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Athens  Rotary Club Board Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2015
Board members present: Andrea Reik, Mario Grijalva, Jan Garske, Jackie Collins, Tara Gilts and Emilia Alonso-Samero
Club members present: Karen Vedder, Sarah Baker
Call to Order:              Mario Grijalva at 11:08 am.
Secretary’s Report:     Andrea Reik  
Reik presented the draft October 2015 Board meeting minutes.
Motion to approve October 2015 Board meeting minutes with corrections; motion by Garske, seconded by Collins, motion passes.
Reik reported on the Club Community Member award; nominees are Les Cornwell, Julie Miller and Patty Mitchell (2 nominations).  Due to the small number of Board members present, Grijalva discussed having all Board members do a vote by mail for this award. Reik will re-send all nominations to Board members, responses need to be received by Monday, November 16, by 1:00 pm.
Motion to do an email vote by Club Board members for the Athens Rotary Club Community member of the year, this person will receive a majority of the votes of the nominees; motion by Grijalva, seconded by Alonso-Samero, motion passes.
Member ship
Reik reported that Jeanne Heaton requested exempt status membership, she meets the Athens Rotary Club requirements.
Motion to give exempt status to Jeanne Heaton due to her age and years of Club membership effective October 1, 2015; motion by Collins, seconded by Alonso-Samero, motion passes.
Reik reported that Bill Coffey and Ernst Breitenberger have both relocated to Columbus to live near their families.  At this time Bill Coffey wishes to retain his Rotary Membership. 
Reik reported that she has received the Facebook Password from Sheila Mark.  Not sure to use, I believe Sheila will have add members who wish to post.
Treasurer’s Report:  Dave Diggle - absent
Monthly Budget UpdateDiggle submitted a report. He reported that there was nothing of significance to report.  Reik asked if the Athens Rotary Foundation paid the Club the $7,000 from the golf tournament. We will discuss at the December Board meeting.
                Motion to accept the November 2015 financial report; motion by Gilts, seconded by Collins, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report:  Tom Gibbs – absent
No report.
Club Service Report:  Tara Gilts
Gilts reported that 32 Club members attended the Kroger tour.  She said the event went very well. Karen Vedder expressed how great it was.
Discussion about a social event at Camp Rotan, this event will not occur until spring 2016. Discussion about upcoming social events, Collins suggested a wine and canvas event.  Gilts will explore the possibility, it was also suggested that the Club could partner with a non-profit.  Gilts will bring a card to Monday’s meeting for Ernst Breintenberg.
Community Service Report:    Tom Pyle – absent
Pyle emailed a report to Grijalva.  The annual Good Works dinner is scheduled for January 29, 2016. Pyle reported that the Thanksgiving Food Project and Dictionary Project are moving forward.
International Service Report:              Cita Strauss – absent
No report
New Generations Report:            Jan Garske
Garske submitted a written report. 
Garske reported on the Youth Service America (YSA) which reflects additional responsibilities, however she is not familiar with the YSA but wanted to share this with the Board. Garske wanted the Board to review this and determine what activities the Club would like to be involved.  Alonso-Samero after reviewing the handout ,wondered if the YSA is an existing service that works in partnership with Rotary, not a new rotary initiative.
Garske asked if someone in the Club was interested in taking on the activities of the New Generation. Currently there is no Club member assuming the responsibilities of Interact or Rotaract.  Collins suggested that this be shared with the Club and seek to identify members interested in the Youth activities.
Interact Club
Garske reported that she has not recently heard from the group.  However she reported that Interact did participate in Polio Day at Athens High School raising $205.  They will also assist with the Dictionary Project and Thanksgiving Project.   The RYLA participants will present at the November 9th Club meeting.
Garske will follow up with Kerry Sheridan-Boyd who is interested in a Interact Club at Federal Hocking High School.  There needs to be 5 students to form a club.
Brandon Elliott has participated in some youth activities but has not committed to assuming the Youth Club Position
Garske reported that several graduate students identified by Grijalva are assisting in re-establishing the Rotaract Club.  They will assist in developing the strategic plan.  Mike Comperchio is willing to be an advisor.  Marion Carr has not responded.  Grijalva suggested that they identify another advisor since Carr does not seem available.  He does not wish to see the Rotaract Club dissolve.  Students have submitted a plan and Grijalva suggested that they identify another Advisor and move up the time table for activating the Club.
Reik suggested that this go back to the Youth committee for further discussion.  Report out at the December Board meeting. 
President Comments:                         Mario Grijalva
Foundation Giving Update (Discussion on format and periodicity of the report)
Grijalva reported that he will request that Karen Harvey send an update for the December Board meeting.
Camp Rotan
Grijalva reported that the committee invitations have been send to members.  All have committed to participate on the committee, no date has not been set for a meeting.  Report out at the December Board meeting.
2015-2016 Club projects report
Bella Maria Water Project is going well. 
President Elect Comments:    Emilia Alonso-Sameno
Alonso-Sameno reported that she attend the District Assembly.  She found this training very practical.
Alonso-Sameno reported that she submitted her application for the GSE team.  She will be interviewed on November 16th
Speakers have been lined up, Mike Noel will begin taking over the programs.    
Past-President Comments:   Jackie Collins
Collins reported that she should be presenting the slate of officers for the upcoming year however there are still vacancies so that is difficult. Gilts suggested that an email or announcement is made to all Club members of vacancies to solicit interest.  Grijalva will follow up.
New Business
Rotary Foundation      Sarah Baker
Baker has recently assumed the Rotary International Foundation responsibilities.  She requested to answer some questions about the duties as well as bring some ideas forward. 
Baker would like to update Club contact information, get familiar with the recognition points and use them for other Club members so that can become a Paul Harris Fellowship.  She reported that 35 members make quarterly payments toward Rotary International, she would like to increase participation. She will put together a summary regarding the points, current Paul Harris Fellows and points available.  She will present this at the December Board meeting. 
Invocation Guidelines – Tara Gilts
Gilts reported that recently there have been several members who have expressed concern about the Club invocations.  The invocations included religious references which is contrary to the Rotary principles of being nonreligious.  `
Board had a brief discussion.  The Club does have guidelines for doing Invocations.  The discussion ended with the Board wishing to maintain the Guidelines as written.  Gilts will ensure that the Guidelines are shared with all members.   
2016 Board meetings
Reik requested that the President set the dates for Board meetings through June 2016 to ensure that the Ohio University Inn has the meeting scheduled and Board members can maintain their calendars in advance.
Grijalva would like to keep the Board meetings on the first Wednesday of each month.  Grijalva would like to schedule the December meeting on December 9th.  He requested that Reik email the dates to the OU Inn and Board members for 2016 through June.
Announcement of next meeting: December 9, 2015 11:00 AM
Adjournment at 12:45 pm.
Prepared by:
Andrea Reik