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  Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday November 1,  2017  11:30 AM
Ohio University Inn, Wilson Room
Call to Order:     Michael Noel @ 11:45
  • Members present: Mike Noel, Edward Peterson, Dave Diggle, Cita Strauss, Tara Gilts, Tom Gibbs and Emilia Alonso-Sameño
Secretary’s Report:        Edward Peterson  
  • October Meeting minutes: a motion to accept the minutes was made by Dave Diggle and seconded by Cita Straus and received unanimous approval.
  • Report on Crutches for Africa/District Conference
    • We are still waiting on a location to deliver the walkers and crutches that are currently collected.
    • Mike Noel reported that a donation of $3 per crutch set was suggested to defray the shipping costs. He suggested raising donations with a silent auction at the Holiday Party. Some of the auction items suggested were: 2 Nights at the Holiday Inn, Nights at the OU Inn, a stay at Mike Noel's home in Cape Coral, Florida. Mike Noel is to discuss this option with Dave Palmer.
  • A motion to accept Bruce Ergood's resignation was made by Cita Strauss and seconded by Tom Gibbs and received unanimous approval. Ed Peterson will remove Mr. Ergood from the membership. Mr. Ergood has paid up membership through the end of the year. Emilia agreed to send a thank you note to Bruce for his years of service to our club.
  • A motion was made by Dave Diggle and seconded by Cita Strauss to cast a positive vote for the club's rules change to create a 3rd. membership category for younger Rotarians. It received unanimous approval. Ed Peterson cast the approval vote for the Athens Club.
  • The question of whether the club would have a Community Member of the Year award this year was discussed. Ed Peterson was to send out nomination forms to the membership to gain the club's input. Nomination forms were to be returned to Mike Noel. Depending on the nominations received the board will make a selection and may decide not to present the award this year. A decision will have to be made prior to November 14th to allow Ed Peterson to order the award before he becomes unavailable. The award should be on order before the end of November to ensure delivery prior to the Holiday Party on December 11th. Some board members proposed to nominate Janalee Miller.
Treasurer’s Report:        Dave Diggle
  • Treasure Report (see attached)
    • Dave Diggle reported that the Athens Rotary Foundation reimbursed the Club $7720.07 for expenses paid by the Club for the Foundation's Golf Tournament.
    • Dave Diggle requested approval to purchase the latest version of Quick Books to update his current system that is several years old. Cita Strauss made the motion and Tara Gilts seconded. The board approved his request.
  • Dave Diggle stated that we still need a Foundation Chair to replace Sarah Baker. Emilia Alonso Sameño is to search for a candidate. Mike Noel recommended approaching a member that already is a significant donor to the Foundation as that person would likely be willing to take on the chairmanship. Emilia proposed to approach Leslie Flemming.
  • Dave Diggle stated that the club has 12 PHF available based on donations made to date. Betsy Baringer will be asked to recommend how to utilize the PHF.  
Vocational Service Report:         Tom Gibbs
  • Athens High School and Nelsonville Tail Gate
    • The tail gate needs to have a better organizational effort. We did not have an area for the club so our members were in 2 separate locations. The Eclipse facility was very crowded and will not reserve tables so someone needs to arrive very  early to stake out a place.
    • Those that were in attendance enjoyed the event and we should consider doing something similar again.
Club Service Report:                  Tara Gilts
  • O’Bleness Bike Race
    • $7500 - $8000 was raised at the event.
    • Tom Pyle was a good sport in the dunk tank early in the morning when it was still cold.
  • Good Works Dinner was discussed under Club Service due to Tom Pyle's LOA
    • The club usually has a mid February date and Tara Gilts will contact Tom Pyle for information concerning costs, donations and organization of the dinner.
    • Mike Noel said he would approach Nedra Zirkle to see if she and her husband would be interested to taking on the project.
Community Service Report:       
  • Betsy Baringer will be circulating envelopes for cash donations for the Thanksgiving baskets and signup sheets to help with preparing and delivering the baskets.
International Service Report:        Cita Strauss
  • Report on In Bound and Out Bound
    • We have 4 short term students currently. Our club will only be able to sponsor short term students as we do not have families willing to take on the responsibility for the long term students.
    • Cita Strauss will be stepping down soon and we need to select her replacement. Using the parent of the current out bound student is a potential solution.
New Generations Report:           Brandon Elliot
  • Report Rotaract and Interact (submitted by email.)
    • Interact update:  Our club will be collecting crutches and canes throughout the school year to deliver to Athens Rotary project.
    • Members of the high school club will be attending the dog walk at Hocking College on Sunday November 5th at 10 am to raise money and awareness for the Athens County dog shelter. 
President Comments:                Michael Noel
  • Discussion on Habitat Fund Raiser
    • Habitat has a list of Rotary Club members who they were planning to contact.  I suggested that I would help contact members on behalf on our club to see if our members would like to give thru Rotary to be able to combine our gifts thru Athens Rotary Foundation. This would allow the Club to have naming rights on part of the project.  It seems a waste to have our members giving individually when we can join forces.  The Sunrise is interested in doing the same thing with the naming rights being Rotary.
President Elect Comments:        Brandon Elliot
  • No new updates.
Past-President Comments:         Emilia Alonso Sameño
  • Discussion on 2019 President and who we should ask.
    • Tom Gibbs has accepted the nomination as vice president to follow Brandon Elliott.
  • Discussion on District Visioning Committee
    • The meeting is set for Tuesday, February 13th from 5 to 9 PM at the OU INN.  The Visioning Team requires dinner for their efforts. Dave Diggle agreed that the club can afford their meals.
Announcement of next meeting: November 29, 2017  11:30 AM
Adjournment at ­­­­1:00 pm
  • Motion made by Emilia Alonso Sameño.
Thank you for your service to the Athens Rotary Club!
BOARD MEETING --November 1, 2017
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