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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
May 4, 2016 at 11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Wilson Room
Board members: Mario Grijalva, Dave Diggle, Andrea Reik, Jackie Collins, Tom Gibbs and Tom Pyle
Club members: Ed Peterson, Karen Vedder
Call to Order:  Mario Grijalva called the meeting to order at 11: 20 am.
Secretary’s Report:      Andrea Reik  
Reik presented draft board meeting minutes from April 13, 2016.
Motion was made to approve April minutes with corrections; motion by Diggle, seconded by Pyle, motion passes.
Diggle report that Dick Hogan is aware of the board decision to require payment of past Rotary bill by May 15th, if not paid his membership will be terminated.  Diggle reported that he has not received any payment from Hogan. Diggle reported that Hogan’s membership dues are paid until June 30th.           
Reik reported that she has sent a new member application to Tom Dixon, Young Life, sponsored by Bob Troxel.  She also reported that John Kotowski received a new member application in April.  He would be sponsored by Dave Palmer.
There was a brief discussion about renaming the types of Club memberships as they are not clear to members.  It was noted that Rotary International will be revising their bylaws soon so the Athens Club will need to respond to those changes, therefore this discussion can occur later this year after reviewing the revised Rotary International Bylaws.
Treasurer’s Report    Dave Diggle
Monthly Budget Update
Diggle reported that the Club financial picture is unchanged.  He stated that the outstanding accounts have been reduced as he collected about $8,000-9,000 in membership costs.  He stated that some members are slow in paying.  He reported that Hogan still owes $274 in past dues and meals.
Diggle reported that Larry Schey left the area but did pay his balance so he is currently on a leave of absence from the Club.  Schey’s intent was to locate a Club in Charleston, SC, however he has not been in contact with the Club about transferring his membership.  Diggle reported that Schey’s membership ends June 30th and Diggle will not renew.  The Club will need to terminate his membership on June 30th.
Budget vs Actual
Diggle reported that he is pleased that the meal agreement with the OU Inn is working and the meal costs are under control.  he OU Inn bills for a minimum of 55 meals per meeting.  The Club will pay for all meals above the 55 minimum.  Diggle reported that the net income for the Club is about $2,500.  The President’s money has not been spent.  Diggle reported the finances for the Club is good.
Motion to approved May 2016 financial report; motion by Pyle, seconded by Collins, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report:       Tom Gibbs
No report.  Collins did send out information regarding the 4-Way Test but it did not occur this year. 
Club Service Report:    Tara Gilts - absent
Community Service Report:     Tom Pyle
Pyle reported that there were volunteers working for Restore on April 30th.  They were assisting with the OU move out.  Next Restore volunteer day will be scheduled in October. 
Pyle reported that Scott Malcolm worked with Special Olympics along with 6 other volunteers.
Pyle reported that there is difficulty getting Club members to volunteer for Club projects including the Union Street Clean up, Restore and the gardens. 
International Service Report:     Cita Strauss – absent
New Generations Report:         Brandon Elliot/Jan Garske - absent
President Comments:              Mario Grijalva
Scholarships – Report submitted by John Miller
2015-2016 Athens Rotary Scholarship Awards
Worstell Scholarship Awards – Submitted to OU Financial Aid Office
Emily McCulloch, Nelsonville York          $2,800    
Blue Kennedy, Alexander                                   $2,300    
Meghan Trout, Alexander                        $1,500    
Gawande Scholarship Awards – Submitted to Athens Rotary Foundation
Hannah Johnson, Nelsonville York                      $2,000
86 E. Columbus St
Nelsonville, OH  45764
Winter Wilson, Athens High School         $2,000
69 S Shannon Ave
Athens, OH 45701
Laura Young, Athens High School                       $1,100
10627 Salem Rd
Athens, OH  45701
Tyler Martin, Alexander                          $1,100
16730 Bucks Lake Rd
Guysville, OH 45735
The recipients will be invited to attend an upcoming Rotary Club meeting.
