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Athens Rotary Board Meeting Minutes
October 1, 2014
Board Members Present: Jackie Collins, Andrea Reik, Calvin James, Cita Strauss, Tom Gibbs, Tom Pyle, Mario Grijalva
Rotary Members Present: Karen Vedder, Betsy Baringer
Call to Order: 11:07 AM by President Collins
Secretary Report:  Reik
Presentation of Board meeting minutes for August and September 2014.
Motion to approve August 2014 minutes made by Strauss, seconded by Gibbs, motion passes.
Motion to approve September 2014 minutes made by Strauss, seconded by James, motion passes.
Membership Status- Reik reported that John Diles has relocated to Columbus in the spring.  He has been terminated from the meal plan earlier.  But not officially resigned from the Club.
Motion to terminate John Diles from the Club membership effective October 1, 2014 was made by Collins, seconded by Strauss, motion passes.
Reik reported that Greg Long has left O’Bleness Hospital, Cheri Sharp will replace him as a corporate member.  Need to terminate Long’s Club membership.
Motion to terminate Greg Long from Club membership effective September 30, 2014 was made by Collins and seconded by Pyle, motion passes.
Reik reported that Ralph Mordocco, Ohio University Inn General Manager has relocated.  Will need a resignation letter from Mordocco.
Reik reported that the Club has received a new member application from Richard (Dick) Hogan sponsored by Collins.
Motion to accept Richard Hogan in Club Membership, motion by Strauss, seconded by James, motion passes.
Reik reported that Scott Kovalick, incoming OU Inn General Membership is submitting a membership application.
Motion to accept Scott Kovalick in Club Membership, motion by Strauss, seconded by James, motion passes.
Reik reminded the Board members of the process for accepting memberships as well as terminating.
New Members- A person interested in joining the Club is given an application.  This includes signing off on the Club Financial Policy.  This application is given to the Secretary.  The Secretary then presents the application to the Board for  approval.  Upon approval of the Board, the Secretary does a Club email reporting on the new application and requesting any concerns about this membership be submitted within 7 days.  Once that period is over, the applicant is inducted to the Club.  The date of membership is the date of induction.  Secretary notifies Rotary International, Rotary District as updates Club Runner.
The resignation of a member- If a member wishes to resign from the Club, the member needs to submit a resignation letter to the Club President with a resignation date.  If this resignation letter comes to the President or any other Board member, this letter should also be forwarded to the Treasurer and Secretary.  Board will affirm at the next Board meeting.  The Secretary terminates the member from the Club, District and Rotary.
Corporate Memberships – There are two corporate memberships, O’Bleness and Shamrock Auctions.  If there is a change in one of their 3 members, the resigning member needs to submit a resignation letter.  The proposed new member needs to submit an application to the Club.  The Club follows the process for new members by approving membership, emailing all members and then inducting the new member.
Strauss suggested that the Past President who is responsible for Club membership become a part of this process. James, as Past President agreed.
Treasurers Report: Diggle was not present but submitted his reported by email.  This was presented by Collins.
Motion to accept the October 2014 financial report, by Reik, seconded by Grijalva, motion passes.
Vocational Service Report: Gibbs
The Athens HS Interact club had its first meeting on September 30th.  They will meet every other Tuesday.  Club President is Grijalva daughter, Daniela.  Mr. Thacker from Athens HS is advisor.
Club Service: Gilts was not present but the report was presented by Karen Vedder, co-chair.
Vedder reported that they needed sign up for Greeters and Invocation, particularly Board members.  It was suggested that the sign-up sheet be brought to Board meetings.
Vedder asked about doing an event in October and the process for receiving some Club funds for an event.  Talked about doing a potluck at Camp Rotan.  Vedder will look at October dates for a potluck.
International Service: Strauss
Strauss reported about a possible Outbound who is from Athens but is in a boarding school not in Athens.  Also family is unable to host an exchange which has become a requirement for an Outbound.  Strauss reported that they are putting a great deal of time trying to make this Outbound happen.
Strauss also reported that there are too many Club members involved in the Inbounds, that this is confusing at times.  Therefore, Susan Urano will no longer be Inbound Coordinator.  Garske will be Inbound Counselor, Emilia Alonso Sameno is Outbound Coordinator and Strauss will be supervisor. This will stream line and make it more efficient.
Discussion about how to recruit local families for hosting Inbounds.  Strauss reported that she is reaching out to families she knows, going to churches, schools as well as sending emails. 
Community Service: Pyle
Pyle reported that Ann Paulins will again coordinate the Dictionary Project. That there is a sign-up volunteering at Restore on October 4.  Pyle reported that the Club is working on scheduling a Blood Drive.
Pyle is also talking with Bob Rymer about being the lead in the Good Works dinner in 2015, following in Bob Troxel’s footsteps.
Baringer reported on the Thanksgiving baskets.  Last year the Club did 50 thanksgiving baskets for families in need, she hopes we can do the same this year.  The District has committed $500, last year the District committed $1,000.  Even with this reduction of support, she would like to maintain 50 baskets. Baringer will begin passing the envelope at Club meetings for membership donations.  She will also submit a letter to the Athens Rotary Foundation for funds. Walmart will contribute $300.
Gibbs also raised the issue of children who depend upon school for meals, that over the break they are left hungry.  The school is asking for donations and the response has been good.
Pyle reported on the Athens Police Department (APD) and Ohio University Police Department (OUPD) hosted a community/university event to promote community connections.  He reported that over 1,000 students attended, more than expected.  The APD and OUPD provided funds for this event.  Pyle reported they want to host this activity again next year.  He stated that he may be asking Rotary to participate in this event next year.
New Generations: Garske absent but submitted a report to Collin
Collins reported that youth who participated in the Ryla Leadership Outing will speak at the October 27 Rotary meeting.
The Interact Club is meeting. Theme is social justice- poverty, medical and environmental.
The Rotaract Club is meeting at OU, with Marian Carr as advisor.  Diggle was able to locate the Rotaract funds that went missing from the transfer from the Club to OU. 
Hena had her 18th birthday.
President Comments: Collins
Membership- Collins reported that James will take the lead on this activity.
Friends of India Dinner - Collins that the event is coming along.  There are new Club member involvement in the Committee.  They still need donations for the Silent Auction.  Members of the Board stated they would donate.
Camp Rotan – Collins reported that they are still looking for an individual to take on the caretaker/coordinator role at the Camp.  Andrew Chikki is not interested. This person would coordinate with Athens City who schedules the Camp, address maintenance/upkeep issues of the facilities.  An individual was identified as a possible caretaker, Collins will follow up.
Foundation Giving Update- Collins reported that Mario is hoping that the Club will commit $9,000 to Athens Rotary Foundation.  So far this year the Club is at $2,300.  Collins will follow-up on this.
Paul Harris – Alan Boyd is billing $25 per quarter so that members can more easily reach their $100 annual commitment.  So far this year the budget sheet reflects $1,300 in contributions.  If someone wanted to budget for Paul Harris award they could commit $85 per month.
District Financial Chair will be speaking to the Club about giving.
Brief discussion on honorary Paul Harris Awards.  Would like to review the process for recommendations.
Global Grant – Bella Maria – James reported that this is all signed and completed.  Water will be tested and treated.  The grant proposal will be present to the Club and the Global Grant committee.
President Elect: Grijalva
Grijalva reported that there are still openings for speakers.  It was suggested that Pyle, OUPD and OUPD present on the community/university event.
Past President: James
James reported that he is reviewing the activities Baringer has in place for recruiting, engaging new members and maintaining club membership.  He reported that Emilia Alonso Sameno has agreed to come on as President.  Collins and James will meet to discuss membership activities.
Discussion about engaging and maintaining membership.  Strauss was positive about the President circulating at the meeting and sharing the microphone.  Reik will send announcement update from the meetings to all members, keeping those not in attendance involved.
Next meeting is November 5 at 11:00 am.
Adjournment at 12:45 am.
Prepared by Andrea Reik, Secretary
October 31, 2014