inform speakers that this club is diverse and speakers should deliver their presentations in that manner.
Discussion followed.  There was agreement about the importance of respecting our membership.  Collins will note at the upcoming Rotary meeting that the Board is developing guidelines to ensure that presenters are informed of the values of the club.  Reik will work with the Board to finalize Guidelines for Speakers.
Reik requested that the Board send a letter to the most recent speaker to address these issues, the Board did not wish to pursue this.  Reik will send a letter on her own behalf.
President Comments:
Camp Rotan – Discussion regarding the operation of Camp Rotan. Several issues were discussed.
--Discussion about whether or not Athens Rotary should keep Camp Rotan or find someone to manage the camp. As discussed at the Strategic Plan meeting in February 2014, Rotary will operate for one year and evaluate whether or not to maintain the camp.
--A meeting of the Camp Rotan committee was held on 4/29/14. (Attended by James)  Discussion about how to run the camp for the next year, including a desire to operate for a year period and then evaluation.  Discussion about developing a list of responsibilities for the Camp Rotan manager. 
The Board discussed that the manager would be responsible for overseeing the camp and its operation and keep board informed on activities of the Camp.  The manager would be a Rotary member and would receive their meals for compensation for the duties.  The manager would be responsible to pay Rotary dues. Duties are included in the minutes.
Andrew Chikki, an employee of Athens City Parks and Recreation, is being considered for these duties. Other members were mentioned as having ideas of managers including Tara Gilts and Cita Strauss.
The camp is being used, the Boy Scouts are currently booking through Athens City Parks and Recreation.
_________ reported that the neighbors will remove dead trees off the property if they can get the wood.
Richland Avenue Playground- Sushi Gawande presented on the completion of the playground. During this playground project, there was approval of the Board to sell engraved bricks.  This did not occur last year and Sushi was requesting the go ahead with selling bricks.  The funds raised would cover a plaque, a tree to be planted and funds for weeding the Gawandi garden.  The expected cost for gardening costs of $300 per year.
Discussion about how to move forward on selling the bricks.  Sushi and the playground committee will discussion with Mike Noel how to move forward on getting bricks engraved.
                Motion for the Ram Gawande Garden Committee on behalf of the Athens Rotary to sell engraved
            Bricks to benefit the Ram Gawande Garden.  Motion made by Betsy Barringer and seconded by Sarah
                Baker.  Motion passes.
Club Service – Andrea Reik reported that the club social was scheduled for May 16th at Shade Winery.  Club realized during the meeting that the Rotary District meeting was scheduled that weekend.  So it was announced the social would be on May 9, Reik reported that she realized she would be out of Athens that weekend.  So club could cancel or someone could host the event.  Barringer and Collins agreed to host.
Copperheads game will be scheduled, working with Copperheads staff.
Still need a Club Service Chair effective July 1 , 2014.  Karen Vedder and Susan Bargi are possible replacements.
Community Service – Sarah Baker reported Tom Pyle is scheduled to assume duties of Community Service in July, it has been difficult to coordinate transition as Pyle is very busy.  Baker reported that the next ReStore Volunteer day will be in July.  Mark Hutchinson will send out a schedule for trash pick-up.
Athens Rotary will not participate in OU Move Out.
Vocational Service- Jackie Collins reported on the Ethics Training.  Successful day for youth.  Collins requested funds for a driver, Mr. Thacker, who transported youth to the event.
Motion to pay $50.00 to Mr. Thacker for transporting students to Ethics Training, motion made by Collins and seconded by Strauss.  Motion passes.
President Elect Comments- Collins reported that she attended the 6690 District Conference.  She reported changes to managing Rotary memberships for the secretary.  Collins, Reik and Harvey will meet to go over as Reik assumes the Secretary position on July 1.  Collins reported that club dues will go up $1.00 per person annually.
Collins also reported that any funds paid to an individual over $100 requires a 1099 IRS form.  Discussion about what does that mean for exchange students who get monthly living stipends.  Diggle will research.  Strauss will check with the District International Chair.
Barringer asked if anyone attended the District Conference session on grants.  She stated that she was concerned if no one from the club attended that it could impact future grant requests. Brief discussion on getting membership to the District Conferences.
Collins reported that she and Mario Grijalva are working on weekly programs.  Currently no speaker for May 12.  Copperheads will present in June. 
President’s Project – Collins reported her interest in her President Project.  She would like to help fund the Amesville Elementary Library Project which is estimated at $16,000.  Collins suggested that the Friends of India ($2,500) and President’s funds $2,500 could be part of this project.  Collins also expressed interest in a project to fund a children’s playground in the community where the Bella Maria Water Project is hosted.
It was requested that Collins prepare a funding proposal which includes goals, funding sources and ongoing support and present to the Athens Rotary Board.
Past President – Barringer discussed upcoming orientation session for new Board members.  Barringer will prepare a power point.  Reik will cover Rotary International Polio program.
Barringer discussed getting new chair positions ready for July 1.  Discussion about Susan Barga and/or Karen Vedder for Club Services.
Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 12:57.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik