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Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
May 6, 2015  11:00 AM
Ohio University Inn, Grover Room
Board members present: Jan Garske, Dave Diggle, Andrea Reik, Mario Grijalva, Jackie Collins, Tom Pyle, Calvin James, Cita Strauss, Tom Gibbs and Tara Gilts.
Club Members present: Wanda Sheridan, Pat Sheridan and Kerry Sheridan Boyd
Call to Order:  Jaclyn Collins at 11:12 am.
Secretary’s Report:      Andrea Reik  
--Reik presented the minutes from the April 1, 2015 Board meeting. 
Motion to accept April 1, 2015 Board meeting minutes as amended; motion by Garkse, seconded by Grijalva, motion passes.
--Reik presented a leave of absence for Larry Shey effective March 31, 2015.  The Shey’s moved from Athens but would prefer a leave of absence until they identify another Rotary Club.
Motion to approve a leave of absence for Larry Schey effective March 31, 2015; motion by Pyle, seconded       seconded by James, motion passes.
--Reik presented Ron Luce’s application for membership in the Club. 
            Motion to approve membership for Ron Luce; motion by Garske, seconded by Pyle, motion passes.
--Reik presented Leslie Flemmings application for membership in the Club.  Ms Flemmig was an Athens Rotary member during1996-2005.  She is requesting membership along with exempt status due to her years in the Club and age.
Motion to approve membership for Leslie Flemming; motion by Pyle, seconded by James, motion passes.
Motion to allow exempt status for Leslie Flemming; motion by Pyle, seconded by James, motion passes.
---Mario Grijalva is requesting a leave of absence for June 1 – August 15, 2015.
Motion of absence for Mario Grijalva for June 1-August 15, 2015; motion by Pyle, seconded by James, motion passes.
Orientation  - Reik suggested that orientation for Red Badge members be held on either May 11 or May 18. The Red Badgers that need the orientation are Dick Hogan, Tom Erlenwein, Cheri Sharp, Brandon Elliiot, and now Ron Luce.  The Board decided to set the orientation in June as the Board inductions will need to occur on Mary 18.  Reik will send out scheduling survey to board and red badgers.  It was agreed that the Board will discuss changes to the requirements of the Red Badge program in the future. 
Treasurer’s Report:      Dave Diggle
--Diggle reported that the operating balance rose from $6500 to $16,500 due to payment of 4th quarter invoices.
The Friends of India line item was reduced by $6,155 for the Amesville Library Project.  Raj approved this disbursement.    Diggle is unsure what amount will go the Athens Rotary Foundation.  Raj has requested that this is no money be given to the Athens Rotary Foundation yet. 
Diggle reported that unfortunately, he is projecting a Club deficit of $1,535 at the end of the current budget year.  There are no funds available for the President Project.  This is due to a reduction in active membership. 
--Summary of report that there will be $1,873 in carry over for the Camp Rotan line item.   
--Discussion about the increase in insurance costs to cover Camp Rotan, liability and facility coverage.  It was suggested that the Club utilize the Rotary Liability Policy and purchase insurance from Mathew’s insurance for facility coverage.
--Discussion regarding requesting Rotary Foundation funds to assist in the coverage of Camp insurance. 
Urgency of recruiting new members, important!!!
--Diggle reported that Collins did not use the conference funds.  In addition, no Club money was used for the Amesville Library Project. 
--Collins strongly recommends that the incoming President, current President and Treasurer discuss planning for upcoming budget year.  Collins will work to schedule this meeting. 
--Diggle suggested that the Club bill the members $100 per year for district and national dues.  Currently cost is $96. 
--Copperheads – Diggle suggested that the Club Copperhead night be scheduled after July 1 so that those costs are covered in the upcoming budget year.  . 
            Motion to accept the May 2015 Financial report; motion by Reik, seconded by Pyle, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report:       Tom Gibbs
No report
Club Service Report   Tara Gilts
--Gilts reported that there will be social event at the Pleasant Hill Winery on May 15th.  She reported that there were about 10 Rotarians present for the Jacky O’s event in April. 
--Copperheads – Gilts is working to identify a date for the Club event.  She is looking at July 1 -4.
Community Service Report:     Tom Pyle
--Pyle reported that the quarterly volunteer day at ReStore will be moved to June 27th, due to the July 4th holiday.
