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Athens Rotary Board Meeting Minutes
November 5, 2014
Board Members Present:  Calvin James, Tara Gilts, Andrea Reik, Jan Garske, Jackie Collins, Dave Diggle, Tom Pyle, and  Cita Strauss
Non-Board Members Present: Brandon Elliott, Bob Rymer and Karen Vedder
  1. Call to Order: Jackie Collins at 11:31 am.
  1. Secretary Report: Andrea Reik
Reik presented the draft October Board Meeting Minutes.There was discussion regarding the wording of the minutes related to the Rotary Foundation.The wording is to be changed as determined.
Motion to approve the October Board meeting minutes with noted corrections, motion made by Diggle, seconded by Pyle, motion passes.
 Reik reported that she has been working with Red Badge members to complete the requirements to earn                their Blue Badge.  This is reflected in the attendance of Brandon Elliott and Bob Rymer at this meeting.
Reik reported that Kapil Bajaj has requested a 12 month leave of absence to work on his dissertation.
Motion to approve a 12 month leave of absence for Kapil Bajaj effective November 1, 2014, motion made by Collins, seconded by Pyle, motion passes.
Reik reported that when attempting to reach Ron Erickson, his secretary reported that he had resigned from his position as President of Hocking College and would no longer be active in Rotary.  Diggle reported that he had also attempted to contact Mr. Erickson and received no response. Discussion regarding his membership in Athens Rotary.
Motion to terminate Ron Erickson from the Athens Rotary Club effective November 5, 2014, motion made by Pyle, seconded by Garske, motion passes.
Brief discussion about Club policy for members bringing guests who are possible new members to the club.  The policy is that a club member can bring a potential new member to 3 meetings with the cost to the club.  After 3 meetings, the club member will be billed for meals.  Calvin James will check with Betsy Baringer for the vouchers for potential new members.
  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Dave Diggle
Diggle reported that the club equity is $34,301.  Diggle reported that he is waiting for the Friends of India funds from their dinner.  Current designated non-club funds is $19,300.
Diggle reported that the club is in good financial shape.  There are no major outstanding membership bills, Diggle and Betsy Baringer are working on a few that are slightly behind. Brief discussion on what line item to put gifts for past members.  It was agreed that that any of these purchases would be put in the Club Supplies Line. 
Motion to approve November 2014 financial report, motion made by Pyle, seconded by Reik, motion passes. 
  1. Vocational Service Report: Tom Gibbs – absent – No report.
  2. Club Service Report:  Tara Gilts
Gilts reported that 12 members came to the social hour at the Cider House.  Let’s do it again.
She also that 26 members and guests attended the potluck at Camp Rotan on November 2nd.  The food was good, great campfire and fun.
Brief discussion on whether or not Club members can personally use the Camp.  This will be clarified.
Also discussion about the Holiday Party, this is handled by a committee specifically for this event and is chaired by Dave Palmer.  There is also a line item set aside for this event.
  1. International Service Report:  Cita Strauss
Strauss reported that Amni Tindogen is interested in being an Outbound placement.  She was considered last year.  Emilia Alonso-Samino and Strauss have signed the paper work for the placement.
Strauss explained the difficulty of locating host families for Inbound Placements.  She also explained that the amount of work hosting a placement has increased with additional requirements at the schools and Rotary.  Strauss stated that the International Service committee would like to take a year off from accepting an Inbound student.  She has already checked with Rotary District and they are okay with this plan.  The Board was in agreement with taking a year off from hosting an Inbound.
Brief discussion, with Kapil Bajaj taking a leave, does Athens Rotary take a leave from the RYLA conference? 
  1. Community Service Report:  Tom Pyle
Pyle reported that there was a great attendance at the ReStore volunteer day on October 4th.  The next date will be in January.
Pyle reported on the Thanksgiving baskets, that the Club is working to raise $1,000, currently the Club has raised about $600.  Rotaract Club has committed to raise $500 and they will also help assemble the baskets for distribution.  Pyle reported that Club members can write a check to the Athens Rotary Foundation to make a tax deductible donation.
Pyle quote – Fairness is a myth, just like perfection.
He also reported on the upcoming Friday night dinner at Goodworks, which will be held in January or February 2015.  Pyle is recruiting Bob Rymer to take the lead in the cooking to follow in Bob Troxel’s footsteps.  He explained that the dinner serves about 100-150 people.
He also reported that Betsy Baringer will be scheduling a Blood Drive.
  1. New Generations Report: Jan Garske
Garske reported that Hena Ochiai is enjoying her placement.  She has enjoyed Uptown Halloween and the Friends of India dinner.  She will be moving in with the Garske’s on November 22 for a month.  She will travel with the Garske’s over the holiday.
Garske reported that the President of Rotary International stated that Rotary will not continue without youth.  Garske is feeling the Club needs to support the youth.  She has been trying to identify someone to take over Interact and Kapil Bajaj is taking a leave of absence which leaves a void in RYLA.
The Interact Club at Athens High School is doing well.  Mario Grijalva’s daughter is currently the President of the Club. Tom Gibbs has stopped in at one of the meetings.  The Interact Club’s major project is a water project at the high school.  Garske also would like the Interact Club work with Club members with the Dictionary Project.  There have been no dates scheduled.
Discussion about how to support Interact and Rotaract, what is the roll of Club Members to support these groups?  We need to support Marian Carr (Rotaract) and Mr. Thacker (Interact).  It was suggested that there be a meeting with James, Garske and Thacker on how to support Interact.
Rotaract will assist with at packing the baskets.  It was noted that the packing date needs to be shared with the Club members to assure participation.
Garske reported on a family situation with Grace Morgan, a RYLA participant.  Her mother, Andi Morgan, was in a serious car accident.  She is not able to work and the family needs assistance with living expenses.  Garske would like to notify the Club and ask see if any Club members would be interested in providing financially assistance to this family.  It was agreed that a write up on this family situation would be put on Club Runner so individual members can donate if they wish to do so.
Garske also reported on RYLA.  She reported that the Athens Club does not organize the event that is hosted at Ohio University.  While Kapil Bajaj is on a leave of absence, Club members can volunteer to participate in the event.  She also reported that the Club has already set aside funds for two students to attend.
  1. President Comments:  Jackie Collins
Collins reported that the Board will be selecting the annual Rotary Member of the Year and the Community Member of the Year from Club member nominations.  These awards will be presented at the Holiday Party.  She will call do an email to all members as well as announcements at the next several meetings.  The Board will have a stand up board meeting to select the recipients.  The Paul Harris recipients will also be awarded that evening.
Friends of India – Collins reported that the funds from the Friends of India dinner will provide $5,000 for the Bella Maria Project.
Camp Rotan – Bob Troxel is working to get Hocking College involved in the maintenance of the Camp.  There is no news on obtaining a caretaker for the Camp.  Several names were mentioned as possible as caretakers.
Rotary Foundation – There was a discussion on member’s contributions to the Foundation.  Diggle reported that if Club members wish to donate quarterly, he will bill them quarterly.  He then deposits to the Foundation two times a year, December and June.  Donations can be made directly to the Rotary International, which is how some members donate. Or a check made payable to the Rotary Foundation can be given to Alan Boyd.  There is currently $1,750 in the Club line item.
  1. President Elect Report: Mario Grijalva – absent
No report
  1. Past President Report: Calvin James – No Report
  1. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Strauss, motion passes.
Meeting adjourned at 12:54.
Next Meeting is December 3, 2014
Prepared by Andrea Reik