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  Athens Rotary Club Board Meeting Agenda
Wednesday October 4th,  2017  11:30 AM
Ohio University Inn, Wilson Room
Call to Order:     Michael Noel @ 11:40
  • Members present: Mike Noel, Edward Peterson, Dave Diggle, Cita Strauss, Brandon Elliott and Emilia Alonso Samerio. In addition Nedra Zirkle attended in partial fulfillment of her red badge requirements.
Secretary’s Report:        Edward Peterson  
  • September Meeting minutes: a motion to accept the minutes was made by Cita Strauss and seconded by Dave Diggle and received unanimous approval.
  • Report on Crutches for Africa/District Conference
    • Many walkers and crutches were donated by the St. Clairsville club at the conference. These items will be transported by Mike Noel's wife to the Dayton collection center in the near future. In addition Rotaract and Interact clubs have adopted the effort and our club will be the lead club to collect future donations and get them to C4A. There will also be a request made for donations to offset the cost of shipping the devices to Africa. Mike Noel plans to continue the effort into next year.
  • A motion to approve Tom Pyle's request for a leave of absence was made by Cita Strauss and seconded by Dave Diggle and unanimously approved.
Treasurer’s Report:        Dave Diggle
  • Treasure Report (see attached)
    • Michelle Wilson is now a member of the sunrise club and due to her departure timing she currently has a credit on her club account due to an overpayment. She plans to occasionally attend our meetings and Dave Diggle will track her attendance to ensure that she receives full credit for the meals she has paid for.
    • Frank Collins will be added to the Ohio Health corporate membership as the third member.
    • There is $4,109 shown as Outstanding Member Accounts. While this is higher than normal Dave Diggle believes that the outstanding fees and dues will be paid and that the slow payments are due to the recent club golf outing.
    • The August reconciliation was circulated with no comment.
    • Dave Diggle pointed out that a Family Membership allowed the primary member to join as a full paying member and the partner member to join while paying club dues and only for the meals eaten at the current "guest" rate.
  • Dave Diggle requested that he be allowed to retain no more than 5 years of financial data for the club. He pointed out the non-profits normally retain only 3 years of data. A motion to approve the request was made by Tara Gilts and seconded by Cita Strauss and unanimously approved.
Vocational Service Report:         Tom Gibbs
  • Decision of Dictionary (Note from Coolville Teacher to Board around)
    • Tom Gibbs received a note suggesting that reading material would be a good alternative to the dictionary which the club provides each year. No decision was made at the meeting.
    • Ann Paulins has had to get this initiative started and since it is a Athens Rotary Foundation initiative any change needs to be coordinated with them.
  • Athens High School and Nelsonville Tail Gate ( Tara Gilts' note below.)
  • No report on volunteer hours was made.
Club Service Report:                  Tara Gilts
  • O’Bleness Bike Race -  Team status
    • Shane Jarrett is the team leader but he needs additional members. Mike Noel volunteered as an alternate only. Brandon Elliott will contact Interact for team members and Mike Noel will check with his contacts with Athletes In Action as well.
    • Tara Gilts will follow up with Shane Jarrett and Dave Diggle to ensure the $100 entry fee is paid.
    • Mike Noel will order a minimum of 10 shirts for use by the team. The shirts will have the Polio Plus logo on the back. Mike will also have a signup sheet at our meeting for any members interested in having a T-shirt.
  • Brandon Elliott suggested that we obtain Polo Shirts for the club as an promotional item. Ed Peterson checked the Russell Hampton Company catalogue for pricing and reported that the range was $28 to $68.  
  • Athens HS Tail Gate Party Discussion
    • The tailgate party will be on the 27th at the Eclipse and will start at 6 pm. The club will provide light appetizers, drinks will be at your expense. Tickets will be purchased at the gate if you intend to go to the game.
    • Tara Gilts will not be available to coordinate the tables and order the appetizers so Mike Noel agreed to help out.
  • Tara Gilts will reach out to find someone to assist her as the current work load of the position is too burdensome.
Community Service Report:        Tom Pyle
  • Discussion of Short Term Replacement
  • Report on any volunteer hours
International Service Report:        Cita Strauss
  • Report on In Bound and Out Bound
    • We have 2 short term students currently. Our club will only be able to sponsor short term students as we do not have families willing to take on the responsibility for the long term students.
    • Cita Strauss will be stepping down soon and we need to select her replacement. Using the parent of the current out bound student is a potential solution.
New Generations Report:           Brandon Elliot
  • Report Rotaract and Interact
    • Brandon Elliott reported that he has not had any luck communicating with the Alexander HS principal about starting an Interact club.
  • Discussion on Sun Rise tag teaming on Rotaract at OU
    • Brandon has been discussing the restart of the OU Rotaract on the Athens campus as well as on the satellite campuses.
  • Report on any volunteer hours
President Comments:                Michael Noel
  • Discussion on new Foundation Chair
    • A replacement is needed for Michelle Wilson. Mike Noel requested that Dave Diggle provide him a list of Rotary Foundation givers so that Mike Noel could approach someone on the list to take the chair position. Mike Noel's reasoning was that someone who is currently giving to the foundation would likely be willing to accept the responsibility as chairperson.
  • Discussion on Habitat Fund Raiser
    • The Athens Rotary Foundation makes a cash donation to Habitat and no further fund raising activities are planned.
President Elect Comments:        Brandon Elliot
  • Report on his presidency.
    • Brandon Elliott will set up monthly working lunches with Mike Noel starting in early 2018 to plan for the handover of the club presidency.
    • Brandon Elliott plans a strong push for increased Corporate memberships.
    • Brandon Elliott proposed that each chair should present a 5 min. report to the club on each committee's activities to keep the membership informed about what is ongoing.
    • Brandon Elliott also has a desire to upgrade the technology used by the club including videoing the speakers.
    • At this time Brandon Elliott does not have an international project selected and he expressed a greater interest in carrying out local projects associated with improving tech available at our local high schools.  
Past-President Comments:         Emilia Alonso Samerio
  • Discussion on 2019 President and who we should ask.
    • Emilia Alonso Samerio will approach Tom Gibbs about taking on the President Elect position after Brandon.
  • Discussion on District Visitation Committee on membership.
    • Emilia Alonso Samerio will organize the schedule for the District Visitation committee. She will circulate potential dates after talking to the District.
Grants Chair:                             Jackie Collins
  • No report
Announcement of next meeting: November 1, 2017  11:30 AM
Adjournment at ­­­­12:30 pm
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