International Service Report:     Cita Strauss
--Strauss reported that Hina is doing well, she will be in Athens for another month.  After she completes her stay at the Matta home, she will spend the remainder of the time in Athens at the Garske’s and Sushi Gawande’s.
--Strauss reported that there will be changes in the committee.  She reported that Brandon Elliott will become the New Generation Chair in July 2016.  He will be shadowing Garske during this program year.
New Generations Report:         Jan Garske
--RYLA – Garske reported that Sonya Ferrier (Federal Hocking)  and Amihan Tindogen (Olney Friends School) will be attending the RYLA conference.  The winners and back-ups are listed on the Club webpage.
--Interact  --Garske reported that there has been some conflict in the AHS Interact Club.  Several students will be graduating, leaving only 3 students for next year.  Traditionally in this Club, the Vice President would take over presidency the following year.  Therefore the current VP would assume the Presidency.  However the 2 other members do not believe that the VP has the skills and commitment to take on the role. Garske suggested that the VP take on that role as tradition.  It was noted that Interact has no bylaws and therefore are under the Club by-laws.  Gibbs reviewed the Club By-laws which allow for nomination from the membership, so members can nominate any member to be President.  Garske would like Interact to focus on strong involvement with the Rotary Club.  She also reported that the students need to recruit new members for Interact to be strong.  Garske would like to maintain the current process of moving the VP to President for this upcoming year but strengthen leadership.  Garske also reported that the AHS advisor has been unable to participate due to personal issues.  Garkse will work with the remaining three Rotaracts to increase membership, strengthen leadership skills and identify goals for the upcoming year.
Rotaract – Garske is not sure about the future of the Rotaract Club.  Garske has sent out numerous requests to meet with Marian Carr and Mike Comperchio to discuss next year, but has not been successful.  Strauss wondered if this was just an active club in the fall with no expectations beyond.  Collins suggested that the Club establish a committee for Interact and Rotaract.
President Comments:              Jaclyn Collins
--Camp Rotan – Collins spoke with Bruce Wentworth about the operation of the Camp.  She reported that his concerns are that there is no succession plan on the camp, that the Girls Scouts are giving problems and there is no group taking ownership of the camp. The Girls Scouts are upset because they do not believe that the Camp is accessible.  It is important the Board and Club make a decision about the operation of the Camp.  There are also concerns regarding the cost of operating the Camp while the Club budget is tight, does the Club have the resources to operate the Camp?  How do we get the City more involved?
Collins wants the Board to discuss the Camp at the June meeting.  Examine how to get the Scouts involved.  Does the Athens Rotary Club continue to support the Camp?
Strauss mentioned that she might have a step son who would take on overseeing the Camp.
--Collins reported that Dick Hogan is interested in starting a group to develop a peace fellowship.  They will be scheduling a meeting.
--Gawande Garden -  Collins reported that quotes she has received for spring and fall clean-up are greater than $300 that was suggested.  She reported that Brannon’s would do the spring clean-up for $300.  Collins suggested that the Club pay the $300 for the spring clean-up. 
Diggle reported that there is still $1,200 left in the playground fund.  The Club is responsible for 3 gardens – 2 at the Community Center and Ram’s garden.  Diggle will go to the Rotary Foundation to see if there are funds available for gardening.
--2015-2016 Budget Planning Questions-  tabled until the June Board meeting after the committee meets. 
--Foundation Giving Update – no update. – There will be a brief presentation at Club meeting. Letter will get out to membership.
--Athens Rotary Foundation Update – no report.
--Amesville Library Event – Collins will be scheduling an event at the Amesville library.  This will allow the Club and community to view the updates in the library.  She reported that the library will be open every Thursday during the summer to distribute food through the Peanut Butter and Jelly Project.  Collins will check with Raj about a date so that the Friends of India can distribute the check.
President Elect Comments:      Mario Grijalva
--Grijalva reported that the deadline for new Presidential goals was due May 1 but he missed that deadline.  He copied the goals of President Collins and will use them.  He attended the Rotary President-Elect meeting, he reported that he realized how active involved the Athens Rotary Club is. Compared to other Clubs.
--Increasing Club membership is important for this upcoming year, Collins will be working on this during the upcoming year.
Past-President Comments:       Calvin James
--Important to relook at membership in the upcoming year.
Announcement of next meeting- June 3rd.
Adjournment~      Motion to adjourn the meeting; made by Strauss, Pyle seconds.  Meeting adjourns at 12:40.       
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik
June 2, 2015