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Athens Noon Rotary Club Board Meeting Minutes
October 5, 2016  11:00AM
Ohio University Inn
Call to Order:     Emilia Alonso-Sameno  11:30
Members Present:
Emilia, Dave Diggle, Tom Pyle, Mike Noel, Cita, Ed Peterson, Betsy (Grants Chair)
Secretary's Report:
The September minutes were accepted. A motion to approve was made by Cita with a second by Dave and unanimously approved by those present.
The Resolution to transfer Camp Rotan to the City of Athens was signed by Emilia as President and Ed Peterson as Secretary effective July 18th. 2016. Copies of the Resolution and Quick Claim are attached to these minutes. It was estimated that the club will be responsible for the camp's insurance and utilities until City Council takes its final vote which will take place in November.
A motion was made by Tom Pyle and seconded by Mike Noel to reaffirm the board's decision to transfer the Camp to the city. The vote was unanimous. This vote was taken to formally document the earlier board vote that was taken via email. Both votes affirmed the transfer of the property.
Sheri Huckleberry has applied for club membership. The secretary will circulate an email to the club members soliciting any objections to her membership. Her formal introduction should occur at the October 17th. meeting if there are no objections.
Dave Diggle mentioned that there are potentially two more new members, Paula Stewart and Steve Herren. Both are employed at Central National Bank so this may be a new corporate membership.
Keith Wasserman has asked for a LOA thru the end of the year because he will be out of town on business. Dave Diggle will make the necessary adjustments to his quarterly billings.
Treasurer's Report:
Dave presented the financial summary for September. One concern was the amount of dues that in arrears. Dave expects that the late dues will be forth coming and will follow up. However, the next quarter's dues will be sent out soon so unpaid dues will likely increase in the short term.
The low Operating Balance figure of $66.19 is misleading as it does not include the $15,000 reserve, reimbursement from the Rotary Foundation of $7,000 and a current excess of $1,574 carried in the Camp Rotan line item. A motion to accept the financial report was made byTom Pyle and seconded by Emilia with unanimous approval.
The financial statement is included at the end of the minutes.
Dave also presented the revised Financial Policy which has had minor updates. The dues were raised for active members by $1/Qrt. for a total annual dues of $26. The new Spouse/Partner member category is now included. The wording concerning who may request a Leave of Absence was modified to say the member must me "in good standing" when asking for a LOA. This is interpreted to mean financial good standing i.e. dues paid up to date.
A motion to approve the changes was made by Cita and seconded by Tom Pyle with unanimous approval. 
The Financial Policy is included at the end of the minutes.
Community Service Report:
Tom reported that the Re-Store volunteer day is coming up on the 15th. and that volunteers are still needed. He suggested that perhaps the club should reduce the number of times we staff the Re-Store effort as interest seems to be lagging.
A matching grant from the Rotary Foundation has been applied for to help fund the annual Turkey Baskets. The board has requested Betsy to pass the envelope asking for donations. The Foundation grant is intended to make up any short fall in our fund raising activities.
In February the club will sponsor the Friday Night Live dinner. It was suggested it may be wise to delay the dinner sponsorship till later in the year, possibly till May, since many other donation requests are going on at this time of the  year. Contributions can be made through the Foundation so that tax deductions can be claimed.
Blood Drives were discussed. It was stated that the club has not had sufficient donations in the past to have the Red Cross set up a station at the OU Inn. It was suggested that we reach out to other service clubs and schedule a joint blood drive. Tom Pyle also mentioned a "Guns and Houses" competition to increase donations.
Dave Diggle stated that he had received a request to allow the club's activities to be the subject of a video project.  Mike Noel commented that he would like to see a District wide video of all the Rotary clubs activity as this would be a significant recruiting tool. Dave was to follow up with the request and will report back to the board at a future date. 
Vocational Service Report:
Tom Gibbs was not present.
Club Service Report:
Tara reported that the next social event will be scheduled at the Devil's Kettle, date and time TBD. Twelve people attended the Ohio Health Nelsonville health center tour and most dined together at Los Mariachis afterward.
International Service Report:
Cita reported that we have a short term outbound student, Sarah Pratt. She is applying to go to France during the upcoming Summer.
Cita has agreed to stay on and coordinate the short term inbound and outbound students. This is a much simpler process and she is able to handle these duties without the need of additional coordinator positions. If the club decides to again sponsor long term students it will require at least three additional coordinators and could increase to a total of five positions including Cita's role.
New Generations Report:
Athens High Interact Board Members were elected this past week. 
Noah Clouse: President
Leah Ryu: Vice President
Anru Tian: Secretary
Suzy Abdelqader: Treasurer
President's Comments:
Emilia asked Betsy, as grant chair, to present the options currently under review for our club's participation in our next international project. At this time there are three. The first one was an extension of the Bella Maria water project. The current project is supplying clean water to 36 houses and is essentially complete. Phase II would expand the service to additional homes. Mario is working on the interim report for Phase II so the board has put off consideration of participation in this project until more is known.
A second international project was proposed by Raj during our last regular meeting. This project involves bringing clean water to schools in India. The club would not be a lead in this effort as we were in the Bella Maria project but would undertake fund raising. Several questions were raised about the organization in place to administer the funds and additional information will be required before the board can make a decision. Betsy will be looking into the details of the project and will report back to the board.
The third international project was discussed by Mike Noel. This project involves setting up a Health Clinic in Jamaica.  Mike is planning a trip to the site with the project's sponsor in the next few weeks and will report back to the board.
No action was taken at this board meeting as to which international project the board would recommend to the club.
Emilia then discussed the various committees that each of the board members serves on by virtue of their position on the board. After considerable discussion she asked each member to review the descriptions in the Rotary Committees and Responsibilities document and respond back to her with all updates.
Emilia asked Ed, as Secretary, to look into moving the club off Club Runner and onto DACdb as this is what all but 2 clubs now use. This would require finding a new hosting service for our webpage. Emilia wants the new webpage to be more in line with what other clubs have done. She specifically mentioned the Zanesville Daybreak club. She provided contact information for the club.
A motion was made to adjourn by Mike and seconded by Emilia with unanimous agreement.
The next Board Meeting will be held on November 2nd. at the OU Inn starting at 11:00.