Camp Rotan
Grijalva lead a discussion regarding Camp Rotan, does the Club maintain ownership or does the Club work with the City of Athens to give them ownership of the Camp?  Discussion also included who makes that decision regarding Camp Rotan.  According to the Club Bylaws, the Board has the responsibility of making the decision.  But within the discussion, the members of the Board present at the meeting believed it was important to receive input from the membership about Camp Rotan as this was a Club project.  Members of the Club committed volunteer time and funds to overseeing the upgrading of the camp so the members have a strong interest in the Camp’s future.  All Board members present agreed with have discussion with the Club membership.
Grijalva would like to have a document drafted by the Camp Rotan committee, agreed on by the Board and circulated to the membership for feedback and input.  This needs to occur in May so that the Board can vote on Camp Rotan at the June 1st Board meeting.  Collins served on the Camp Rotan committee and will draft the Camp Committee recommendations, share the document with the Board and circulate to the membership by May 9th.
Board members present stated that it is important to have an agreement with the City of Athens to have an understanding of the recreational purpose of the camp, maintenance issues along with costs. This agreement will be important in the long term.  It was noted that the members present believes that the Athens Club would like to be continued to be involved in the future of the Camp.  The City will also be able to request funding from the Athens Rotary Foundation.
Summer leadership plans
Grijalva lead a discussion on the leadership of the Club over the summer with Grijalva and Alonso-Sameno on leave.  Grijalva is absent June 3 – August 15.  Alonso-Sameno is absent May 1 – August 1.  During that period Mike Noel, President Elect and Collins, Past President will be available to manage Club meetings, Board meetings and Rotary affairs.  Collins and Reik will work on the year end achievements report which is due by June 30th.  Collins requested that Club District and International emails be forwarded to Collins from Grijalva and Alonso-Sameno.
Bellamaria drinking water project report
Grijalva gave a project report on Bellamaria.  He reported that there only about 4,000 meters of pipe left to be laid to reach all the houses.  He reported that they have already laid about 7 miles of pipelines.  He said that some of the residents did not provide the required labor to be given access to the water.  For those that did not participate they will be required to pay about $1,800 for water access.  Each family that participated in the projects contributed about 45 days of labor.
Grijalva reported that on June 18th there will be a ribbon cutting and community festival in Bellamaria.  There will be representatives from Ohio University, including Roderick McDavis and various department heads along with representatives from Catholic University Ecuador.  Grijalva reported that this is an amazing feat to dig pipeline through the mountain.  Dave Diggle will attend as a representative of the Athens Rotary Club.
Thank You Mario!
President Elect Comments:      Emilia Alonso-Sameno – absent
Past-President Comments:       Jackie Collins
Spouse/Partner Membership
Collins reported that the Spouse/Partner membership policy passed 52-1 at the May 2nd membership meeting.  Collins has prepared the Spousal/Partner membership application forms.  Collins proposed that the Club invite spouse/partners to attend an upcoming identified meeting with meals covered by the Club.
Motion for the Club to host Club spouse/partners at an upcoming Club meeting, the meals would be covered by the Club, motion by Reik, seconded by Collins, motion passes.
Collins will work to set up the lunch date.
Grijalva wanted the minutes to reflect a thank you to Collins for all her work on this policy. THANK YOU!!
Other Business
Invocation Guidelines  - Tabled for an upcoming meeting.
Rotary Fountain
Several Club members have identified the need to repair the Rotary Fountain at the Community Center.  Mike Noel is getting quotes for the repair of the fountain.  Diggle suggested that the Club get the Athens Rotary Foundation involved in the costs of the repairs.  Karen Vedder noted that the condition of the fountain needs attention.  In the discussion, there was a question about what responsibility the City of Athens has towards the maintenance of the fountain.  It was noted that there is no written agreement between the City and the Club regarding ongoing maintenance of the Fountain.
Announcement of next meeting: June 1, 2016 at 11:00 AM
Adjournment at 12:19 pm.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik